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Student Restraint

Enter Student Restraint Data

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Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

Used in these Reports

Date of Restraint (E1034)The date of the restraint.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]E1034_RESTRAINT_DATE

TX Interchange Student Restraint

Restraint Instance Number (E1035)The consecutive instance number of the restraint for the student for the year.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]E1035_INSTANCE_NUMBERTX Interchange Student Restraint
Campus ID of Restraint (E1032)The campus where the student is enrolled at the time of the restraint.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]E1032_CAMPUS_IDTX Interchange Student Restraint
Restraint Reason (E1033)The reason the student was restrained.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]E1033_RESTRAINT_REASONTX Interchange Student Restraint
CRDC Restraint TypeIdentifies the type of restraint for CRDC reporting.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]CRDC_RESTRAINT_TYPETX Interchange Student Restraint
Restraint Staff Type (E1516)The type of staff involved in the restraint.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]E1516_RESTRAINT_STAFF_TYPETX Interchange Student Restraint
Exclude from PEIMSIdentifies if the restraint is reported to PEIMS or is entered just for CRDC reporting.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]EXCLUDE_FROM_PEIMSTX Interchange Student Restraint
Special Education IndicatorEnter the special education indicator.

Non Membership Discipline Restraint Indicator (E1725)dentifies if the student is not in membership at the time of the restraint incident.[S_TX_STU_RESTRAINT_C]EXCLUDE_FROM_PEIMSTX Interchange Student Restraint

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