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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-288231All States/Provinces: APEX Report Updates

Updates have been made to the following APEX reports and the new, updated version numbers are listed below:

  • Asset Inventory: Version 2.0
  • Asset Management: Version 2.0
  • Contact Relationship Details: Version 2.0
  • Courses List: Version 2.0
  • Current Grades: Version 2.0
  • Historical Grades: Version 2.0
    • Note: This report is designed to replace the Student Grades report. Historical Grades 2.0 has a new report ID and will not automatically replace the old Student Grades report. Users can publish this new report when ready and consider unpublishing the old Student Grades report. The report was also renamed to sufficiently differentiate it from the Current Grades report.
  • Standard Grades: Version 2.0
  • Student Demographics Plus: Version 2.0
PSSR-280849All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report Updates

Additional Reference: PSSR-289267, PSSR-284634, PSSR-281373, PSSR-296964

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.5

The following updates to the Attendance Profile Report have been made:

  • The minutes absent are calculated based on the daily attendance clock in/out time.
  • The report is sorted as follows
    • Last Name: List students in alphabetical order
    • Grade Level: List students by grade level (descending order) and then in alphabetical order
    • Homeroom: List students alphabetically by homeroom, homerooms are listed in alphabetical order or in descending order if homeroom values are numeric
  • Invalid data for clock in/out time is fixed
  • The Guardian Name will now consistently be extracted
  • When daily attendance is used, will only report the daily attendance data.
PSSR-230272All States/Provinces: Calendar Membership Type Code Descriptor Mapping Page Update

The Ed-Fi descriptor mapping page has been updated and will filter out any Calendar Membership Type records where the code is blank.

Note: An LDV rule will be implemented, that will prevent the creation of Calendar Membership Type records if the Code is blank, in a future Core release.

PSSR-280358All States/Provinces: Career Tech Credentials Report Renamed

Academic and Career Plan Credentials Report: Version 1.1

The Career Tech Credentials Report has been renamed to Academic and Career Plan Credentials Report to match Academic and Career Plan Credentials functionality in PowerSchool SIS.

PSSR-297623All States/Provinces: Health Office Visit Detail Report Update

Health Office Visit Details Report: Version 1.2

The Office Visit Detail can fail if the VisitReason, Treatment, Procedure, VisitOutcome, and Assessment values exceed 4000 characters.

To prevent the report from failing, it will now truncate values in the columns noted above so the combined length does not exceed 4000 characters.

PSSR-286262All States/Provinces: Minimum PowerSchool Version for State Reporting -

The minimum supported version on PowerSchool SIS State/Provincial Reporting installer is updated and can now be installed on PowerSchool SIS or later. For details refer to PowerSchool SIS – Supported PowerSchool Versions.

PSSR-300179PEIMS Extended Year: Course Completion Records Now Include CTE Courses

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 22.8.2
TX Interchange Master Schedule: Version 22.8.2
TX Interchange Student: Version 22.8.2
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 22.8.2
TX Interchange Student Transcript: Version 22.8.2
The record selection criteria for the PEIMS Extended Year collection is now updated to include students and course records for CTE classes completed over the summer. These updates apply to districts participating in the 2021-22 TEA Summer Career and Technical Education Grant program. Summary of course transcript record selection criteria for manual entry stored grades records:

  • The Historical Grades record must be associated with the prior academic year.
  • The Historical Grades record must not be marked as “Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS.”
  • The Historical Grades record must have a Special Explanation Code of “R” (course completed in summer/night school).
  • The Alternate CDC Number must be blank or must match a school number within the district.
  • Student Dates
    • Student Beginning Date > the final instructional day of the prior school year at the school.
    • Student Ending Date < the first instructional day of the current school year at the school.
  • Included Courses
    • Dual Credit = 1/Yes.
    • Service ID = CP110100 (English Language Arts College Prep) or Service ID = CP111200 (Mathematics College Prep).
    • Service ID is flagged as a CTE Course in the TEA C022 Service ID table.
PSSR-298415PEIMS Fall Student Enrollment Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 22.8.2
Updates to support the 2022-23 Fall PEIMS Submission are now available for the Student Enrollment Interchange.

