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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: New - Discipline Letter Templates Functionality

Additional References: PSSR-328394, PSSR-328392, PSSR-325971

Discipline Incident Letters: Version 1.0

New Discipline Letter functionality is now available that allows end users to create and configure discipline letters, from Incident Management, that can be sent home to parents and guardians if their student was involved in a discipline-related incident.

These discipline letters are created at the district level and can be pushed out to, and made available at, a school or schools within the district.

Classic UI: Start Page, District Setup, Incident Management, Discipline Incident Letters

Enhanced UI: Start Page, District Management, Behavior, Discipline Incident Letters

The discipline letters are generated by a new Discipline Incident Letters report that is located on the System Reports tab

Note: Discipline Incident Letters only work with Incident Management.


ADSY Update in PEIMS Special Programs Verification Report

PEIMS Special Programs Verification Report: Version 23.9.1

When the ADSY option is selected, updated logic no longer requires that ADSY days be coded with a Bell Schedule on the School Calendar page in order to be included in the list of student ADSY days.


Ed Fi Enrollments Process and Page Updates

Additional References: PSSR-327759, PSSR-326067

A new automated process to populate and update records in the Ed-Fi Enrollments table and page is now available to support the TEA Ed-Fi parallel year project. The Ed-Fi Enrollments page is available under these links:

  • Classic Navigation: Student, State/Province - TX, Ed-Fi Reporting, Ed-Fi Enrollments

  • Enhanced Navigation: Student Compliance Ed-Fi Reporting, Ed-Fi Enrollments

Ed-Fi Enrollment records combine data from Student Enrollments, Re-Enrollments, and the PEIMS General Record table. These records mirror the records reported in the Texas Ed-Fi Student School Association entity.

  • The automated process is triggered based on new records or changes to existing records impacting the student’s School of Enrollment, Entry Date, Entry Code, Exit Date, Exit Code, Grade Level, Track, ADA Eligibility Code, and Student Attribution Code.

  • When changes to the source records or fields are detected, the Ed-Fi Enrollments page displays this message to alert the user when record creation or update is in progress: “Please wait while records are being updated. Refresh the page to view the updates.”

  • These calculated records are displayed as read-only for informational purposes to provide a view of the records reported via PowerSchool DEX to the district’s TEA-hosted ODS Ed-Fi server.

  • For each record, the Comments field displays “Created by” or “Updated by” the Ed-Enrollment Automation along with the date and time stamp.

  • To provide a unified view of the data, the student’s School Enrollments and PEIMS General Records are also displayed on view-only panels below the Ed-Fi Enrollments


Legacy Contacts Option No Longer Supported for SPPI-14 Collection

TX Interchange Student-Parent: Version 23.9.1

SPPI-14 Student and Contact Verification Report: Version 23.9.1

The “Source for Contacts” parameter has been removed from the Student Parent Interchange for the SPPI-14 collection and from the SPPI-14 verification report. Legacy contacts are no longer supported and SPPI-14 Parents/Guardians are now sourced exclusively from Student Contacts.


New Data Entry Validations on Student Truancy Tracking Page

New Student Truancy Validations are now available:

  • If Truancy Prevention Measure Indicator is Yes, Truancy Prevention Measure Date is required

  • If Truancy Prevention Measure Date is not blank, Truancy Prevention Measure Indicator must be Yes.

  • If Truancy Complaint Filed Indicator is Yes, Truancy Complaint Filed Date is required

  • If Truancy Complaint Filed Date is not blank, Truancy Complaint Filed Indicator must be Yes.


New PEIMS Error Check for Students with No Scheduled Classes

Student PEIMS Error Check Report: Version 23.9.1

A new PEIMS Error Check in now available under the Enrollment category to identify students with No Scheduled Classes for one or more days of enrollment during the current year.

  • This check displays directly after the checks for Missing/Invalid Tracks.

  • In the identifying student information, a number of days hyperlink displays the dates with a missing class schedule.

