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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-273762Additional 2021-22 TEA Data Collection Updates

PowerSchool is now updated to support data collection changes in the September 1 Post-Addendum 2022.2.1 version of the TSDS data standards.

  • Label Updates for LEP/EL Special Program
    • LEP/EL is now referred to as "Emergent Bilingual" with abbreviation of "EB/EL".
    • The LEP/EL Special Program tab is renamed to "EB/EL."
    • With the record, all references to “LEP/EL” are relabeled to display “EB/EL.” The database field names remain unchanged.
  • NSLP Code Table Updates: on the Schools/School Info page, the descriptions for NSLP codes 1, 2 and 3 are updated to display "(including SSO)."
  • New Role-ID Codes (Fall PEIMS): the Role ID dropdown lists on the Staff Responsibility Page in Sections are updated with two new codes.
    • (119) Family and Community Liaison
    • (120) Instructional Coach
  • New Foster Care Code
    • The Foster Care dropdown list in the PEIMS General record now displays new code (3) PK student residing in TX is/was in Foster Care in another state or territory.
    • The related data validation is also updated: Foster Care Indicator can be 2 or 3 only when student grade level is PK.
  • Attribution Code Updates
    • (32) Student-Initiated Transfer Due To Remote Learning was previously listed as code 33 and is now 32. A script automatically updates the code value in any existing records.
    • Previous code (32) Resource Campus is removed from the list.
    • The related validation is also updated: Campus ID of Residence must not be blank and the first 6 characters must not match the District ID when Attribution Code is 03, 06, 07, 10 or 32.
  • Industry-Based Certifications and IBC Vendor Crosswalk: multiple updates are now available in Graduation Info > Perf Acknowledgements > Industry Certifications.
    • Certification for 832 Google Cloud Certified Professional- G Suite is obsolete as of 01/01/2021.
    • 340 AWS D1.1 Structural Steel: add vendor 200 American Welding Society
    • 350 AWS D9.1 Sheet Metal Welding: add vendor 200 American Welding Society
    • 390 Certified Nurse Aide/Assistant
      • Add vendor 480 Prometric
      • Remove vendor 450 PearsonVue
    • 783 OSHA 30 Hour Construction: remove vendor 230 Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer
    • 786 Patient Care Technician
      • Add vendor 140 American Allied Health
      • Add vendor 170 American Medical Certification Association
      • Add vendor 390 National Center for Competency Testing
      • Add vendor 400 National Healthcareer Association
      • Remove vendor 650 Other
    • 931 Medical Laboratory Technician
      • Add vendor 450 PearsonVue
      • Remove vendor 650 Other
  • Texas Fields on the Sections Page: the Sections page is updated to correct a display issue where values selected in the Texas fields did not display after submitting the page. The selected values were saved to the database, and no data was lost.
PSSR-272889Fall PEIMS and Class Roster Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student: Version 21.10.1
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 21.10.1
TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 21.10.1

Updates to the Student Interchange for the PEIMS Fall Submission are now available. Additional updates are also available for the Class Roster Student Enrollment and Staff Interchanges.

  • Global Student Selection Criteria: Students with new ADA Eligibility Code 9 are now included.
  • Fall PEIMS Student Interchange
    • New ADA Eligibility Code 9 is output if this value is in effect for the student on the Fall Snapshot Date.
    • SSI Promotion Retention Indicator: no longer reported; suppressed even if a student has a record for the 2021-22 school year in PowerSchool.
    • New Foster Care Indicator code 3 is reported if this value is in effect for the student on the Fall Snapshot Date.
    • Student Census Block: Students with ADA Eligibility Code 9 who are enrolled on the Fall Snapshot and who are Economically Disadvantaged are included.
    • Crisis Impacts Complex Type: This complex and all Crisis Codes from prior years are suppressed for all students.
    • PK Eligible Previous Year Indicator Code: PK students who are five years of age as of September 1 of the current year and who are enrolled on the Fall Snapshot Date are now reported with this indicator.
      • Four and Five-year-old PK students are reported with a value of 1 if they do not meet the funding qualifications in the current year but qualified in the previous year. This is a calculated value for students enrolled in your district last year. The override indicator must be set in the Pre-K Special Program record for students who meet the definition but were not enrolled in your district last year.
      • The default is 0.
    • Industry Certifications (IBC’s)
      • All new certifications and IBC vendor codes introduced for 2021-22 are included.
      • Certifications earned with dates on or between June 1, 2021, and August 31, 2021, are reported for Fall PEIMS.
      • IBC Exam Fee Amount: The output of the TX-IBCExamFeeAmount element now conforms to the new decimal format with a domain of values of 0.00-700.00.
    • New Parent Request Retention Indicator: if a PK-12 student has a record for the 2021-22 school year in the new Parent Request Retention data collection, the indicator is reported as 1; otherwise the element is suppressed for all other students.
  • Other Fall PEIMS Interchanges: There are no additional changes to the Education Organization, Staff, Student Enrollment, and Student Program Interchanges for Fall PEIMS.
  • Student Enrollment Interchange for Fall Class Roster: The remote class logic is updated to ensure that student section records are reported under the School ID of the student's home school of enrollment, and not under the School ID of the remote campus.
  • Staff Interchange for Fall Class Roster: The source data for E1377 YEARS-OF-PRIOR-TEACHING-EXPERIENCE is updated to extract the value from the Years of Prior Teaching Experience (E1377) on the Staff Information page instead of the previous source field, Total Years Experience (E0130).
PSSR-274804New General Education Homebound Special Program

A new General Education Homebound (GEH) tab is now available in Special Programs to support PEIMS reporting for the 2021-22 school year. The General Education Homebound Indicator will be reported in the Student Interchange for the Summer PEIMS Submission.

  • A new General Education Homebound (GEH) special program is now seeded into District Setup.
  • A new Texas extension table of the SpEnrollments table holds the GEH records: review the S_TX_SEN_GEH_X Data Dictionary for details on each field.
  • GEH Elements
    • Comment: optional.
    • Entry Date: required.
    • Exit Date: leave blank until the student exits Homebound Education.
    • General Education Homebound Indicator (E1730): required.
    • Type: optional; select GEH (General Education) or CEHI (Compensatory Education Home Instruction).
    • Remote Instruction Provided: optional; select Yes or No to indicate if remote instruction was provided.
PSSR-274802New Parent Request Retention Data Collection

A new Parent Request Retention Indicator page is now available under the State/Province - TX link to support PEIMS reporting for the 2021-22 school year. The Parent Request Retention Indicator is a new data element for the Fall PEIMS Submission that is reported when an enrolled student was retained at the request of the parent or guardian. For the 2021-2022 school year, this applies to students in grades PK-12; for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond, this applies to students in grades PK-3 only.

  • A new child table of students holds the Parent Request Retention records: review the S_TX_STU_PAR_REQ_RET_C Data Dictionary for details on each field.
  • Parent Request Retention Elements
    • School Year: required
    • Request Date: optional, but recommended
    • Grade Retained: optional, but recommended
    • Comments: optional
PSSR-272344Unique ID Enrollment Event Tracking and Student Unique ID Request Updates

Unique ID Enrollment Event Tracking: Version 21.10.1
Student Unique ID Request: Version 21.10.1
The Unique ID Enrollment Event Tracking report is updated to exclude no-show students from the Excluded Students companion file. A new column for student Entry Date is also now included in the Excluded Students file for both the ET Event and Student UID Request reports.

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