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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-2395142020-21 Class Roster Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 1.0.37
TX Interchange Master Schedule: Version 1.0.28
TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 1.0.39
TX Interchange Student Parent: Version 1.0.18
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 1.0.50
2020-21 Updates to the Class Roster Interchanges are now available with the changes described below. The interchanges support both the Fall Class Roster Collection for students in grades 1-12 as well as the Winter Class Roster Collection for students in grades EE-12. The 2020-21 snapshot dates for each collection automatically populate once the TSDS – Class Roster – Fall or TSDS – Class Roster – Winter collection code is selected at runtime.

  • EdOrg Interchange
    • Various obsolete elements are removed from the XML output.
    • An additional default class period of “99” is now output for each school to support the reporting of remote classes taken in a building that is not the student’s home school. An additional default class period of “00” is already reported for each school to support manual entry stored grades records.
  • Master Schedule Interchange
    • Various obsolete elements are removed from the XML output.
    • Service ID is added as a new element in the Course Offering complex.
    • When outputting remote class records under the School Number of the student's home school, report the Class Period with a default of "99", regardless of the actual period where taught at the remote school. This update is provided in order to prevent TSDS loader errors when a remote class is taught in a period that does not exist at the student’s home school.
  • Staff Interchange
    • In the Teacher Section Association complex, additional staff assigned to the section are now reported. Previously, only the Lead Teacher was reported. Classroom Position is output as follows:
      • Lead Teacher is reported as “Teacher of Record.”
      • Co-Teacher is reported as “Assistant Teacher.”
      • Class Observer is reported as “Support Teacher.”
      • Lead Teacher with Role ID (E0721) override of 047 in the section record is reported as “Substitute Teacher.”
      • Teacher’s Aide is reported as “PK Classroom Aide” (only for the Winter collection, which includes PK courses)
  • Student Parent Interchange
    • Student selection criteria is updated to account for the elimination of the student State Grade Level Override field. The student selection criteria and output of student grade level is now based solely on the core grade-level field.
      • Grades 1-12: 01-12
      • Grade 0: KG
      • Grade -1: PK (PK4)
      • Grade -2: PK (PK3)
      • Grade -3 and below: EE
  • Student Enrollment Interchange
    • The obsolete Entry Date element is removed from the output.
    • The student selection criteria and grade level output are updated as described above.
PSSR-2399282020-21 Updates to CTE Programs of Study

The CTE Programs of Study Data Collection in District Setup > District Info is now updated for the 2020-21 school year. Valid codes from TEA Code Table C220 are now displayed in two panels: State and Region.

  • Retired Codes: these are hidden in records dated in the 20-21 year and beyond, but display in older records
    (053) Barbering
    (055) Fashion Design
  • New Codes
    (061) Drone (Unmanned Flight)
    (062) Geospatial Engineering and Land Surveying
    (063) Industrial Maintenance
    (064) Printing and Imaging
    (065) Retail Management
  • Codes with Description Updates
    (036) Law Enforcement
    (043) Nursing Science
    (056) Aviation (Flight)
    (059) Medical Therapy
PSSR-239467New Data Collection for Dyslexia Screenings and Dyslexia Risk Codes

Additional Reference: PSSR-237996

The data collection for Grade KG and Grade 01 Dyslexia Screenings and Risk Codes is removed from the Dyslexia Special Program record and moved to a new “Dyslexia Screenings and Risk Codes” page located in the State/Province - TX menu group. This change is made for general usability and ease of record imports. Existing records from the 2019-20 school year are automatically converted from the Dyslexia Special Program record into the new fields once the state reporting installer is applied.

  • Four new fields are added to the S_TX_STU_X Texas Student Extension table and to the new page:
    • Grade KG Dyslexia Screen Date: Dyslexia_Screen_Date_KG
    • Grade KG Dyslexia Risk Code (E1644): E1644_Dyslexia_Risk_Code_KG
    • Grade 01 Dyslexia Screen Date: Dyslexia_Screen_Date_01
    • Grade 01 Dyslexia Risk Code (E1644): E1644_Dyslexia_Risk_Code_01
  • The Dyslexia Risk Code dropdown lists support the same options as in the prior data collection:
    Select Code (NULL)
    (01) Screened: not at risk
    (02) Screened: at risk
    (03) Not screened
  • Validations
    • Dates must be valid dates
    • If the Grade KG Screening Date is not null, Grade KG Risk Code is required.
    • If the Grade 01 Screening Date is not null, Grade 01 Risk Code is required.
  • Within the Dyslexia Special Program record, values from the four fields on the “Dyslexia Screenings and Risk Codes” page are displayed as read-only for informational purposes.
PSSR-239079New Incident Management Validations for Record Structure

New data entry validations are added to the Quick Incident and Incident Detail pages to enforce the required record structure and base fields for state reporting. The validations apply only when the Incident Type = Discipline^, and only when the Action Code is state-reportable. Users are required to correct the invalid entries prior to submitting the page.

  • Behavior Code must be attached to the Offender
  • Action Code must be attached to the Behavior Code
  • Action Begin Date is missing
  • Assigned Duration and Actual Duration are required
  • Assigned Duration and Actual Duration must be whole numbers (e.g. values of 0.5 cannot be entered for a Partial Day In-School or Out-of-School Suspension)
PSSR-240760State and Data Verification Report Updates

Enrollment Withdrawal Audit Report: Version 1.0.1
Enrollment Withdrawal Verification Report: Version 1.0.2
Withdrawal Form: Version 1.0.2

The State and Data Verification Reports are updated and student State Grade Level Override field is no longer used. The student grade level now extracts based on the core Grade Level field.

  • Grades 1-12 extract as 01-12
  • Grade 0 extracts as KG
  • Grade -1 extracts as PK (PK4)
  • Grade -2 extracts as PK (PK3)
  • Grade -3 and below extract as EE

In addition, the Withdrawal Form is updated to rename the State Student Number heading to Student Unique ID.

PSSR-239350State Grade Level Override Removed from Student Unique ID Request and ET Enrollment Event Extracts

Student Unique ID Request: Version 1.0.6
Unique ID Enrollment Event Tracking: Version 1.0.8
The Student Unique ID Request Report and Unique ID Enrollment Event Tracking report are updated to remove the State Grade Level override logic from the output. Student Grade Level is now sourced solely from the core PowerSchool grade level field with the following output:

  • Grades 1-12: output as 01-12
  • Grade 0: output as KG
  • Grade -1: output as PK
  • Grade -2: output as PK
  • Grade -3 and below: output as EE
PSSR-239228TX - TREx v 4.9: Course Sequence Codes & Retained in Grade Logic

TREx Extract: Version 1.0.19
TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 1.0.13
The TREx Extracts are updated with the following changes:

  • Section Level - Course Sequence overrides for 6, 7, 8, 9 are now output as expected.
  • Section Level - Course Sequence overrides for X (Accelerated scenario) now output the Course Sequence Codes as 1 and 2 along with the expected two records.
  • Retained In Grade element is output only when the student has the same Grade in the current year and the prior year. The scenario of extracting the report before the start of the next school year and after the end of the previous school year is now handled as expected.
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