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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: CRDC School Submission File Update

If a school has no out-of-school suspensions to report, the following columns will be populated with a value of zero:





All States/Provinces: Immunization Rules Engine Update

The immunization rules engine can now compare immunization dose dates and the number of doses a student has received to date fields in Core and extended tables (Student.EntryDate, for example)

Note: Immunization rules must be updated to utilize this new functionality.


All States/Provinces: Null Pointer Exception Error When Saving Vaccine Dose Data

Student dose data is now saved in the Nightly Batch process. This will prevent users from receiving the null pointer exception error when entering (and saving) vaccination dose data.


Attendance Profile Report Cannot be Run Successfully For More Than 1000 Students

Attendance Profile Report Version: 1.7

The Attendance Profile now has a maximum limit of 200 students per report run.


2023-24 TEA C022 Service ID Table Now Available

The TEA C022 Service ID Code Table from the July 2023 20.4.2 Addendum version of the TEDS data standards in now available in PowerSchool. This table serves as a reference for the valid Course Service ID’s used in TEA reporting.

  • Districts are encouraged to review the TEA Addendum Code Table Change Log for obsolete and new course Service ID’s for the 2023-24 school year and to make appropriate updates to the PowerSchool course catalog.

  • After completing the PowerSchool Year End Process, districts should also run the Service ID Verification Report for the 2023-24 school year in order to identify invalid Service ID’s. This report is located under the Courses and Sections category on the State Reports page.


2023-24 TEA Code Table and Data Collection Updates

The code tables and dropdown lists for the data elements listed below are now updated to conform to the TEA changes for the 2023-24 school year. These updates are based on the July 2023 Addendum version of the TEDS data standards.

Population Served

  • Updated Code: 10 Migrant Students updated to Migratory Students

  • Impacted pages: Courses, Sections, Stored Grades, Staff Responsibility Record

Program Intent Code

  • Obsolete Codes

    • 32 Pre-Kindergarten

    • 34 Pre-Kindergarten – Compensatory Education

    • 35 Pre-Kindergarten – Bilingual Education

  • Updated Codes

    • 37 Dyslexia or Related Disorder Service: Updated to Dyslexia – Regular Education

    • 38 College, Career, or Military Readiness: Updated to College, Career, And Military Readiness

  • Impacted pages: District Finance > Actual, Budget and Contracted Instructional Staff, Staff Payroll

Object Code

  • New Codes

    • 6147 Pension Expense

    • 6514 Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITA) – Principal

    • 6514 Interest On Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITA)

    • 6658 Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITA) Asset

  • Updated Codes

    • 6269 Rentals-Operating Leases: Updated to Rentals - Short Term And Non-Capitalized Leases

    • 6512 Capital Lease Principal: Updated to Right To Use Lease Liability - Principal

    • 6522 Capital Lease Interest: Updated to Interest On Right To Use Leases

    • 6651 Capital Lease Of Buildings: Updated to Right To Use Lease - Buildings

    • 6659 Capital Lease Of Furniture, Equipment, and Software: Updated to Right To Use Lease Assets - Furniture And Equipment

    • 7913 Proceeds From Capital Leases: Updated to Proceeds From Right To Use Leased Assets

  • Impacted pages: District Finance > Actual and Budget, Staff Payroll

Student Attribution Code

  • Upated Code: 30 Child of Charter School Employee updated to Child of Charter School Employee (LEA or Campus)

  • Impacted page: PEIMS General record

Restraint Staff Type Code

  • Updated code: 01 LEA Employees or Volunteers updated to LEA Employees, Volunteers, or Contractors

  • Impacted page: Student Restraints

PK School Type

  • New code: 12 Public Pre-K Head Start (Non-LEA Grantee)

  • Updated code: 07 Public Pre-K Head Start updated to Public Pre-K Head Start (LEA Grantee)

  • Impacted pages: Sections, School, District

Industry Certification Code (IBC Code)

  • Updated code: 870 Refrigerant Handling (EPA 608) updated to Refrigerant Handling

  • Impacted page: Performance Acknowledgement Certification Licensures


20233-24 Fall PEIMS Student Enrollment Interchange Update

TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 23.7.3

The xml output in the Graduation Program Extension for the Fall PEIMS collection is updated to include the new E1736 Texas First Early HS Completion Program element (TX-TexasFirstEarlyHSCompletionProgram). This field is coded on the Graduation Information page for students graduating early in the prior school year to indicate whether the student graduated two or more semesters early or less than two semesters early. If left blank, the element is suppressed in the xml file.


