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Manual Flexible Attendance

Enter Manual Flexible Attendance

PowerSchool will continue to support the manual recording of Flex Attendance records, and will also support a new option for automatic reporting of Flex Attendance based on scheduled classes for the student, and the minutes for those classes as defined in the bell schedule.

  • For districts that prefer to manually record and/or import daily flexible attendance records, the existing data entry page in State/Province - TX, is now named "Manual Flexible Attendance".
    • The Flexible Attendance Program Type codes have been updated to remove the leading zero's per the TEA code table.
    • When entering Flex Attendance ADA Eligibility Codes of 7 or 8 in the PEIMS General record, a new validation now requires that the Flexible Attendance Program Type also be entered in the PEIMS General record.
  • For districts adopting the new, automatic reporting option, students must be coded for the Flexible Attendance Program Type (E1045) in the new field provided in the PEIMS General record.
    • When the student enters the Flex Attendance program, a new PEIMS General record must be created with one of the following Flexible Attendance Codes:
      (1) OFSDP - Optional Flexible School Day Program
      (2) HSEP - High School Equivalency Program
      (3) OFSDP - Credit/Promotion Recovery Program
      (6) OFSDP - Online Dropout Recovery Program
    • The ADA Eligibility Code must be set to either (7) Eligible - Flexible Attendance Program Participation or (8) Ineligible - Flexible Attendance Program Participation.
    • If the student exits the Flex Attendance program, the current PEIMS General record must be closed out and a new record created with the Flexible Attendance Program Type re-set to the NULL default of "Select Code" and the ADA Eligibility Code set to a value other than 7 or 8.

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Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

Used in these Reports

DateThe date for the Flexible Attendance record.


PEIMS Report
School of EnrollmentThe student's school of enrollment for the Flexible Attendance date.[S_TX_STU_FLEXIBLE_ATT_C]School_EnrollmentPEIMS Report
Daily MinutesThe number of minutes attended for the day, within a range of 0-600.[S_TX_STU_FLEXIBLE_ATT_C]Daily_MinutesPEIMS Report
CommentsOptional comments pertaining to the record.[S_TX_STU_FLEXIBLE_ATT_C]CommentsPEIMS Report

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