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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-289721All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preferences - LearningPreferences Field Update

The LearningPreferences field in the following tables and extensions has been lengthened to accommodate saved values up to 30 characters.

  • S_SCH_X
  • S_STU_LearningPreference_C
PSSR-291623All States/Provinces: Office Visit Details Report- PDF Version Available

Office Visit Details: Version 1.1

The Office Visit Details report, on the System Reports tab, has been updated and now has the option of producing a pdf result file.

The HTML version of this report is released as a part of PSSR-281819: ALSDE - New Health Visit Reports - HTML

PSSR-295860P-EBT Upload File Update for Students Transferring to a Non-NSLP School

P-EBT Upload File: Version 22.6.3
A final update to support the P-EBT Submission for Semester 2 is now available. In the case where a student attended an NSLP school and then transferred to a non-NSLP school, the student was incorrectly exlcuded even though the original NSLP school of enrollment and the student's COVID or Virtual Attendance met the eligible selection criteria.

PSSR-295820Student Interchange Update for Summer PEIMS and Technical Updates to Support Concurrent Report Processes

TX Interchange Student: Version 22.6.3
TX Interchange Student-Parent: Version 22.6.3
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 22.6.3
TX Interchange Student Transcript: Version 22.6.3
TX Interchange Student Attendance: Version 22.6.3
PEIMS Transcript Records Verification Report: Version 22.6.3
Student PEIMS Graduate Verification Report: Version 22.6.3
Student PEIMS Leaver Verification Report: Version 22.6.3
Logic updates are now available for the Summer PEIMS Student Interchange along with technical updates to support concurrent report processes for the interchanges and reports listed above.

  • Student Interchange Updates for PEIMS Summer Submission: Logic for the following indicators is updated to correctly report student status at any point during the year and to consider values entered in previous enrollments and closed PEIMS General or GEH records within the current year.
    • General Education Homebound Indicator
    • ECHS Indicator
    • T-STEM Indicator
    • P-Tech Indicator
    • Homeless
    • Foster Care
    • Military Connected
  • Technical Updates for Concurrent Report Processes
    • In some cases, specific interchanges and reports produced inconsistent output files with partial records or missing records for hosted customers or customers attempting to run multiple/overlapping extracts or reports.
    • Global temp tables used by the impacted Texas report packages have been replaced with state reporting temp tables to ensure concurrent report processes are handled as expected.
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