Attendance Interchange Updates for PEIMS Extended Year Submission

TX Interchange Student Attendance: Version 23.7.3

Updates to the Attendance Interchange are now available for the PEIMS Extended Year Submission (Submission 4). The prior elements for Days Absent and Excess Hours in Instructional Setting do not apply to the PEIMS Extended Year Submission for ADSY attendance and are now suppressed in the xml output.


New Data Collection: At Risk Overrides

A new At Risk Overrides page is now available to capture manual entries and overrides for At Risk Reasons as reported in the Fall PEIMS submission. The page is available under the Student State/Province – TX link in the legacy UI and under the Student Compliance link in the Enhanced User Interface view.

Important! This release includes the new data collection only. In a subsequent update, the At Risk Auto-Code process and report will be updated to include logic for the new fields.

  • Districts can begin coding students for At Risk Overrides now.

  • After the updated At Risk Auto-Code process is released, districts can run the process to update At Risk special program records based on the additional student coding done on the new page.

At Risk Override Fields

  • This new data collection is intended to provide additional options for districts and to fill gaps in the existing At Risk Auto-Code process so that each TEA At Risk Reason has at least one corresponding PowerSchool data source.

  • The new data collection also eliminates the need for users to enter overrides directly into the At Risk Special Program record, which is no longer a recommended practice.  

  • All manually-coded reasons and overrides can now be entered and managed on the new page.

    • At Risk Reason

      • New manual entry/override fields are provided for each of the TEA At-Risk Reasons with the exception of EB/EL and Homeless.

      • EB/EL and Homeless must be coded in the standard PowerSchool source fields in the EB/EL student program record and PEIMS General record in order to meet other PEIMS reporting requirements.

    • Expiration Date

      • End dates for each At Risk Reason are also provided with the exception of Dropout, Incarceration, and Retained, which are considered permanent factors.

      • If the user codes the student for an override, validation requires that the corresponding Expiration Date also be entered.

      • Some At Risk Reasons can remain in effect for multiple school years while others apply to a single school year. Districts should manage the Expiration Dates as they see fit based on TEA guidance and the district’s own processes.

      • In general, as overrides remain in effect for at least one school year, the Expiration Date should be the day after the last day of the school year. The At Risk Auto-Code logic will use the expiration date to re-set the reasons and/or At Risk status in the At Risk special program record at the start of the new year.

    • Type: Additional dropdown list fields for the Protective Services, Residential Placement Facility and Incarceration reasons capture optional details about the reason for the manual entry/override.


New Field and Nightly Process for Pass/Fail Indicator Code Calculation in Historical Grades

To support Ed-Fi reporting of student transcript records for PEIMS, a new nightly process to calculate and store the Pass/Fail Indicator Code in historical grades is now available in Texas District Management > Texas Auto-Code and Nightly Process Preferences. The preference is enabled by default and no action is required by the district.

  • A new Pass/Fail Indicator Code (E0949 - Calculated) field is now available on the Historical Grades page: S_TX_SGR_X.E0949_PF_Calc

    • The new calculated field displays directly above the existing Pass/Fail Indicator Code, which is re-labeled as an Override to indicate its purpose.

    • The calculated field displays in read-only format and holds the TEA Pass/Fail Indicator Codes 01-14.

  • The calculation leverages existing logic used in the PEIMS Summer and Extended Year collections to calculate the Pass/Fail Indicator for records with stored codes mapped as S1, S2 or AV Final Grades in Texas Store Code Mapping.


New Student CTE Programs of Study Page

A new student CTE Programs of Study page link is now available on the Career and Tech Special Program page. This page is designed to hold the TEA-calculated CTE Program of Study records imported from the TEA PDM3-404-002_CareerandTechnicalEducation.csv report file. These records are based on the CTE course completion data submitted in the Summer and Extended Year PEIMS submissions. Users can navigate back from the Programs of Study page to the Career and Tech Special Programs page by clickling the “Show Career and Tech” button.

  • For each year beginning in the 2020-21 school year, TEA calculates CTE Indicators and Programs of Study records for each student completing at least one CTE course.

  • Depending on the CTE courses completed, students may have a single record or may have multiple programs of study and different CTE indicators for each program.

Important! This release includes the new Programs of Study table and data collection only. In a subsequent release, a new Import Process for TEA Calculated CTE Programs of Study will be provided to automatically populate the records from the TEA report file.

CTE Programs of Study: S_TX_STU_CTEPS_C

  • School Year (YEARID): Academic year such as 2022-2023

  • Program of Study (PROG_STUDY): TEA numeric code and Program of Study such as (11) Business Management

  • CTE Indicator: (CTE_IND): TEA-calculated CTE indicator such as (6) CTE Program Concentrator

  • State/Regional Program (STATE_REG_PROG): Type of program such as (S) State, (R) Region or No

  • State Cluster (STATE_CAREER_CLUSTER): State Career Cluster such as (S4) Business, Marketing and Finance

  • Federal Cluster (FED_CAREER_CLUSTER) Federal Career Cluster such as (F4) Business Management & Administration

  • Comment (COMMENT) 100 character user comment

  • System Comment (SYS_COMMENT) 100 character system comment used by the import process


Student Truancy Tracking Data Collection and Truancy Status Report Updates

To support additional Truancy data elements to be reported in Ed-Fi beginning in he 2023-24 school year, two new date fields are now available in the Truancy table, Student Truancy Tracking data collection and Texas Truancy Status Report:

  • Truancy Prevention Measure Date: S_TX_STU_TRUANCY_C.TRU_PREV_DATE

  • Truancy Complaint Filed Date: S_TX_STU_TRUANCY_C.TRU_COMPLAINT_DATE


Technical Page Updates for State Fields

The form tags on the following pages are now updated to ensure the state reporting content displays as expected for districts running PowerSchool SIS 23.6.0 or higher.



Texas Name Override Fields Replaced by Student Legal Name Fields

Additional References: PSSR-319017 PSSR-319021 , PSSR-319025 , PSSR-319064

TX Interchange Student: Version 23.7.3

TX Interchange Student Parent: Version 23.7.3

Unique ID Enrollment Event Tracking: Version 23.7.3

Student Unique ID Request: Version 23.7.3

Student Detail Report: Version 23.7.3

Withdrawal Form: Version 23.7.3

AAR: Version 23.7.3

AAR by Number, Grade, Last Initials, or Student Selection: Version 23.7.3

TREx Extract: Version 23.7.3

TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 23.7.3

The Texas Student Name Override Fields are now deprecated and removed from the PowerSchool Texas Demographics and Enroll New Student pages, as well as in the reports listed above. The core PowerSchool student Legal Name and Suffix fields are now used to capture the official/legal name as reported to TEA in order to standardize the Texas data collection.

  • A State Reporting installer script automatically migrates existing values in the Texas Name Override fields to their new Legal Name equivalents.

  • Districts that have custom pages or local reports using the now obsolete Texas Name Override fields will need to adjust these to reference the Legal Name fields.

  • Field List

    • First Name: S_TX_STU_X.E0703 is replaced by StudentCoreFields.PSCore_Legal_First_Name

    • Middle Name: S_TX_STU_X.E0704 is replaced by StudentCoreFields.PSCore_Legal_Middle_Name

    • Last Name: S_TX_STU_X.E0705 is replaced by StudentCoreFields.PSCore_Legal_Last_Name

    • Generation: S_TX_STU_X.E0706 is replaced by StudentCoreFields.PSCore_Legal_Suffix

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