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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-297942Child Find Data Collection and Interchange Updates

Interchange Student Parent: Version 22.12.1
Interchange Student Program: Version 22.12.1
Updates and improvements for the Child Find data collection and interchanges are now available.

  • Data Collection: Served vs. Non-Served ECI Students
    • In some cases, ECI students (ages 0-3) are not served within the district and do not have a PowerSchool Special Programs record with the required ECI Indicator and Services Effective Date.
    • To address this scenario, two new fields now display in the Child Find record at the bottom of the Early Childhood panel:
      • ECI Effective Date Services - Calculated: S_TX_SEN_CHILDFIND_X.ECI_EffectiveDate_Calc
        • This is a read-only field sourced from the Special Education special program record.
        • The Entry Date from the earliest SPED record where the Early Childhood Intervention (E0900) = 1 is displayed.
        • This field is blank if an ECI student referred for evaluation and transition does not have a SPED record for Early Childhood Intervention.
      • ECI Effective Date Services - Override: S_TX_SEN_CHILDFIND_X.ECI_EffectiveDate_Ovr
        • When the calculated ECI Effective Date Services is blank, the override must be populated.
        • Enter the date when the student began receiving services in the ECI program.
  • Student Program Interchange
    • A SpecialEdProgramAssociation record is now automatically generated for non-served ECI students. If the ECI Effective Date Services – Override field is populated, a record with the required ECI Indicator and Effective Date Services element is automatically included.
    • Calculation of Student Absences within Timeframe
      • When Child Find records span multiple school years, the calculation is expanded to include absences from all applicable school years.
      • In addition, when a student withdraws from school during the Child Find evaluation process and later returns, any In-Session days where the student was not enrolled are counted as absences, effectively expanding the evaluation window.
    • Parental Consent Date
      • The calculated Parental Consent Date is the next instructional day after the district receives parent consent.
      • When consent is received after the end of the school year, the following instructional day is the first day of the new school year in the fall.
      • In the case where the evaluation was completed over the summer instead of during the new school year, this resulted in a “future” parental consent date. Therefore, the output logic is adjusted to report the Parental Consent Date entered in PowerSchool instead of the calculated future date.
  • Student Parent Interchange: The selection criteria are updated so that students pre-registered for the next school year are included when applicable, just as they are for the Program Interchange.
PSSR-300820Miscellaneous Data Collection Updates

The following updates to the Texas data collection are now available:

  • Student, Special Programs, Special Education, Validations
    • Updated the validations related to student age on the snapshot for Instructional Setting and Disabilities for students who are 3, 4, or 5 years of age to be based on the Entry Date in the PowerSchool Special Programs record.
    • If the Entry Date is prior to the Fall Snapshot Date, the student's age on the snapshot is verified for conformity.
    • Only the student's current age is considered if the Entry Date is after the Fall Snapshot Date.
  • Student, Historical Grades: Adjusted the validations for Alternate CDC Numer and School Name so that they no longer fire when the grade value in the record is blank.
  • Student, Test Results, Edit Scores, or New Test Result: Removed the following obsolete fields:
    • Assessment Family Title (E1137)
    • Assessment Title (E1127)
    • Assessment ID Code (E1144)
    • Academic Subject (E1097)
    • Reporting Method (E1154)
PSSR-308707New "Lock Record" Feature for Staff Responsibility Records

A new "Lock Record" checkbox field is now available on the Staff Responsibility record page. This field allows the user to edit records for scheduled classes and have those edits preserved. When the Refresh Staff Responsibility process runs, records with this lock flag are bypassed.

PSSR-303888New Cambium Student Data Request (SDR) Upload File

Student Data Request (SDR) Upload File: Version 22.12.1
A new Student Data Request report is now available under the Assessment Pre-Code Extracts category on the State Reports page. Run this extract and upload the file to Cambium to request historical score reports for state assessments previously taken by students, typically while enrolled in a different district. After the request has been made and processed, historical scoring reports can be downloaded from the user's Cambium inbox. In addition, Cambium provides a zip file containing a separate file for each assessment and test administration. Reference the Cambium documentation for additional details.

  • Students to Include
    • The Selected X Students: Current Selection of Students on the Start Page.
    • Students by Entry Date Range: When this option is selected, only those whose Entry Date falls on or within the specified dates are included.
      • Start Date
      • End Date
    • Note: The Start Date should not be entered as the first day of school, or all students will be included. To request historical score reports for students newly enrolled in the district at the start of school, create a student selection instead.
  • Assessments: By default, scores for all prior assessments taken by the student are requested ("All" option). Select one of the other assessments if needed.
  • Exclude Students with Missing UID or DOB: Normally, this should be set to Yes, as files cannot be uploaded to Cambium without these required fields.
  • File Output: A CSV file is generated with the following elements.
    • County-District-Campus Number
    • TSDS ID: Student UID
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student Date of Birth (DOB)
    • Assessment: Default of ALL or another assessment selected in the parameter.
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