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Student Learning Preferences

Enter Student Learning Preferences

This page is available to capture information for local use regarding student learning preferences (instructional models) as requested by the student’s parents/guardians.

Use the District Information page to define the Learning Preferences codes that appear in the drop-down list on the student Learning Preferences page. Your district has provided pre-populated codes, which may be customized with the exception of the two-digit code value, which may not be modified. Your district may also add additional Learning Preferences codes if needed. It is recommended that customizations be done prior to entering or importing student-level records.

Student records can be manually entered individually or mass imported into the S_STU_LEARNINGPREF_C child table using the Data Import Manager.

For more information, see Learning Preferences in the Powerschool SIS online help.

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Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

Effective Date

Enter the date the record becomes effective.


Learning Preferences

Indicate the method by which the student prefers to learn:

  • Select Code
  • (OC) On-Campus
  • (HY) Hybrid
  • (RM) Remote/Virtual


Requested Timeframe

Indicate the time period the learning preferences are effective:

  • Select Code
  • (1) Start of School
  • (2) 2nd Six Weeks
  • (3) 3rd Six Weeks
  • (4) 4th Six Weeks
  • (5) 5th Six Weeks
  • (6) 6th Six Weeks
  • (Q2) 2nd Quarter
  • (Q3) 3rd Quarter
  • (Q4) 4th Quarter
  • (T2) 2nd Trimester
  • (T3) 3rd Trimester
  • (OT) Other

When Other is selected, specify other requested timeframe in the Comment field.


Requesting Parent/Guardian

Enter the name of the guardian making this request.

Internet in Residence

Indicate whether or not the internet in available in the residence:

  • Select Code
  • (1) Yes - Internet Access In Residence
  • (2) No - Not Available
  • (3) No - Not Affordable
  • (4) No - Other
Internet Access

Indicate the type of internet access in the residence:

  • (1) Residential Broadband (DSL, Cable, Fiber)
  • (2) Cellular Network
  • (3) School Provided Hotspot
  • (4) Satellite
  • (5) Dial-Up
  • (6) Other
  • (7) None
Internet Performance

Indicate how the internet performs in the residence:

  • (1) Yes - No issues
  • (2) Yes - But Not Consistent
  • (3) No
Device Access

Indicate is the student has access to an internet-capable device:

  • 1) Personal - Dedicated (One Person Per Machine)
  • (2) Personal - Shared (Sharing Among Others in Household)
  • (3) School Provided - Dedicated
  • (4) School Provided - Shared
  • (5) None
Device Type

If the student has access to a device, indicate the type of device the student has:

  • (1) Desktop/Laptop
  • (2) Tablet
  • (3) Chromebook
  • (4) Smartphone
  • (5) Other
Device Serial Number

Enter the serial number of the device, if provided by the school.

Paper Learning Packets

Indicate how the student will receive learning packets:

  • (M) Mail Home
  • (P) Pick Up

Enter any additional comments.

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