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Auto-Code for Speech, CPR and Peace Officer Graduation Requirements


The Auto-Code populates the “Met Date” elements for the FHSP Speech, CPR, and Peace Officer Instruction graduation requirements based on student course completion records for courses flagged as fulfilling these requirements. This report is listed on the State Reports page under the Student Records and Transcripts category.

Courses: Required Data Collection

Three new fields are added to the District Courses page to allow districts to identify the courses that include the required curriculum for the Speech, CPR and Peace Officer Instruction graduation requirements. These fields are located on the TX State Information panel just above the Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS flag. Set the appropriate field value to (1) Yes. Courses taken in both the current year and in previous years are examined, and these fields can be set to courses that are currently active or inactive. Note that non-high school credit courses taken in middle school can qualify to meet a requirement based on the course curriculum.

  • Counts for Speech Requirement: S_TX_CRS_X.Speech_Req

  • Counts for CPR Requirement: S_TX_CRS_X.CPR_Req

  • Counts for Peace Officer Instruction Requirement: S_TX_CRS_X.PeaceOff_Req

Depending on the specific course and scheduling model, the graduation requirement flags can be set on the following types of courses based on Course Sequence Code. The auto-code will automatically determine course completion for the following scenarios.

  • Single Term Courses: the requirement is fulfilled based on completion of the class in any term

    • (A) Non-HS Credit Course

    • (1) Single-Term Course

    • (S) Second Half of a Two Semester Course

    • (9) Last Fourth of a Four Semester Course

    • (X) Accelerated HS Credit

  • Multi Term Courses: requirement is fulfilled based on the completion of the final term of the class

    • Use Default Course Setup: course is a year-long course with “split sections” (S1 course + S2 course for same course number)

    • (2) Semesters - HS Credit - Year Long

    • (3) Trimesters - HS Credit - Year Long

    • (4) Quarters - HS Credit - Year Long

Auto-Code Logic

  • The Auto-Code logic is based on scheduled courses only in the current year or in a previous school year; manual entry stored grades are not considered.

  • Student schedules and stored grades records are examined for courses flagged as “Counts for” Speech, CPR or Peace Officer Instruction.

  • Logic is similar to that used for the Course Completion Indicator in Summer PEIMS where at least one of these is true:

    • Student has a scheduled section while enrolled in the district and has a final grade for the course or final course part per TX Store Code Mapping OR

    • Student was enrolled on the final instructional day of the class

  • If the student completed the required course or course part based on Course Sequence Code, the corresponding Speech, CPR or Peace Officer Instruction “Met Date” field is populated on the Graduation Information page as the final instructional day for the class.

    • If the student previously met a particular graduation requirement, no action is taken and existing Met Dates are left intact.

    • Within each auto-code run, if the student completes multiple courses that fulfill the same graduation requirement with different Met Dates, the earliest date is used and listed on the report.

    • Within each auto-code run, if the student completes multiple courses that fulfill the same graduation requirement with the same Met Date, both records are listed on the report.

  • Note that the student does not need to have a passing grade in the course; the student just needs to have completed the course.

Runtime Options

  • Parameters

    • Standard selection of schools and students

    • School Year

  • Recommendations

    • When running the auto-code report for the first time, a one-time “catch-up” approach should be used to account for students meeting the Speech, CPR and Peace Officer Instruction requirements in prior school years.

      • Select the earliest school year to examine first such as 2018-19 and run the auto-code.

      • Repeat for each additional prior year.

    • Once prior years have been processed, the report should be run for the current school year at the end of each semester after final grades have been collected.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see Generate Reports.

Field Name


Select Schools*

Choose which school(s) to include in the report by selecting one of the following options:

At the school level:

  • The currently selected school is the default.

At the district level:

  • Select Multiple Schools – Use the Ctrl or SHIFT key on your keyboard to click each school for which you want to run the extract.

  • All Schools (default) – The report includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet the selection criteria.

Current Selection Students*

Choose which students to include in the report by selecting one of the following options:

  • The Selected [number] Students Only – