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SPPI-14 Student and Contact Verification Report

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This report will verify the information reported in the StudentParent Interchange for the SPPI-14 collection including the reported contacts, student and parent addresses, phone numbers, and emails

Selection Criteria

The SPPI-14 version of the StudentParent Interchange where records are limited to students in grades 9-12 who were reported as specific types of prior-year Leavers in the Fall PEIMS Submission, and who were Special Education participants as of the student's final day of enrollment in the prior year.

    • Leaver Reason Codes: 01 - Graduated, 24 - College, Pursue Associate or Bachelor Degree, 88 - Court-ordered to a GED program, has not earned a GED, 90 - Graduated from another state under provisions of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, and 98 - Other.

    • Students are identified as Special Ed participants based on Instructional Setting Code not blank in the student's Special Ed Special Program record in effect on the student's final day of enrollment in the prior school year.

Report Input

Each of the available run options and data fields for the report are described below. For help with report navigation and generation, see Generate Reports.

Note: To include all modifications within the specified start and end date, leave the Modified options blank.


Select the students you want to include in this report

Select the school year
Enter the school start date.
Enter the October snapshot date

Report Output

Data Element



School #The name of the school.[Schools]Name
Student LastStudent's last name[Students]Last_Name
Student First

Student's first name

Student MI

Student NumberThe student's locally assigned ID number.[Students]Student_Number
Unique IDThe student's state-assigned ID number.[Students]State_StudentNumber
GradeStudent's grade[Students]Grade_Level
StreetStudent's street name[Students]Street
CityStudent's city[Students]City
StateStudent's state


ZipStudent's zip code[Students]Mailing_Zip
Tel #Student's phone number[Students]Home_Phone
Student EmailStudent's email address


Parent IDIndicates the unique parent ID.[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]ID  
Contact Last NameContact's last name.[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Last_Name


Contact's first name.


Contact Addr TypeContact's Address type[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Home_Address_1
Contact StreetContact's street name[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Home_Address_2
Contact CityContact's city[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Home_City
Contact StateContact's state[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Home_State
Contact ZipContact's zip code[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Home_Zip_Code
Contact Tel #Contact's telephone number [S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Mobile_Phone
Contact EmailContact's email address[S_TX_CONTACTS_S]Personal_Email
RelationContact's relationship with the student. [S_TX_CONTACT_RELATIONSHIP_S]Relationship_Code

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