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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Province: Hepatitis B Vaccine Administered After 6 Months of Age Flagged as Non-Compliant

When the third dose of Hepatitis B is given after six months it should be marked as Compliant.


All States: CRDC 2021-2022 Report Updates

Additional References: PSSR-337260, PSSR-339852, PSSR-339354, PSSR-337801

CRDC 2021-22 Report: Version 1.2
System CRDC 2021-22 Report: Version 1.2

The CRDC 2021-2022 report is updated as follows:

  • The ATHL-2 section is fixed and extracts the total value correctly.

  • The COUR-11 section is fixed and displays the total IDEA count.

  • The CRCO-2 section is fixed and displays an email address without any extra space if an email address is more than 19 characters long.

  • The CRDC School CSV files are updated to extract blank/null if Non-Binary is set to No.

  • The DISC-1 to DISC-10 sections are updated per the CRDC specification.

    • DISC-2, DISC-3, and DISC-4 apply to students in PreK grade levels only.

    • DISC-11, DISC-12, and DISC-13 apply to students in K-12 grade levels.

Note: The above fixes apply to the CRDC reports on the System and State reports tabs since all changes affect the common report template.


CRDC Report Updates for ATHL-1, ATHL-2 and ATHL-3 Elements

CRDC Report (2021-2022): Version 1.2.2

The CRDC Report is updated with logic to correctly report data for elements ATHL-1, ATHL-2 and ATHL-3.


Career and Tech Verification Report is duplicating courses when the Exclude Vocational Contact Hours param is 1

Career and Tech Verification Report: Version 24.2.1
The Career and Tech Verification Report is updated to prevent duplicate course records when the “Exclude Vocational Contact Hours” is 1 in the CTE special program record, when no other exclusions exist for the class that student is part of.


 CTE Funding Tier and Funding Weight updated for C022 Service ID Table

The 2023-24 C022 Service ID table is now updated to add the CTE Course Funding Tiers and Weights for career and technical education classes. Reports that rely on this information to determine CTE funding tiers now report this information as expected including the Career and Tech Verification Report, the Student Detail Report and the Campus Summary Report.


New Course Sequence Code Calculation for Manual Entry Stored Grades

To support TEA Ed-Fi reporting, a new nightly process now calculates and populates the Course Sequence codes for manual entry stored grades records, similar to the functionality already implemented on the Sections page for scheduled classes.

New Calculated Course Sequence

  • A new field in the Texas extension of stored grades holds the calcuated code: S_TX_SGR_X.E0948_Course_Seq_Calc

  • The new Course Sequence Code (E0948 - Calculated) element appears in read-only format directly above the existing Course Sequence field, which is now re-labeled to Course Sequence Override (E0948) in the historical grades record.

Calculation and Nightly Process

The Course Sequence Code calculation and nightly process runs for records dated in the 2022-23 school year and beyond for manual entry stored grades with the following properties:

  • Section ID = 0

  • Student Begin Date is not NULL

  • Explanation Code does not include 3

  • Store Code is mapped to a Final Grade type of S1, S2 or AV in Texas Store Code Mapping for the year to which the record belongs.

In addition, the Ed-Fi Section Identifier Calculated field now saves and displays as expected when a manual entry stored grades record is edited at the District Office. Reminder: Manual Entry stored grades records must first be created at the school level in order to have the correct School ID. Do not create these records while logged into the District Office.


New Fields added to Graduation Profile Reports

Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: Version 24.1.2
Texas Graduation Profile Report: Version 24.1.2

Updated the Texas Graduation Profile Report (CSV output) and Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report (PDF output) with the changes detailed below.

Texas First Early HS Completion Program

  • In the PDF, changed the section header label from “Endorsements Status” to “Status and Endorsements”

  • In the PDF, insert a blank line after the existing field for Multi-Disciplinary Studies and add the new Texas First Early HS Completion Program element below the blank line.

  • In the CSV, insert a new column in between “Multi-Dis” and “State Credits” to display the new element in column T.

  • If the value is not blank in PS, display the short code in parentheses followed by the description such as (01) Student Graduated Two or More Semesters Early.

  • If the value is blank in PS, display blank.

Associate Degree

  • Retain the current placement of the element in the PDF with Associate Degree Indicator Code (1596) (S_TX_STU_X.E1596_Associate_Degree_Ind) with the following code values:

  • 2          Associate of Arts (AA)

    • 3          Associate of Applied Arts (AAA)

    • 4          Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

    • 5          Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)

    • 6          Associate of Science (AS)

  • Updated the output of the Assoc Degree (currently in column AH, but moving to column AI) in the CSV

  • Changed the source field to S_TX_STU_X.E1596_Associate_Degree_Ind

  • If the value is not blank in PS, output the short code in parentheses followed by the description such as (3) Associate of Applied Arts (AAA)

  • If the value is blank in PS, output blank


Reporting Period Attendance: New Pages

  • Added a new “Reporting Period Attendance” page link to State/Province-TX (or Compliance) > Ed Fi Reporting

    • The 9 different attendance tables are displayed on 9 tabs, with Basic tab as the default landing tab.

    • On screen text added at the top of the page : “Reporting Period Attendance records are automatically calculated by an automated process based on student enrollments, ADA period class attendance, special program records, ADA Eligibility Code and Flexible Attendance Program.”

  • The tabs are displayed in the below order. All the data that displays is read-only.

    • Basic

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_BASIC_C

    • Special Programs

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_SPR_C

    • Special Ed

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_SPED_C

    • CTE

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_CTE_C

    • Bil/ESL

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_BILESL_C

    • Flex

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_C

    • Flex Special Ed

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_SPED_C

    • Flex CTE

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_CTE_C

    • Flex Bil/ESL

      • Records from S_TX_STU_ATT_FLEX_BILESL_C

  • Records are ordered by the below.

    • Reporting Period

    • School

    • Calendar Code (Track)

    • Grade Level


Summer PEIMS updates for Student & Student Enrollment Interchanges for 23-24

TX Interchange Student : Version 24.2.1
TX Interchange Student Enrollment : Version 24.2.1

  • The Summer PEIMS Student Interchange updated to add new elements for the 2023-24 TEA changes.
    New element will be fetched from : S_TX_STU_X: E1596_Associate_Degree_Ind - Coded field reported as 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6

  • Non-enrolled homeschooled students who do not attend school in the district, but can participate in activities. These students are excluded from state reporting - now the Interchange student selection will include non-enrolled UIL students with UIL participation records in the current year.

  • If students participated in multiple UIL activities during the year multiple records will be reported with the numeric code of the activity.

  • If a student NonEnrolled UIL Participant records at more than one school during the same year. Output the UIL activities in the school record(s) that most recently entered (select school by record internal ID).

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