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Texas Ed-Fi Attendance Reporting

To support Texas Ed-Fi attendance reporting of the summary six-week attendance period records for students, a set of new tables has been added to the database. These tables contain the same elements as reported in the legacy Summer PEIMS Student Attendance Interchange. In subsequent releases, calculation routines and new UI pages will be added to process, store, and display the source six week attendance records that will reported by Ed-Fi through the PowerSchool SIS DEX Cloud.

TEA Six Week Attendance Ed-Fi Domains and their corresponding PowerSchool tables:

  • Regular Attendance

    • BASIC - basicReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_BASIC_C

    • SPR - specialProgramsReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_SPR_C

    • SPED - specialEducationProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_SPED_C

    • CTE - cteProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_CTE_C

    • BILESL - bilingualESLProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_BILESL_C

  • Flexible Attendance

    • FLEX REG - flexibleRegularProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_C

    • FLEX SPED - flexibleSpecialEducationProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_SPED_C

    • FLEX CTE - flexibleCTEProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_CTE_C

    • FLEX BILESL - bilingualESLProgramReportingPeriodAttendance: S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_BILESL_C

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