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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-2976602022-23 TEA Code Table and Data Collection Updates

Updates to support TEA code table and data collection changes for the 2022-23 school year are now available.

  • C022 Service ID Table: The 2022-23 Service ID table from the 2023.2.0 version of the TSDS data standards is now available in the S_TX_SERVICE_ID_S table. 2022-23 records have a YearID of 32.
  • Industry Certifications (IBC Code) and IBC Vendor Code: The database field length of these elements is increased from 3 characters to 4 characters.
  • Financial Aid Application Code: The description for code 02 Exception Submitted is updated to “Exception submitted/Opt-Out”.
  • Disability Code: The description for code 03 Auditory Impairment is updated to “Deaf And Hard Of Hearing”.
    Fund Codes
    • The description for code 270 ESEA Title VI, Part B – Rural And Low-Inc is updated to “ESEA Title V, Part B, Subpart 2 – Rural and Low-Inc.”
    • New codes added:
      • (269) ESEA Title V, Part B, Subpart 1 – Small, Rural School Ach
      • (278) ESSER - Homeless Children and Youth (ARP-HCY)
      • (345) Shared Svcs Arr - ESEA Title V, Part B, Subpart 1 – Small, Rural School Ach
      • (366) Shared Svcs Arr - ESSER SUPP
    • Obsolete codes deprecated:
      • (286) Title I SIP Academy Grant – ARRA
      • (359) Shared Svcs Arr - ESEA Title I, Part A Basic Prog -ARRA
      • (360) Shared Svcs Arr - Title I SIP Academy Grant – ARRA (Stimulus)
      • (440) Shared Svcs Arr - Telecom Infrastructure Fund
  • Program Intent Code: Obsolete code (31) High School Allotment is deprecated.
  • Staff Type Code: New code added of (4) Teacher Employed at In-District Charter by Organization Granted Campus Charter.
  • NSLP Type Code: The text “including SSO” is removed from the code descriptions.
  • Dyslexia Services Code: The description for Code 00 Does not receive services is updated to "Identified with Dyslexia but does not receive services".
  • Child Find - Delay Reason Codes: descriptions updated
    • (04) Parent Delay - No Records for Parent who Fails/Refuses to Produce Child for Eval or Elig Determ
    • (05) Parent Delay - Detailed Records for Parent who Fails/Refuses to Produce Child for Eval or Elig Determ
  • SELA Assessment Tools: Obsolete tools for “Rubric” and “Other” are removed from page.
  • PK School Type: An override field on the Sections Page is now available.
PSSR-291426Assessment Pre-Code Updates to Support Single Semester EOC Courses

Student Assessment Registration File: Version 22.8.1
Student Test Attributes Upload File: Version 22.8.1
The Student Assessment record and Student Assessment Registration and Attributes files are now updated to include EOC courses taught as single semester sections in order to support classes taken as self-paced or dual credit. The logic for identifying students taking the completion portion of the EOC course is expanded to consider course sequence 0.

PSSR-292971New Nightly Process for As of Status Code Calculations and Student As-of-Status Page

Updates are now available to support the As-of-Status Code calculations for the PEIMS Fall and Summer Submissions for both TEA Legacy and Ed-Fi reporting for the 2022-23 school year. Student As-of-Status Codes will no longer be calculated on the fly within the Student Interchange. Instead, the calculations will now run during a new Texas nightly process. The resulting calculations are stored in the database and available within the UI.

