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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-2463442020-21 Updates to Student Census Block Export

Student Census Block Export: Version 1.0.1
The following updates are now available to support the assignment of student Census Block codes for the Fall PEIMS Submission. The Student Census Block Export produces a CSV file that is compatible with the TEA Census Block Calculator, and also includes the fields required to subsequently import the records back into PowerSchool.

  • TEA advises the following: “It is recommended that LEAs use the Census Block Group Calculator to recalculate the census block group number for each student required for TEA reporting. The census block group number can change from year to year because of a correction to the census data. . .”
  • PEIMS Census Block Qualifying Criteria
    • Students enrolled on the Fall Snapshot Date who meet the following criteria must be reported with a Census Block code in the Student Interchange.
      • Economic Disadvantaged Code not = 00 or blank
      • Homeless Status Code = 0 or blank
      • ADA Eligibility Code not = 0, 4, 5, or 8
      • Attribution Code not = 21 or 23
    • The Census Block Export automatically includes students who meet these criteria.
    • Additional student selection criteria are applied depending on the option the user selects at runtime.
  • Runtime Options
    • Qualifying students with no current year record (default)
      • This option is the recommended option and supports TEA’s guidance that census block codes be recalculated this year for all students who require one.
      • When selected, the output file includes all students who meet the qualifying criteria and who are missing a Census Block record dated in the 2020-21 school year. The 2020-21 year records are identified by:
        • Effective Date = or > 08/01/2020 and = or < the Fall Snapshot Date of 10/30/2020.
        • Existing records from last year’s collection and any records dated after this year’s Fall Snapshot Date are not considered.
        • A new “Status” field, which appears as the last column in the CSV file displays “No Current Year Record.”
    • Qualifying students with missing records or address changes
      • This option can be used by districts that want to extract only those students with no current or prior year census block records, along with students who have had address changes since the most recent Census Block record.
      • Students with Missing Records
        • The student has no current or prior Census Block records (no records at all).
        • The “Status” column in the CSV file displays “Missing Record.”
      • Students with Address Changes
        • The student has at least one Census Block record from the prior year or the current year.
        • The values in the student address fields (Street, City, State, Zip) in the most recent Census Block record and table (S_TX_STU_CENSUS_BLOCK_C) differ from the student's current address in the Students table as shown on the Demographics page.
        • The “Status” column in the CSV file displays “Address Change”
        • Note: If prior Census Block records were imported into PowerSchool without the student’s address fields, these records will be included in the output file.
PSSR-244948Student Detail Report Enhancements

Student Detail: Version 1.0.13

The following Student Detail enhancements are now available.

  • New Runtime Options
    • Special Programs to Include
      • This new option allows the user to limit the report output to students who participated in selected Special Programs during the specified Reporting Period or Date Range.
      • To limit the selection, select one or more programs to exclude:
        • LEP/Bilingual/ESL
        • Career and Tech
        • Gifted
        • Pregnancy Services
        • Speech
        • Special Education
      • Leave this option blank to include all students and programs.
      • Notes
        • When "Speech" is selected, students with Speech Therapy only and an Instructional Setting of "00" are included.
        • When "Special Education" is selected, Special Education students with an Instructional Setting other than "00" are included.
    • Grade Levels to Include
      • This new option allows the user to limit the report output to students in specified grade levels.
      • To limit the report output, select one or more grade levels.
      • Leave this option blank to include all students and grade levels.
  • Display Percentage of Attendance on Summary Pages
    • On each grade level summary page, and on the overall summary page for each school, a new “% Attendance” element displays within the Regular Attendance section to allow users to see the percentage of attendance for the Reporting Period or Date Range.
    • % Attendance = Total Days Present divided by Total Days Membership
PSSR-244738TREx Updates for Remote Attendance

TREx Extract: Version 1.0.21
TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 1.0.15
The TREx Extract is updated to add two new data elements for Remote Attendance to the Attendance complex type.

  • TE136 RS-TOTAL-DAYS-PRESENT: Remote Synchronous Days Present
    • Reported as RSDaysAttended in the XML
    • Includes days where the student's ADA period attendance code is a present type code within the RSC Attendance Code Category.
  • TE137 RA-TOTAL-DAYS-PRESENT: Remote Asynchronous Days Present
    • Reported as RSDaysAttended in the XML
    • Includes days where the student's ADA period attendance code is a present type code within the RAC Attendance Code Category.
  • The Days Attended element continues to include all present type codes not designated as remote.
  • The Days Absent element continues to include all absent type codes.
  • Sample xml output
PSSR-242067Update Substitution Assessment and Waiver Logic for AAR, TREx, EOC Status UI, and Graduation Profile Reports

AAR: Version 1.0.23
AAR by Number, Grade, Last Initials, or Student Selection: Version 1.0.19
TREx Extract: Version 1.0.21
TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 1.0.15
Texas Graduation Profile Report: 1.0.5
Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: 1.0.4

