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Transfer Information

Editing a Student's Current or Previous Enrollment

Transfer Info > Edit [Current/Previous] Enrollment

Note: For new implementations, a school district must decide how they will generate Leaver Data (203 records) for Submission 1. Since PEIMS requires this information in Submission 1, school districts have a couple of options and may choose based on what is the most efficient for them. If leavers are to be reported from PowerSchool, they must be imported into the prior year and processed through end of year processing. Otherwise, leavers should be tracked outside of PowerSchool and may be appended to the Submission 1 file.

Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

Grade Level

Grade EE, PK, and KG are recorded numerically in Power School and converted when reported to PEIMS. PowerSchool will use PK=-1 and EE=-2.

Reference TX PEIMS Data Standards documentation code table C050.



State Grade Level

Choose the appropriate value if the grade level reported to the state is different from the Grade Level field.




Choose the student track if the student attends on a different calendar from the default school calendar.

This must be null if the school does not use tracks.

The PowerSchool pop-up menu does not contain valid PEIMS values, therefore for during the reporting process an A will be converted to 1, a B will be converted to 2, etc.


[Students]Track or


Entry Date

School Entry Date

This field must be updated anytime the student changes or re-enters the school.

Format is mm/dd/yyyy


[Students]EntryDate or


Grade RetainedThis indicates that the student was not promoted and is retained in the same grade level. [Students]GradeRetained

Last Date of Attendance

This date is calculated as the first valid in-session date from the school calendar prior to the student’s withdrawal date.


Withdrawal Date

School Exit Date

This will be the first date after the last date of the school year unless the student withdraws before the end of the school year.

If a student withdraws, this is the first date after the student was in attendance.

[Students]Exitdate or


Leaver Reason Code

Choose a Leaver Reason code.

For a list of acceptable codes, refer to the TX PEIMS Data Standards documentation C162.

Required for all withdrawn students.

[Students]Exitcode or


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