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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-266861CTE Auto-Code Updates

The CTE Auto-Code is now updated to ensure that the Entry Date in manually coded records is preserved.

  • An issue was identified that impacted Career and Tech special program records created by users for the purpose of manual coding of the additional CTE indicators for CTE Transportation Service, Displaced Homemaker, Single Parent/Pregnant Teen, or the Exclude Vocational Hours override.
  • In some cases, the Entry Date populated by the user in the manually coded record was updated by the CTE Auto-Code to be the first day of the student's CTE class enrollments this year, which resulted in two records with the same Entry Date: one with an Exit Date as entered by the user, and a second with a blank Exit date.
  • In addition, a script runs automatically in the state reporting installer to correct the invalid records and to restore the Entry Date in the open record to be the same date as the Exit Date in the previous record.
  • Districts can now re-enable the CTE Auto-Code in District > District Info > Texas Preferences > Enable Daily CTE Auto-Code.
    • In the case where districts are performing final updates to CTE Courses for the PEIMS Summer Submission, CTE special program records will reflect these late-breaking changes if the Auto-Code is enabled.
    • If the Auto-Code is not re-enabled, the CTE Special Program records will not reflect these changes, which could result in PEIMS errors, depending on the nature of the edits made to the courses.
PSSR-266217Graduation Profile Reports: New Run Option for Projected Graduates

Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: Version 1.0.6
Texas Graduation Profile Report: Version 1.0.7
The Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report and Texas Graduation Profile Report are now updated with an additional Student Type option of "Projected Graduate."

  • This option allows users to extract records for 12th grade students who have been assigned a Date of Graduation on the Graduation Information page, but who have not yet been exited from school with an 01 Graduate Exit Code.
  • The selection criteria based on the specified Student Type is as follows:
    • Non-Graduates: Students do not have a Date of Graduation and do not have an Exit Code of 01.
    • Projected Graduates: Grade 12 students have a Date of Graduation but do not yet have an Exit Code of 01.
    • Graduates: Students have a Date of Graduation and an Exit Code of 01.
PSSR-266555Student Attendance Interchange: Bil/ESL and SPED Attendance and Updates for PK Fields

TX Interchange Student Attendance: Version 1.0.20
The Student Attendance Interchange is updated to correctly calculate and display the special program attendance complex types for Bil/ESL and Special Education when a student transfers out of school and returns to the same school within the same reporting period.

  • Previously, two records for the same reporting period were generated, which caused TSDS batch duplicate errors.
  • A single record for the reporting period is now extracted as expected unless the student has a change in school, grade level, track, or program between the two enrollment periods.
    In addition, if the Basic Attendance complex was run without also running the Special Programs Attendance complex for PK students, the required PK Program Type defaulted to 00 and the Funding Source fields were not reported. This issue is now corrected.
PSSR-266012Student Parent and Student Enrollment Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student-Parent: Version 1.0.24
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 1.0.62

  • The Student-Parent Interchange is updated for the ECDS collection with logic that will extract a record for a PK student if that student has been enrolled in the PK grade level at any point in the school year. The report parameters must be set to include PK students.
  • The Student Enrollment Interchange is updated for the ECDS collection with logic that will include both a Student School Association and Student Section Association complex type when run for the PK grade levels if a student has ever been enrolled in the PK grade level during the range of dates specified in the report parameters or in the student-level PK Assessment Dates. Additional logic has also been added to report only the most current set of PK elements regardless of the student having multiple PK special program records.
PSSR-266875Student Truancy Tracking Page Update

The Student Truancy Tracking page is updated to address an issue where truancy records did not display as expected for some students with at least one unexcused absence in the current year.

  • Truancy records for these students correctly appeared in the Truancy Status Report, and if applicable, in the Student Truancy Extension in the Attendance Interchange, but were missing in the UI.
  • The records also existed in the S_TX_STU_TRUANCY_C and the S_TX_STU_TRUANCY_DETAILS_C database tables but an issue related to the processing of internal student DCID's prevented them from displaying on the Truancy page.
  • All records are now available on the page, and coding can be performed for the PEIMS Submission for students who have been assigned a Truancy Prevention Measure or for whom a Truancy Complaint has been filed. Note that these indicators default to 0 in the Student Truancy Extension if not coded in PowerSchool.
  • Reminder: Students with at least one unexcused absence this year can be coded and reported for Truancy Prevention Measures if applicable. Students do not need to have met the TEA truancy threshold of 10 unexcused absences in a six-month period.
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