  • Updates to the EOC Substitution Assessments and Waivers logic are now available for each of the reports listed and for the EOC Status Page in State/Province – TX > Graduation Information.
    • The substitutions and waivers themselves have not changed, however, the hierarchy that governs the order in which they are processed is modified.
    • The change in processing hierarchy ensures the most accurate result for students who may qualify for both a substitution and a waiver for the same EOC subject.
  • Global Rules
    • If a student has a passing result for an EOC Assessment based on the Performance Level score in the % Score field in PowerSchool test score records, the passing result is always displayed; waivers and substitutions are not considered for that subject.
    • To qualify for a substitution assessment, the student must have attempted and failed the corresponding EOC Assessment based on the Performance Level score for that subject.
    • To qualify for a waiver, the logic does not consider failed EOC Assessments based on test score records. Per TEA guidelines, the ELL E1 Exempt and IGC waivers require that the student attempt the EOC assessment. It is up to the district to ensure requirements are met before assigning a waiver to a student
  • Processing Hierarchy: The first waiver or substitution assessment for which the student qualifies based on the order listed below is displayed in the reports and on the EOC Status page.
    • Waivers based on Explanation Code 3 in Stored Grades.
      • Explanation Code 3: Credit is awarded based on the district evaluation of the student records.
      • This applies to courses passed outside the Texas Public or Charter School System (out-of-state, private school, etc.).
      • The student must have received credit for the “completion” part of the course (course sequence 2), which is typically stored as the S2 grade.
    • ARD Waivers based on EOC STAAR Alternate and STAAR Alternate 2 test score records with qualifying alpha score values of G, M, N, A, or O or legacy exemptions where Num Score = 1 and Alpha Score = E.
    • ARD Waivers entered on the EOC Status page.
    • COVID Waiver entered on the EOC Status page.
    • Substitution assessments calculated based on test score records and qualifying scores as designated by TEA.
      • The available substitutions and minimum scores vary by EOC subject and test year.
      • Assessments examined: ACT, ASPIRE, AP, IB, PLAN, PSAT, SAT, SAT Math Level 1 or Level 2, SAT Biology E or M, SAT History, and TSIA.
    • Performance Acknowledgements for designated AP and IB Exams entered on the Performance Acknowledgement tab in Graduation Information.
      • Biology: AP 2, IB 37, IB 38
      • English I or English II: AP 9, IB 58, IB 59
      • US History: AP 7, IB 88, IB 89
    • Substitution assessments entered on the EOC Status page.
    • Remaining waiver types: IGC, Other, and the ELL E1 Exempt waivers entered on the EOC Status page.
  • Additional TREx Assessments Update
    • ACT English/Writing Scores (Score Type of "ACT_ENWR"), which apply to ACT tests taken in June 2015 and earlier, are now reported in the TREx assessments complex if populated in PowerSchool test scores.
    • When the ACT test date is 06/30/2015 and earlier, a subtest score record named "ACT - English/Writing" is included.
PSSR-245574Updates to At-Risk Report and Auto-Code for Fall PEIMS Submission

At-Risk Report and Auto-Code: Version 1.0.9
Updates to the At-Risk Report and Auto-Code routine are now available for the PEIMS Fall Submission.

  • When reporting At-Risk records for Failed Assessments and Failed 7-12 Courses, the report output is enhanced to provide more detail to the user.
    • When a student is initially identified as At-Risk due to Failed Assessments or Courses, the report continues to display the specific assessments or failing courses/grades that resulted in the At-Risk Status. To provide similar details when a student remains At-Risk or is no longer At-Risk for these reasons, new functionality will now capture these details in the database. In subsequent years, the report will use these details to include:
      • The specific Assessments that cause the Student to Remain At-Risk or to be No Longer At-Risk for this reason.
      • The specific Courses/Grades that cause the Student to Remain At-Risk or to be No Longer At-Risk for this reason.
  • Store Code Parameters for failing classes are no longer required if the user has not selected the “Failed 7-12 Course” for processing.
  • The handling of At-Risk Indicators with NULL values is updated to always display the At-Risk Reason as expected on the report. This is a cosmetic change to the report output only; there is no change to the At-Risk auto-code itself.
  • The "At-Risk Elements to Include in Auto-Code" parameter is re-labeled to "At-Risk Elements to Include."
  • If a specific At-Risk reason is not selected for processing at runtime, the report now displays "Remaining At-Risk, At-Risk Reason not selected for processing" if the At-Risk indicator for the element is coded as 1 in the student’s current At-Risk record.
PSSR-246674Update Alt_Report_Code for Internet In Residence, Code=1

The Alt_Report_Code in PS_COMMON_CODE for Internet In Residence, Code = 1 is updated to Yes from 'Yes' - Internet Access In Residence.'

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