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Early Reading Verification Report

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This report helps you submit the Early Reading Verification Report as required by DOE.

Report Input

Field  Description

Select the schools for which you want to run the report. 

(To select all schools, hold shift key while selecting. To select multiple schools, hold COMMAND (Mac) or CONTROL (Windows) key while selecting.)

Select the students for which you want to run the report.

  • The Selected Students Only
  • All Students   
Enter the school year.
Start Date

Enter the start date.


  • Start Date and End Date
    • The report will extract Student Early Reading records with Effective Dates that fall within the specified date range.
    • These dates are automatically defaulted to the first and last day of the current school year and can be adjusted as needed.
End DateEnter the end date.

Select the report output type:

  • PDF
  • CSV

Select “Yes” to include students in the target grade levels of KG, 1, and 2 who are missing an Early Reading record; otherwise, the default is “No.”

Report Output

Data ElementDescription[Table]Field Name
SchoolIDSchool that the student was enrolled on that date[Students]SchoolID
Unique IDThe student's state-assigned unique ID[Students]State_StudentNumber
Student NumberThe student's district-assigned ID [Students]Student_Number
Last NameThe student's last name[Students]Last_Name
First NameStudent’s First Name[Students]First_Name
Grade LevelStudent’s Grade Level on that date.[Students]Grade_Level
Birth DateStudent's Date of Birth[Students]DOB
Enroll StatusStudent’s Enrollment Status on that date.[Students]Enroll_Status
FALL Effective DateThe fall effective date for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]Effective_Date
FALL Early Reading IndStudent's Fall Early Reading Indicator[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]E1522_Early_Reading_First
FALL Early Reading DescStudent's Fall Early Reading DescriptionN/A
FALL AsstFall Assessment Used[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]Fall_Assmt
FALL LangFall Assessment Language[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]Fall_Lang
FALL ScoreFall Assessment Score[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]Fall_Score
FALL CommentFall Assessment Comment[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]Fall_Comment
EOY Effective DateThe EOY effective date for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]Effective_Date
EOY Early Reading IndStudent's EOY Early Reading Indicator[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]E1522_Early_Reading_Last
EOY Early Reading DescStudent's EOY Early Reading DescN/A
EOY LangEOY Assessment Language[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_Lang
EOY ScoreEOY Assessment Score[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_Score
EOY CommentEOY Assessment Comment[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_Comment
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