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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-288044Attendance Interchange Updates for Excluded CTE Hours and Remote CTE Classes

TX Interchange Student Attendance: Version 22.4.1

  • CTE Hours: The interchange is updated with logic to support multiple date ranges of exclusion based on the "Exclude CTE Hours" records in Sections. These exclusions are in addition to the student-level exclusions captured in the Career and Tech Special Program record.
  • Remote CTE Classes: CTE classes scheduled remotely at a non-reportable campus are now output in the CTEMultiplier complex and included in the CTE attendance calculations for Eligible Days Present V1-V3.
PSSR-287913PEIMS ADA Error Check Improvements

Student PEIMS Error Check Report: Version 21.4.1
State Reports > PEIMS Error Checks > Student ADA
The Student ADA tab on the PEIMS Error Checks page is now updated.

  • For schools with multiple ADA Periods defined in the bell schedules, the logic for Missing ADA Period Classes is restored to consider only those days where a student is missing a class in all the ADA periods instead of just one.
  • The ADA Period Expression now displays instead of the Period Number and Cycle Day Letter for both the Missing ADA Period Calss and Multiple ADA Period Classes error checks in the UI and in the PEIMS Error Check Report.
  • When the hyperlink for the number of days is selected, the details now display as expected and the dates are always sorted chronologically.
PSSR-285138TREx Version 5.1 Updates

TREx Extract: Version 22.4.1
TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 22.4.1
Updates are now available to support TREx version 5.1 including Crisis Codes, Course Sequence Code and Pass/Fail Indicator logic, and the Dual Language Immersion program.

  • The TREx version in the header row of the xml file is updated to TREx:v1.29.
  • Crisis Codes
    • The Crisis Code output in the Student Demographics complex is updated to include records for 2021-22 Crisis Code values of 10A and 10B if the student qualifies for one or both of these codes based on ADA Eligibility Code 9 on the specified dates:
      • S_TX_STU_X.Covid19_Code10A: January 14, 2022
      • S_TX_STU_X.Covid19_Code10B: May 13, 2022
    • Note that these codes are automatically calculated based on ADA Eligibility Code 9 on the target Crisis Code dates; manual overrides for non-qualifying students are ignored.
    • Crisis Codes from previous years are no longer reported.
  • Course Sequence Code and Pass/Fail Indicator Logic: the same enhancements as implemented for the Summer PEIMS collection are also implemented for TREx.
    • Enhanced support for trailer courses and self-paced courses taught in any term including the year term, regardless of the TermID for the course.
      • For classes taught as single semester (Course Sequence 0), First Half (Course Sequence 1), and Second Half (Course Sequence 2), all store codes mapped as final grades in any semester term are now considered.
      • For trimester-length classes (Course Sequences 3-5), all store codes mapped as final grades in any trimester term are now considered.
      • For quarter-length classes (Course Sequences 6-9), all store codes mapped as final grades in any quarter term are now considered.
    • Course Sequence Overrides: Scheduled Classes (with Associated Section)
      • Overrides at the Section and Stored Grades level are supported for the above scenarios, where a specific Course Sequence Code is assigned for single term, semester, trimester, or quarter-length classes.
      • Overrides are not supported for scheduled classes assigned one of the calculated Year Long course sequence codes in Courses or the Course Default Setup option where report logic determines the course sequence output.
    • Course Sequence Overrides for Manual Entry Stored Grades (No Associated Section)
      • Course Sequence Code Overrides are no longer required for any “standard” scenario as long as the stored grades record has a reference to a valid course number with a valid Course Sequence Code and the appropriate and expected Texas Store Code Mapping is configured.
      • If the Course Sequence Override in Historical Grades is populated, the override will be reported, regardless of the Course Sequence Code assigned in Courses.
  • Dual Language Completion School Year: For students enrolled in a Dual Language Immersion program, the Completion School Year element is now suppressed as expected when the value is blank in PowerSchool.
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