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Remote Class Enrollments Verification Report

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This report serves as a verification of remote class enrollments for students who are enrolled at School A, but are taking courses at School B.

  • When reported to PEIMS or TSDS, remote class enrollments are automatically reported under the Home School(s) of the student(s) in the class when the Master Schedule, Staff, and Student Enrollment Interchanges are generated.

  • In most cases, the remote class enrollments are valid, and no action is needed.

  • In some cases, if a student is incorrectly transferred between schools, class enrollments can remain attached to the wrong school and will appear as if the student is remotely enrolled in those classes when he/she is not.

  • In this case, the class enrollments must typically be fixed using DDA – either to adjust the school ID’s for the classes or to adjust the class entry and exit dates.

Report Input

Each of the available run options and data fields for the report are described below. For help with report navigation and generation, see Generate Reports.

Note: To include all modifications within the specified start and end date, leave the Modified options blank.



Select Schools

The multi-select list allows the user to use the Ctrl or SHIFT key on your keyboard to click each school for which you want to run the extract.

Note: At the school level, only the current school is available.

Collection Code

Courses and Sections are output based on the selection criteria applicable to the interchange output for the selected Collection Code. When 'ALL' is selected as the collection code, no filtering is applied.

School YearSelect the school year
ECDS Limit to Grade KG and/or PKThis parameter is displayed conditionally when the TSDS - ECDS collection code is selected.
Effective Date

Courses and Sections are filtered based on the Effective Date applicable to the selected collection with the following default Effective Dates.

  • ALL, SUMR, EXYR or ECDS: Default to current date

  • FALL: Default to Fall Snapshot Date

  • TSDS - Class Roster-Fall: Default to Fall Class Roster snapshot date

  • TSDS - Class Roster-Winter: Default to Winter Class Roster snapshot date

Report Output

The output file name follows the format of [COLLECTION]_RemoteClassEnrollments.csv.

Data Element


School NameThe school name[Schools]Name
Student NumberThe student's locally assigned ID number.[Students]Student_Number

Last Name

The student's last name.

First FirstThe student's first name.[Students]First_Name
UIDThe student's state-assigned ID number.


Grade LevelThe student's grade level at the time of the record.[Students]Grade_Level
Current SchoolThe school where the record exists.[Schools]Name
School IDThe school ID[Schools]ID
Remote Course School Number

The remote course school

Calculated as the school in which the student is enrolled for a remote class



Remote Course Number

The remote course number.

Calculated as the course in which the student is enrolled for a remote class


Course NameThe course name[Courses]Course_Name
SectionThe section ID[Sections]Section_Number
TermThe term ID[Sections]TermID
ExpressionSection expression[Sections]Expression
Teacher NameTeacher's name[Users]LastFirst
Teacher Unique IDThe teacher's unique identification number[Users]SIF_StatePrid
Class IDThe class ID number






Student Entry DateThe student's entry date.



Student Exit DateThe student's exit date.



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