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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-312958ECDS PK Data Collection and Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 23.3.2

TX Interchange Student Parent: Version 23.3.2

Updates for the ECDS PK Collection are now available.

  • The ECDS Student Assessment Dates page under the State/Province TX link has been removed. These fields are no longer applicable, and logic related to these fields has also been removed from the Student Enrollment Interchange.
  • The Student Parent Interchange is updated to ensure that the conditional parameters for this collection display as expected.
  • Consideration of the PK School Type Override in Sections is now restored in Student Enrollment. If populated, this value is reported; otherwise the school-level or district-level default values are reported.
  • The Interchange queries are simplified and tuned to improve performance.
PSSR-315505Incident Management TEA Discipline Edits Validation Report Updates

Incident Management TEA Discipline Edits Validation Report: Version 23.3.2
The report is updated to prevent false positives for TEA Business Rule 44425-0016. If Action Code is 01, 05, 25, 27, 28, 29, or 50, Campus of Assignment must be blank. When an incident contains multiple actions, either for the same student or different students, errors are no longer flagged for action codes other than those listed in the TEA edit. In addition, the layout of the PDF has been improved.

PSSR-316645Incident Management Validations for PowerSchool SIS 22.12 or Later

A technical change first introduced in PowerSchool SIS version 22.12 caused the Texas data entry validations on the Incident Management pages to stop working. This impacts districts currently running core PowerSchool SIS version 22.12, 23.1, 23.2 or 23.3. This does not impact districts with earlier SIS versions.

  • The validations are now updated to ensure the error messages display as expected for missing fields or invalid combinations of codes based on the TEA business rules.
  • Important: As incidents may have been entered without the Texas validation checks, we recommend that districts run the Incident Management TEA Discipline Edits Validation Report to identify any records that may need correction.
PSSR-314866Incident Management Verification Report Updates

Incident Management Verification Report: Version 23.3.2

Updates are now available to provide additional information about each incident.

  • Four new columns are added directly after School Name to provide details about the incident creation and most recent modification as displayed on the main Incident page in PowerSchool.
    • Created by: Staff member who created the incident
    • Created On: date/timestamp
    • Last Modified by: Staff member who modified the incident
    • Modified On: date/timestamp
  • The order of Campus of Assignment and Campus of Responsibility are adjusted to reflect the order of the fields as they appear on the Action record page.
  • Three new columns are added to the end of the CSV file to display additional Action Attributes.
    • E1656 Inconsistent Code Conduct
    • E1734 Safe Team Review
    • E1725 Non-Membership Disc Ind
  • The source fields for Campus of Assignment and Campus of Responsibility are updated to ensure these values are reported if entered in the incident.
PSSR-314094New TEA Discipline Records Verification Report

Additional Reference: PSSR-314696

TEA Discipline Records Verification Report: Version 23.3.2
A new report listing each discipline record as reported in the Student Discipline Interchange is now available. The record selection logic and report output mirror the records reported in the PEIMS interchange. Only those incidents with both a state-reportable Behavior and Action code are included. Each element is listed in the order in which it appears in the xml file. If multiple actions are assigned to a student within the same incident, an additional set of Incident Action Extension elements are reported directly after the first action.

  • Report Parameters
    • Standard selection of schools and students
    • School Year
  • Report Output: CSV or PDF
    • Student Demographics
      • Last
      • First
      • Grade
      • Student #
    • Incident Extension Complex
      • Disc Inc ID
      • Inc ID
      • Enroll Campus
    • Incident Association Complex
      • Action Reason
      • Behavior Loc
      • Safe Team Review
    • Incident Action Complex (repeated if student has multiple reportable actions)
      • Disc Action ID
      • Disc Date
      • Actual Length
      • Resp Campus
      • Assign Campus
      • Action
      • Rep Per
      • Official Length
      • Length Diff Reason
      • Inconsistent Code
      • Non Mem Disc
  • Additional enhancements to follow in the next release
    • For schools sharing a CDC number, an additional "Incident School" element will be added to the output to include the PowerSchool school where the incident was entered.
    • If an incident contains students from multiple schools, records will be de-duped to report the each student only once.

PSSR-315797PEIMS Error Check Updates

Staff PEIMS Error Check Report: Version 23.3.2

Student PEIMS Error Check Report: Version 23.3.2

The PEIMS Error Checks on the State Reports tab and in the reports are updated as described below.

  • The Missing Pre-K Special Programs error check in the Student PEIMS Error Check Report is updated to correct false positives. The records in the report now match those flagged in the UI.
  • The Invalid or Missing SSN checks for students and staff are updated in the report and in the UI.
  • On the UI tab, the verification warning for Ineligible Type ADA Eligibility Code is updated to include only those students with at least one day of active enrollment in the current year.
PSSR-315247TREx Course Sequence 2 and Average Grade Updates

TREx Extract: Version 23.3.2

TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 23.3.2

The TREx report logic is updated for Academic Session records to ensure that stored grades mapped as a Final Grade Type of AV ( final average grades) are always considered before the S1 and S2 grades.

PSSR-315798Update Student Discipline Interchange for Safe Supportive School Program Team Review

TX Interchange Student Discipline: Version 23.3.2

The logic related to the output of the new Safe Supportive School Program Team Review element in the StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociation complex is updated to ensure that the complex is reported only once per student and per incident, even if the student has multiple actions.

  • This element is reported with a value of 0 or 1 as coded in the Action Attribute record when the action results in ISS, OSS or Placement in a DAEP or JJAEP
  • Action Codes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 25, 26, 51, 52, 53, 54, 60
  • If the student is not assigned one of the above actions, the Safe Supportive School Program Team Review element is suppressed.
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