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PEIMS Transcript Records Verification Report

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This is a verification report for the course completion transcript records reported in PEIMS Student Transcript Interchange.

Selection Criteria

A separate record is output for each PEIMS Course Transcript record as reported in the Transcript Interchange.

  • If the SUMR collection is selected, these records are included:

    • Completed high school credit classes based on the TEA C022 Service ID table in PowerSchool

    • Completed TX VSN courses with Non-Campus Based Instruction Code of 04 or 05

  • If the EXYR collection is selected, manual entry stored grades records for Dual Credit or College Prep courses taken over the summer are included when the following conditions are met:

    • The Associated Section must be “None”

    • The Special Explanation Code must be “R” (summer or night school)

    • The school year in the record is the prior school year

    • For College Prep Courses, the Service ID must be CP110100 (College Prep English Language Arts) or CR111200 (College Prep Mathematics)

Report Input

Each of the available run options and data fields for the report are described below. For help with report navigation and generation, see Generate Reports.

Note: To include all modifications within the specified start and end date, leave the Modified options blank.



Select Schools

The multi-select list allows the user to use the Ctrl or SHIFT key on your keyboard to click each school for which you want to run the extract.

Note: At the school level, only the current school is available.

Select Students

Select one of the following to indicate which students to include in the report:

  • The Select [Number] Students Only - Run the report for a predefined selection of students.
  • All Students - Run the report for all students who meet selection criteria.


  • When running for a selection of students, select the students from the Start Page prior to running the report.
  • When All Students is the selected option, the report includes both active and inactive students who have at least one enrollment record during the date range for the report Start Date and End Date.
Collection Code

Collection Code with options for SUMR and EXYR

School YearSelect the school year
Specify Incomplete Grades

Records to Include

    • All (default)

    • Scheduled Classes

    • Remote Classes

    • Manual Entry Stored Grades

Select Yes if you want to Exclude Students with Missing Unique ID
Select Yes if you want to

Report Output

Data Element



Last Name

The student's last name.

First FirstThe student's first name.[Students]First_Name
Student NumberThe student's locally assigned ID number.[Students]Student_Number
UIDThe student's state-assigned ID number.


Grade LevelThe student's grade level at the time of the record.[Students]Grade_Level
Current SchoolThe school where the record exists.[Schools]Name
Record TypeThe record type
School IDThe school ID[Schools]ID
Remote SchoolThe remote school



Course NameThe course name[Courses]Course_Name
Course #The course number[Courses]Course_Number
SectionThe section ID[Sections]Section_Number
Section IDThe section ID[Sections]Section_ID
Service IDThe alternate course number.[Courses]Alt_Course_Number 
Class IDThe class ID number






Store CodeThe store code associated with the record[StoredGrades]StoreCode
Course SeqThe course sequence[S_TX_CRS_X]Course_Sequence

The grade earned for the course

PercentThe numeric grade earned for the course[StoredGrades]Percent
Course CreditThe course credit[S_TX_CRS_X]Course_Credit
Pass/Fail CreditThe PEIMS Pass/Fail Credit Indicator code for the course.[StoredGrades]GPA_Custom2
Dual CreditDual credit



College CreditThe college credit



ATCATC Indicator



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