  • The pencil icon takes the user to the All Enrollments page (legacy navigation) or to the Course Registrations page (enhanced navigation)

  • Example: No Scheduled Classes - Alley, Penelope Leslie (300225, Grade 12) - 10 days between 08-21-22 and 09-01-22. The Unscheduled Class date range is 05-02-22 to 06-03-22A.


New Previous Home Setting Language Field

A new “Previous Home Setting Language Code” (S_TX_STU_X.Previous_Language) is now available for the Home Language Survey fields on the student Demographics page to capture the communication language used in a previous home setting per TEA’s latest requirements. This third question must be included on Home Language Surveys beginning 08/09/2023.

  • The new field appears just below the existing Home Language Code and Student Language Code elements.

  • The same language code table is available in the dropdown list with an additional value of N/A. TEA requires that a value of N/A Not Applicable be collected if a Previous Home Setting does not apply to the student.

  • Data entry validation enforces this requirement when the Home Language Survey date is 08/09/2023 or later.

  • On-screen text is displayed below the field: “Previous Home Setting Language Code is the languge used in a previous home setting. If there was no previous home setting, select (N/A) Not Applicable.”


Student Transcript Interchange and Extended Year Selection Criteria Updates

TX Interchange Student Transcript: Version 23.9.1

TX Interchange Student: Version 23.9.1

TX Interchange Student Program: Version 23.9.1

TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 23.9.1

The Transcript Interchange is updated with logic to source the Pass/Fail Indicator Code from the calculated value in the stored grades record ((S_TX_SGR_X.E0949_PF_Calc). If no calculated value exists in stored grades, the calculation is executed on-the-fly.

The PEIMS Extended Year stored grades selection criteria is updated to first check for the Dual Credit Indicator in the stored grades record. If blank, the logic then examines the Dual Credit flag in courses. Records are no longer bypassed due to a missing Dual Credit indicator in stored grades as long as the stored grades record references a district course number where Dual Credit is set to Yes.


TREx v 5.4 Data Collection and Extract Updates

Additional Reference: PSSR-328153

TREx Extract: Version 23.9.1

TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 23.9.1

Updates to support the latest 5.4 version of the TREx Data Standards for the 2023-24 school year are now available.

  • Version: TREx version number in the xml header row is updated to v1.34

  • Student Names

    • First Name: Increased Length from 30 to 60

    • Last Name: Increased Length from 40 to 60

    • Note: Middle Name length remains 30

    • The on-screen text on the Demographics and Enroll New Student pages is updated to reflect this change: “TEA max length is 60 for each of the name fields; TREx max length is 30 for Middle Name. Values that exceed the max length will be shortened in state reports as needed.”

  • Student Name Suffix: The output of the student name Suffix (generation code) is updated to report the TREx codes (1-9 or A-C) instead of the descriptions (such as Jr or Sr).

  • New Performance Acknowledgement Codes: These new codes are now available in Post-Secondary Readiness > Performance Acknowledgements and are included in the TREx Extract.

    • Performance Acknowledgment AP Exams: (131) Acknowledgment for AP: Precalculus

    • Performance Acknowledgment College Readiness Assessments

      • The following new codes are available in records dated 08/01/2022 or later:

        • 8 - Acknowledgment for PSAT/NMSQT: Commended scholar or higher or awardee of the National Recognition Programs

        • 9- Acknowledgment for ACT Aspire: Composite score of 442

        • 10 - Acknowledgment for ACT Pre-ACT: Composite score of 29

        • 11 - Acknowledgment for SAT: Total score of at least 1350

        • 12- Acknowledgment for ACT: Composite score of 29 on the ACT PreACT (excluding writing)

      • Prior codes 2, 3, 6, and 7 are not available in the dropdown list for records dated 08/01/2023 or later.

  • Calculated Pass/Fail Indicator Code: When reporting transcript records in the Academic Session complex, the Pass/Fail Indicator Code is now sourced from the new calculated field in stored grades (S_TX_SGR_X.E0949_PF_Calc). If no calculated value exists in stored grades, the calculation is executed on-the-fly.

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