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Section Attendance Status

The Section Attendance Status reports all sections in a school that have not taken attendance for a particular day. It is a means to track and verify that initial attendance for a section has been taken on the calendar day of the school day for which the attendance occurred. Attendance auditing must be enabled. This is a school level report. (TX65)


    • For sections spanning multiple periods, each period is evaluated separately.
    • For sections using interval attendance, each interval is evaluated separately.
    • Attendance taken in PowerTeacher without a PowerSchool User ID will appear on the report.

    Section Enrollment Selection:

    The report selects records from the [CC] table based on the following criteria:

    • The section enrollment must be associated with a school included in the report.
    • The section must not be excluded from state reporting
    • The course must not be excluded from state reporting
    • The section enrollment must begin on or before the report end date.
    • The section enrollment must end after the report start date.

    Report Input

    This report is run at the School level only.

    Follow the list of steps to locate and generate the report.

    1. On the Start Page, click State Reports. The Reports page appears.
    2. Click Section Attendance Status. The Section Attendance Status report page appears.
    3. Enter information in all of the required fields.
    4. Click Submit to generate the report.



    Attendance Date


    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Other…

    Note: When scheduling the report to run daily to verify that attendance is taken on the calendar day for which the attendance occurred, a value of Today is recommended.

    Other Attendance Date

    If the option of Other… is selected in the Attendance Date parameter, the attendance date to be verified should be selected from the pop-up menu.

    Implement the "Exclude from ADA" flag to exclude such enrollment records from this report

    Choose Yes or No from the pop-up menu. Choosing Yes excludes the student from the report if the student has a school enrollment marked to be excluded from ADA during the report date range.

    Sort Option

    Select from the following sort options (primary sort appears first, followed by the secondary sort):

    • Teacher, Period
    • Period, Teacher

    Select Teachers (Blank for all)

    Choose one or more teachers from the list.

    Select Period Number (Blank for All)

    Choose one or more periods from the list.

    Report Output

    Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. 

    Attendance entered without a User ID is noted by an asterisk. This is Typically,a substitute that took attendance using the substitute portal.

    Report Output Format: The report output format for this report is pdf.

    Data Element



    School Name

    The school name.


    Sections with attendance not taken for [Date]

    The calendar date that is being verified for attendance tabken



    Teacher Name

    The teacher’s name.




    Teacher Number (in brackets)

    The report displays the teacher’s locally assigned teacher number.



    The period associated with the missing attendance.

    Note: Periods that use Interval Attendance will be denoted as follows:

    Period.IntervalNumber (eg. 2.1, 2.2)



    The room associated with the missing attendance.


    Course Num

    The course number associated with the missing attendance,


    Section Num

    The section number associated with the missing attendance.



    Course Name

    The course name associated with the missing attendance.


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