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Student Census Block

Entering Student Census Block

For 2022-23, TEA is no longer supporting the freestanding Excel tool. Instead, districts will upload files to a new TSDS Census Block Group Tool that is downloaded from TEA. The prior additional internal fields will not be part of the new file format.

Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

Effective DateEnter the date the census block became effective.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]Effective_Date
Census BlockEnter the census block number. The census block number is based on the student's home address.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]Census_Block
StreetEnter the street the census block became effective.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]Street
CityEnter the city the census block became effective.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]City
StateEnter the state the census block became effective.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]State
ZipEnter the zip code the census block became effective.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]Zip
SES TierEnter the SES Tier (optional).[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]SESTier
Funding WeightEnter the Funding Weight (optional).[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]Funding Weight
CommentEnter additional comments regarding the census block.[S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C]Comment
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