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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Attendance Verification Report Improvements

Attendance Verification Report Version: 24.3.1

Improvements have been implemented to enhance the efficiency of running reports for larger districts.


Calculation Process for Basic Reporting Period Attendance Table

A new calculation and update process is implemented for the Ed-Fi Attendance tables, specifically the Basic Reporting Period Attendance table. This table will store summarized basic attendance data for six-week reporting periods.


Data Entry Validation to Non-Enrolled UIL Participant Page

Added data entry validation for non-enrolled UIL participant page to enforce rules regarding student enrollment and participation in UIL activities. This validation prevents submission of a student's UIL activities for multiple schools in the same school year. If a user wants to add another record with another school for the same year, they must change the school for the existing record before adding a new record with a similar school. The system will display a message if attempting to add a new record with a different school: "Non-enrolled UIL participant cannot be associated with multiple schools within the same school year." Once the user selects the same school, the validation message disappears. The system now allows selecting the same school for the same school year when creating a new record for a non-enrolled UIL participant. If a student is enrolled in a school, even for a single day, the user cannot create a Non-Enrolled UIL Participant record for that student. A message is displayed on selecting Non-Enrolled UIL Participant record tab: "Non-Enrolled UIL Participant records cannot be created for students who are currently enrolled in a school or were enrolled at any time during the current academic year."


Deprecated Graduation Type Codes on Graduation Information Page

The Graduation Information page has been enhanced to visually distinguish and obsolete graduation program codes. Obsolete codes are now removed if the Date of Graduation is blank or greater than 07/31/2023. If a user selects a date on or after 08/01/2023, a warning message is displayed to prompt the selection of a valid Graduation Type Code if the user has selected a deprecated code.


Incident Management Console Error Fixes

The Incident Management UI has now been updated to remove unwanted code which were causing the errors in console.


TX - PEIMS Economic Disadvantaged Verification Report Not Working At School Level For Code 99

PEIMS Economic Disadvantaged Verification Report: Version 24.3.1

The PEIMS Economic Disadvantaged Verification Report is updated with the following:


  1. The previous arrangement of parameters led to the below possibility.

    1. School Year selected - 2022-2023

    2. Override Start Date - 08/29/2023, Override End Date - 05/31/2024

    3. The above inputs led to non selection of students that were enrolled in 2023-2024, because the School Year passed 2022-2023 as the parameter.

    4. Moving the School Year* under Current Selection Students* will help prevent passing of incorrect parameters.


  1. The School Year* parameter is moved under Current Selection Students*

  2. Run Report for* does not conditionally display/ hide School Year* parameter.


Validation Messages not being triggered correctly on Student Language Field

Following changes are made on the Student Demographics page:

  1. There are three soft warnings on the field Student Language Code. They are dependent on EB/EL Indicator (E0790) code saved in EB/EL record (Start Page > Student Selection > EB/EL). Below are the scenarios that trigger these warning messages.

    1. EB/EL Indicator (E0790) = 1, S, F, 3, 4 and Home Language Code = 98 and Student Language Code = 98 . Warning Message => 'If Student Language Code and Home Language Code are both 98, then LEP Indicator Code should not be 1, F, S, 3 or 4'.

    2. EB/EL Indicator (E0790) = 1, S, F, 3, 4, 5 and Home Language Code is not 98 and Student Language Code = 98. Warning message => 'If LEP Indicator Code is 1, F, S, 3, 4 or 5 and Home Language Code is not 98, then Student Language Code should not be 98.'

    3. EB/EL Indicator (E0790) is not 1, S, F, 3, 4, 5 and Home Language Code is not 98 and Student Language Code is not 98. Warning message => 'If Student Language Code and Home Language Code are both not 98, then LEP Indicator Code should be 1, F, S, 3, 4 or 5.'

  2. The above messages were sometimes not getting displayed at all or a wrong message was displayed when one of the fields or both the fields had read only permission. This has been fixed as a part of the ticket.

  3. Fields Student Language Code and Previous Home Setting Language Code displayed all the options in the dropdown when they had 'Read Only' permission. This has been fixed too.

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