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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-308809All States/Provinces: System Reports Missing - Update

The reposchema is updated with a precondition to ensure the script runs (at the correct time); This will ensure all reports load as expected on the System Reports tab.

PSSR-293221Campus Summary Updates

Campus Summary: Version 22.12.2

A new version of the Campus Summary is now available on the state reports page. This version is completely revised with a new layout that presents the data in a similar format as in the TEA PDM3-130-001 Superintendent’s Report of Attendance.

  • Note: The legacy version of the prior Campus Summary (version 22.5.1) is temporarily preserved on the state reports page but is not recommended for use. This version does not contain any of the new or revised elements and related calculations. The legacy report will be removed in a subsequent release.
  • New Instructional Methods Parameter
    • Combined Option: In-Person (IP), Remote Synchronous (RS), and Remote Asynchronous (RA) are combined to present the total days of attendance for each type on a single line, similar to the legacy Campus Summary.
    • Separate Option
      • The sub-totals for IP, RS, and RA Days Eligible are displayed on separate lines wherever required, similar to the records reported in the Summer PEIMS Attendance Interchange.
      • Any schools with remote RS or RA Attendance must have the appropriate Attendance Code Categories setup in place for the “RSC” (Remote Synchronous Category) and/or “RAC” (Remote Asynchronous Category), and at least one attendance code assigned to each category in use.
  • Report Options for Merged or Separate Tracks: no change to existing functionality
    • As before, if “Separate Tracks” is selected, each track is output with a separate set of pages, and the “Number of Days Taught” is displayed for each track.
    • If “Merged Tracks” is selected, all data are presented within a single set of pages for the school and/or district; “Number of Days Taught” is not displayed. Charter districts should use this option and set the “Include FSP Summary Page” parameter to “Yes” when generating the report for data entry in the TEA FSP Funding application.
  • Table I – Attendance Totals
    • Grade Levels and their subtotals now display horizontally across the page, followed by a Total column.
    • The calculations for attendance days and FTEs now display vertically down the page.
    • Data are presented using the numbering conventions and labels from the TEA Superintendent’s Report.
    • In addition to the elements below, sub-totals for IP, RS, and RA Days Eligible are also included when the Instructional Methods parameter is set to “Separate.”
      B. Days Membership
      C. Days Absent
      D. Days Present
      E. Days Ineligible
      F. Days Eligible
      G.1 BE (.10) Days Bil EL/EB: revised-BE funding code days only (weight .10)
      G.2 D1 (.15) Days Bil Dual Lang
      G.3 D2 (.15) (EL) Days Bil Dual Lang
      (G.2 + G.3) Total Days Bil Dual Lang
      G.4 D2 (.05) (EP) Days Bil Dual Lang
      H.1 Days K-3 Eco
      H.2 Days K-3 Bil
      (H.1 + H.2) Total Days K-3 Eco/Bil
      H.3 Days K-3 Eco + Bil: new-K-3 students who are both Eco Dis and Bil
      I. Days Res Fac
      J. Days PRS
      K. Days Sped Main
      L.1 BE Bil EL/EB Ref. ADA: revised-BE funding code days only (weight .10)
      L.2 D1 Bil Dual Lang Ref. ADA
      L.3 D2 (EL) Bil Dual Lang Ref. ADA
      (L.2 + L.3) Total Bil Dual Lang Ref. ADA
      L.4 D2 (EP) Bil Dual Lang Ref. ADA
      M. Res Fac Ref. ADA
      N. Sped Main Ref. ADA
      O.1 K-3 Eco Ref. ADA
      O.2 K-3 Bil Ref. ADA
      (O.1 + O.2) Total K-3 Eco/Bil Ref. ADA
      O.3 K-3 Eco + Bil Ref. ADA: new - ADA K-3 who are both Eco Dis and Bil
      PRS Ref. ADA
      P. PRS FTE
      Q.1 CTE FTE Tier 1: new calculation (see below)
      Q.2 CTE FTE Tier 2: new calculation (see below)
      Q.3 CTE FTE Tier 3: new calculation (see below)
      R. Sped FTE
      S. Reg Prog Ref. ADA: revised-K-3 Eco Dis/Bil removed
      T. Total Ref. ADA
      U. Percent Attendance
  • Table II - Career and Technology Code Summary
    • This page is revised to report CTE Attendance based on a combination of the Vocational Contact Hours value (V1, V2, V3) assigned to the CTE course in PowerSchool, the CTE Course Weighted Funding Tier assigned by TEA, and each student’s scheduled CTE classes.
    • As before, any CTE Hours exclusions entered at the Section level or the individual student level in the Career and Tech special program record is considered in the calculations.
    • These calculations reference the TEA “All CTE Courses Weighted Tiers Excel” lookup table to determine the Funding Tier and Weight for each CTE Service ID. Note that the current version of this table is for 2021-22, and TEA has not yet published updates for the 2022-23 school year. Any CTE Service IDs missing from the TEA lookup table are automatically assigned a Tier 1 Funding Weight.
      • CTE Funding Tier 1: Weight 1.1
      • CTE Funding Tier 2: Weight 1.28
      • CTE Funding Tier 3: Weight 1.47
    • Within each of the three Funding Tiers, Days Eligible V1, V2, and V3 are calculated and multiplied by the applicable funding tier weight (contact hour multiplier). The contact hours for each tier are then summed to arrive at the Total Contact Hours for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.
    • The Total Contact Hours for each tier are divided by (Days Taught × 6 hours) to arrive at the CTE FTE for each of the three tiers.
  • Table III - Instructional Setting Code Summary: There are no changes to this page or to the calculations.
  • FSP Six-Week Report Detail
    • Set the “Include FSP Summary Page” parameter to “Yes” to include this page.
    • The presentation of the data is now modified to conform to the current TEA FSP Six-Week Report Detail web page layout, element order, and naming conventions.
    • As before, the PowerSchool District Summary Equivalents are listed in the far right column.
  • Calculations Legend
    • Calculation details and formulae are now listed for each item appearing in Table I - Attendance Totals.
    • The same calculations are applied to the PowerSchool data for any element reported on the TEA PDM3-130-001 Superintendent’s Report of Attendance.
PSSR-309919Final Updates for Fall PEIMS Resubmission

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 22.12.1

The following updates for Fall PEIMS are now available.

  • EdOrg Interchange: Staff Responsibility Service IDs
    • The record selection criteria for the Courses complex is expanded to include Service IDs for non-scheduled assignments in Responsibility Records that have been manually entered or imported.
    • Users no longer need to assign courses to schools in order for these Service IDs to appear in the Courses complex.
    • These include Service IDs for regular, reportable campuses as well as Service IDs for admin assignments reported under the admin campus numbers ending in 700 or above.
  • Fall As of Status Date: To support troubleshooting, the Fall As of Status Date now appears in the UI on the student As of Status calculations page. The calculation is also updated to include a value for this field whenever the student has a Fall As-of-Status Code.
PSSR-310514PE Class Days Taught/Minutes Taught in Staff Responsibility Records

TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 22.12.2
The Staff Responsibility records build and refresh process is updated to ensure that the Days Taught and Minutes Taught Weeks 1-4 for PE classes are reported as expected when additional staff are assigned to the section on the snapshot date and override values for the PE class fields are entered at the section, course or school level.

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