  • The interchange logic is updated to use the new calculated and stored values for student As-of-Status Codes and other internal calculations when determining the required record output.
  • The Student Graduation Program Extension complex is updated to report the new Financial Aid Application Code (E1724) from State/Province - TX > Graduation Information.
    • This element is output for all graduates in the xml file as <TX-FinancialAidApplication> with values of 01 (Financial application form completed) or 02 (Exception submitted/Opt-Out).
    • If the value is missing in PowerSchool, a default of 02 is reported.
PSSR-292470PEIMS Fall Student Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student: Version 22.8.2
Updates to support the 2022-23 Fall PEIMS Submission are now available for the Student Interchange.

  • As-of-Status Codes
    • Student As-of-Status Codes (AOS) are no longer calculated on the fly within the interchange.
    • Instead, the calculations run during the Texas nightly process and are stored in the database. The calculation and stored values are also updated immediately when student enrollment records are modified.
    • The interchange is updated to extract the calculated value from the AS_OF_STATUS_FALL field in the S_TX_STU_AOS_C table for the current year.
    • Navigate to State/Province – TX > As of Status Calculations to view the AOS codes.
    • Important – 7th Grade Repeaters: As documented in the release notes for the prior release, the data collection for 7th Grade Repeaters is modified for 2022-23. If a student was enrolled in Grade 7 in a different district in the prior year and is enrolled in Grade 7 in your district this year, you must flag that student in the new 7th Grade Repeater field in the PEIMS General record in order for the As-of-Status Code to be correctly calculated.
  • EB/EL Indicator for Re-classified Students
    • Once a student is exited from EL/EB with a code of 5, this code applies to the student in perpetuity, regardless of the Exit Date in the EL record and regardless of any other EL/EB records.
    • The logic for the TX-LEPIndicator*(Emergent Bilingual Indicator Code) is updated to report a value of 5 if the student has either a closed record for any prior year with this code, or an open record for the current year.
  • Crisis Codes: Prior year crisis codes are no longer reported and have been removed from the xml file.
  • PK Eligible Previous Year
    • This element is no longer calculated on the fly within the interchange. In a prior release, a nightly process to calculate and store the PK Eligible Previous Year value was implemented. The calculated value is populated within the Pre-K Special Program record, and an override field is also available.
    • The interchange is now updated to report the value from the Pre-K Special Program record for students enrolled in PK on the Fall Snapshot Date in the current year.
      • Override: Override field for Fall PEIMS (S_TX_SEN_PREK_X.E1649_PK_ELIG_PREV_YEAR_OVR) if not blank.
      • Calculated: Otherwise, the stored value is reported ( S_TX_SEN_PREK_X.E1649_PK_ELIG_PREV_YEAR).
      • If the student is not enrolled in grade PK on the Fall Snapshot, this element is suppressed.
  • IBC’s: Post Secondary Certification Licensure Result (E1733)
    • This new mandatory element was previously added for the 2022-23 year to the Graduation Information > Performance Acknowledgements > Certification/Licensures page.
    • The element indicates the result of a state, nationally or internationally recognized IBC examination taken by a student with the following values:
      • 01 IBC Earned (default to 01 if blank in record)
      • 02 IBC Exam Passed (IBC not Earned)
      • 03 IBC Exam Failed
    • The element is now reported within the TX-IndustryCertificationType sub-complex for the PEIMS Fall and Summer Collections as TX-PostSecondaryCertificationLicensureResult in the xml file.
    • If the value is missing in the PowerSchool record as a result of an incorrect import, a default value of 01 is reported.
PSSR-299530Student Census Block Data Collection Updates

