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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-291049Child Find Data Collection and Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student-Parent Version: 22.5.2
TX Interchange Student Program Version: 22.5.2
TX Interchange Student Enrollment Version: 22.5.2
Updates to the Child Find Special Program data collection and Child Find Interchanges are now available.

  • Data Collection Updates: New fields are now available in the S_TX_SEN_CHILDFIND_X table and on the Child Find Special Program page to allow users to see the calculated data as reported in the Student Child Find Association Extension in the Student Program Interchange, along with two override fields.
    • Instructional Track – Calculated (E0975)
      • Calculated as the student’s Instructional Track at the Campus ID of Evaluation at the time of the SPED Eligibility Determination Date.
      • Instructional Track is reported only for students enrolled in a reportable school; the element is suppressed for students enrolled in the Child Find Placeholder Campus.
    • Instructional Track – Override (E0975)
      • Override for Instructional Track: Available for use in exceptional cases where the student’s enrollment records may not conform to the expected values. Do not populate this field unless needed.
      • If populated, the Track Override value is reported in the interchange instead of the Calculated Track.
    • Student Absences Within Timeframe – Calculated (E1711)
      • E1711_ABS_CALC
      • Includes absences beginning with the next instructional day after Parental Consent is received up through the day before the Initial Evaluation Date.
      • The timeframe for student absences begins on the Calculated Parental Consent Date shown in the record and reported in the interchange. This is not the same date as the actual date when the Parental Consent form was received.
      • In the case where the Child Find record spans two school years, only absences in the current year are included. Districts can use the override field if needed to report a different value.
      • Absences are reported only for students enrolled in a reportable school; the element is suppressed for students enrolled in the Child Find Placeholder Campus.
    • Student Absences Within Timeframe – Override (E1711)
      • E1711_ABS_OVR
      • Override for Student Absences Within Timeframe: Available for use in exceptional cases or when a student has absences in two different school years. Do not populate this field unless needed to add absences from the prior school year.
      • If populated, the Absences Override value is reported in the interchange instead of the Calculated Absences.
    • Calculated Parental Consent Date (E1714)
      • The Calculated Parental Consent Date is the next instructional day after the written consent form was received. This value is now reported in the interchange.
        • If consent was received on a Friday, the calculated date is the next Monday, assuming that is an in-session day.
        • If consent was received after the end of the school year, the calculated date is the first in-session day of the next school year.
      • Important: Districts should enter the actual date the written consent was received in the Parental Consent Date (E1714) field.
  • New Nightly Auto-Code Process for Child Find Calculated Fields
    • A new Child Find Auto-Code preference is now available in District Info > Texas Preferences.
    • This process runs automatically to keep the following fields up-to-date with changes made to student records:
      • Instructional Track – Calculated (E0975)
      • Student Absences Within Timeframe – Calculated (E1711)
      • Parental Consent Date - Calculated
    • The auto-code process defaults to a time of 2:45 AM, which can be adjusted by the district.
    • The calculated fields in the Child Find Special Program record are also updated when the user submits the page.
  • Child Find Interchange Updates
    • The Student-Parent, Student Program and Student Enrollment Interchanges are updated to ensure that records are reported for all students where the SPED Eligibility Determination Date falls on or within the date range of 07/01/YY and 06/30/YY for the selected school year regardless of the student's school enrollments.
    • The Student Enrollment Interchange now includes records as expected for students enrolled in a reportable school that shares a CDC number with another campus. Updates are also implemented to eliminate xml validation errors.
    • The Student-Parent and the Student Program Interchanges now have a new “Included Students” parameter option to allow the user to include records for all Child Find students, or just students enrolled in the Child Find Placeholder campus.
    • The Student Program Interchange includes the following additional updates:
      • Two new parameters for “Exclude Students with Missing Unique ID” and “Exclude Students with Missing SSN” are now available.
      • Campus ID of Evaluation and Evaluation Delay Reason now report as expected.
      • Parental Consent Date, Instructional Track and Student Absences are now reported as the calculated values displayed in the Child Find Special Program record. Overrides for Track and/or Absences are reported if populated in the record.
      • Student Special Ed Program Association records are now reported only for ECI students.
PSSR-291924Education Organization Calendar Verification Report Update

Education Organization Calendar Verification Report: Version 22.5.2
The report is updated to display the Calendar Cycle Days as entered on the School Calendar page and to eliminate false positive "Missing" warnings experienced by some districts.

PSSR-289844Graduation Profile Reports Updates

Texas Graduation Profile Report 22.5.2
Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report 22.5.2
Updates are now available for the Texas Graduation Profile reports to add new elements and to remove oboslete elements.

  • The Financial Aid Application Code, Type and Met Date fields as displayed on the Texas Graduation Information page are added to the reports along with the IBC Reimbursement and SAT/ACT/TSIA Reimbursement Indicators.
    • In the CSV report, these new columns appear directly after the existing "Assoc Degree" field.
    • In the individual student PDF report, the new elements appear within the "Other Requirements and Indicators" panel.
  • The separate EOC Reading and Writing score fields for the obsolete English I, English II and English III assessments no longer appear in the EOC section of the reports.
PSSR-292196Missing Pre-K Special Program PEIMS Error Check Update

The PEIMS Error Check for Missing Pre-K Special Program record on the Student PEIMS tab is updated to eliminate false positives experienced by some districts. This error check applies to students enrolled in grades PK3 (-2) or PK4 (-1) at any point in the current year who do not have a Pre-K Special Program record in effect in the current year.

PSSR-285883Page Updates for Student Tests

The Edit Student Test and New Student Test pages are updated so that the test details display across the page as expected.

PSSR-292281SELA Student Program Interchange Update

TX Interchange Student Program: Version 22.5.2
The Language Acquisition Services complex in the Program Interchange for the SELA collection is updated to output Indirect/Consultative services as a single element in the xml file.

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