  • New As-of-Status Child Table and Page
    • A new child table of students now stores the calculated Fall and End of Year As-of-Status Codes: S_TX_STU_AOS_C
    • The calculated values are based on the student enrollment records and are displayed as read-only on a new As of Status Calculation page available under the State/Province – TX link.
      • School Year: YearID
      • Fall As of Status Last Friday October: AS_OF_STATUS_FALL
        • Not Applicable (equivalent of NULL)
        • (A) Enrolled PY; Not Enrolled Current Year
        • (B) Enrolled School-Start Window; Enrolled Fall As Of Date
        • (C) Enrolled School-Start Window; Not Enrolled Fall As Of Date
        • (D) Enrolled PY; Not Enrolled School-Start Window; Enrolled Fall As Of Date
        • (E) Enrolled PY and CY; Not Enrolled School-Start Window; Not Enrolled Fall As Of Date
        • (F) Not Enrolled PY; Not Enrolled School-Start Window; Enrolled Fall As Of Date
        • (G) Not Enrolled PY; Enrolled CY; Not Enrolled School-Start Window; Not Enrolled Fall As Of Date
        • (X) Students in Grades EE-06 and First Time 7th Graders
      • Leaver School: LEAVER_SCHOOL_FALL_R (reportable campus ID of the Leaver record school)
      • Leaver Reason: LEAVER_REASON_FALL (reportable Leaver Reason Code)
      • EOY As-of-Status: AS_OF_STATUS_EOY
        • (H) Enrolled on Final Day of School
        • (I) Not Enrolled on Final Day of School
        • (X) Student in Grades EE-06
      • AOS Comment: AOS_Comment
      • Additional, internal fields are populated in the As-of-Status table, but not displayed in the UI.
    • The student’s current and previous enrollments are also displayed at the bottom of the page using the same model as implemented in the PEIMS General Record and in Special Programs.
  • PEIMS General Record: Modified for 7th Grade Repeaters
    • The existing As-Of Status Override field is hidden in all records dated 08/01/2022 and beyond.
    • The purpose of this field was to override coding of students who were in 7th grade in the previous year in a previous district.
    • A new 7th Grade Repeater field is added in its place: S_TX_STU_STATE_GEN_C.Grade_7_Repeater
      • This element displays a dropdown list with values of (0) No and (1) Yes - default is 0.
      • On-screen text: "7th Grade Repeater should be selected only when a current grade 7 student was enrolled in a different district in grade 7 in the prior year; used for the Fall As-of-Status calculation."
    • The Fall As-of-Status Code calculation for 7th Grade Repeaters is also modified to reference the new field with the following logic:
      • If the value is set to (0) No or NULL, the field is ignored.
      • If the value is set to (1) Yes:
        • If the student's Fall Snapshot grade level is not 7, the field is ignored.
        • If the student's Fall Snapshot Grade Level is 7, the student's Fall as of Status is calculated and stored with a value of B-G.
  • Nightly Process for As-of-Status Code Calculations
    • Fall As-of-Status is calculated for:
      • Prior Year Grade 7 Repeaters
      • All prior year leavers enrolled in grades 7-12 at some point in the prior year with no active enrollment in the current year on or before the Fall Snapshot Date.
      • All students enrolled in the current year in grades 8-12 with at least one day of enrollment on or before the Fall Snapshot Date
      • All students in grades EE-06 and first time 7th graders who are enrolled on the Fall Snapshot Date
    • EOY As of Status Last Day of Enrollment is calculated for all students enrolled at least one day during the school year.
    • As student enrollment records are updated in PowerSchool, the As-of-Status Code calculation is updated if applicable and the new value is stored in the database. If the student’s AOS Code has not changed, the existing record is left intact.
PSSR-284489Update to Assessment Quick Import Extract Page

Assessment Quick Import Extract: Version 22.8.1
The extracts for the 2021-2022 student test result files for STAAR EOC, STAAR EOC Alternate, STAAR 3-8 and STAAR 3-8 Alternate have been tested and verified as compatible with the student reporting data formats.
The on-screen text for compatibility with the 2021-22 versions has been updated.

  • Results for STAAR EOC can be processed using the .txt or .csv versions of the files.
  • Results for STAAR EOC Alternate 2, STAAR 3-8 and STAAR 3-9 Alternate 2 can be processed using the .txt version of the files only.
  • Each version of the test and test results file is processed as a separate file for import.
    • To prepare records for import into Student Test Results, select the applicable assessment, the 2021-22 school year, and the student reporting file.
    • A zip file for each assessment is output.
      • Records with a match to a PowerSchool student number and which have a reportable Score Code are added to the QuickImport .csv file. This file is ready for import into PowerSchool using the Quick Import feature.
      • Invalid records (no matching student number or duplicate), and non-scored tests appear within the comparison ExcludedRecords file.
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