Updates to support 2022-23 Student Census Block provisioning and reporting are now available from the State/Province – TX link. The detail page is reorganized and new read-only fields are added to support the new TEA Census Block Group Tool output. The elements now display as follows:

  • Effective Date
  • Street 1
  • Street 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Confidence %
  • Type
  • State Code
  • County Code
  • Tract
  • Block Group
  • Census Block
  • SES Tier (optional field not included in the TEA Census Block Tool output)
  • Funding Weight (optional field not included in the TEA Census Block Tool output)
  • Comment
PSSR-299542Student Census Block Export Updates

Student Census Block Export: Version 22.8.2
The Student Census Block Export report is updated to conform to the new TEA Census Block Tool CSV file format for 2022-23. New parameters are also implemented to provide additional options.

  • TEA Census Block Tool Process
    • The PowerSchool Student Census Block export file serves as the input file to the TEA Census Block tool, which must be downloaded from the TSDS system.
    • When the user uploads the file to the TEA tool, the records are processed and student census block codes are assigned.
    • An output file link appears; click this link to download and save the file.
    • The TEA output file is in the exact same format as the PowerSchool export file, but now contains the census block codes and other related fields.
    • Important: In the subsequent release, a new Student Census Block Import Tool will be added to the State Reports page.
      • The TEA Census Block output file will serve as the input to this tool, which will automatically load the records into the PowerSchool Student Census Block fields.
      • Districts are advised to wait until the new import tool is available in September to load student census block records into PowerSchool.
    • In addition, support for the TEA Census Block Group Calculator API is also planned for a subsequent release ahead of the PEIMS Fall Snapshot.
      • The PowerSchool integration with the Census Block API will offer districts a second option to provision student census block codes automatically, without the need for imports or exports.
      • Additional details and instructions will be provided when that release is made available.
  • TEA Qualifying Criteria for Student Census Block Codes
    • Enrolled on the Fall Snapshot Date
    • Economic Disadvantaged Code not = 00 or blank
    • Homeless Status Code = 0 or blank
    • ADA Eligibility Code not = 0, 4, 5, or 8
    • Attribution Code not = 21 or 23
  • PowerSchool Student Census Block Export Updates
    • Parameters
      • Qualifying students with no current year record (existing option): Students meet the TEA criteria and have no Census Block record dated in the current year.
      • Qualifying students with missing records or address changes (existing option): Students meet the TEA criteria, but either have no Census Block record or the student’s address in the Census Block record does not match the student’s current address in PowerSchool.
      • All students enrolled on the Fall snapshot date (new option): TEA qualifying criteria are not applied except for enrollment on the Snapshot.
      • The selected X students (new option): TEA qualifying criteria are not applied; the user creates a selection of students on the Start Page.
      • Additionally, the Effective Date parameter is removed. The Effective Date will automatically be populated as the Fall Snapshot Date by the new census block import and API processes.
  • Export File Output:
    • The PowerSchool Census Block Export file does not contain a header row per the TEA requirements; blank fields are separated by commas.
    • Important - Do not open the export file in Excel or the required, blank, comma-separated fields at the end of the file will be stripped out, rendering the file invalid for the TEA tool. Instead, to inspect the file, open it in Notepad or another text editor.
    • Export Fields
      • Student Number: required field for the PowerSchool import tool and API support
      • Street Address 1: required
      • Street Address 2: optional; populated if an apartment number or other address extension exists
      • City: required
      • State: required
      • Zip: required
      • Zip Extension: output as blank, comma-delimited
      • Latitude: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • Longitude: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • Confidence %: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • Type: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • State Code: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • County Code: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • Tract: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • Block Group: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
      • Census Block Group Number: output as blank, comma-delimited; to be populated by TEA
PSSR-299257Texas Year End Process Automation Updates

The Texas Year End Process Automation is updated with logic to treat null values in the Schools table summer school flag as 0 so that records are processed for all expected schools.

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