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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Append Student Import ID Update

The Append Student Import ID functionality did not allow the download of the updated import file. This has been fixed and the Append Student Import ID functionality now allows the updated import file to be downloaded.


Fall PEIMS Student Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student: Version 23.12.1

The Fall PEIMS Student Interchange is updated for Houston ISD School #100 (Texas Connections Academy) to automatically report the Economic Disadvantaged code as 99 for any student coded a 01 or 02.


New Accelerated Instruction Verification Report

Accelerated Instruction Verification Report: Version 23.12.1

A new verification report for Student Accelerated Instruction is now available under the Assessment category on the State Reports page. This report includes records for each accelerated instruction subject assigned to the student along with details for instructional minutes logged by date if applicable.

  • Runtime Parameters

    • Standard selection of schools and students

    • School Year

    • Output Type: CSV or PDFSchool selection, Current Selection Students, School Year and Output type.

  • Report Details

    • Students can have more than one Accelerated Instruction Record if assigned for multiple subjects.

    • If one subject is assigned, the first (master) record for the student displays the Accelerated Instruction fields on the first line.

    • If the student has multiple instructional minutes log records for a subject, each log displays on a separate row in chronological order.

  • Report Output

    • Student Identifers

      • Current School

      • Student Number

      • UID

      • Student DCID

      • Last Name

      • First Name    

      • Grade Level

      • Enroll Status

    • Accelerated Instruction Elements

      • School Year

      • Subject such as 01-Reading/English, 05-Algebra I, etc.

      • Reportable Subject

        • (01) Reading/English

        • (02) Math

        • (03) Social Studies

        • (04) Science

        • (05) Algebra I: maps to (02) Math

        • (06) Biology: maps to (04) Science

        • (07) English I: (01) Reading/English

        • (08) English II: (01) Reading/English

        • (09) US History: maps to (03) Social Studies

      • Participation Code such as 01-Particpates, 02-Does Not Participate - Parent Opt Out, etc.

      • Parent Opt-Out Date

      • Assigned Hrs

      • YTD Hrs

      • Hrs Difference Reason such as 01-Student Withdrew, 02-Parent Opt Out After Initial Acceptance, etc.

      • Comments

    • Time Log Records: Sorted by Subject, then by Date in ascending order

      • Subject

      • Date

      • Minutes


New CSV Output Option for Incident Management TEA Discipline Records Verification Report

Incident Management TEA Discipline Records Verification Report: Version 23.12.1

The Incident Management TEA Discipline Records Verification Report is updated with an option to select a CSV output type in addition to the current PDF output type. This report includes the records as reported in the Student Discipline Interchange for Summer PEIMS.


New Validation for Restraint Instance Number on Student Restraints Page.

A new data entry validation is now available on the Student Restraints page to ensure that the Restraint Instance Number is unique for records on the same date for a student.

  • Restraint Instance Numbers on the same date for the same student are defaulted to the next sequential number.

  • If a duplicate Instance Number is used on the same date, this hard-stop validation message displays: “Restraint Instance Number X already exists for this student and date.”


Performance Tuning for Assessment Import Tool

The Assessment Import Tool is tuned for performance to ensure the process completes for large data files.


Student Detail Report Updates

Student Detail: Version
The Student Detail report is updated to add additional records and rows for students with ADA Eligibility Codes 0 and 9 so that the audit report matches the Ed-Fi enrollment records, which includes the reporting of these “Enrolled Not in Membership” type ADA codes.


Withdrawal Form Report Updates

Withdrawal Form: Version
The Withdrawal Form updated to ensure that all classes in progress are included for the Term selected at runtime, regardless of whether grades for the class exist or not.

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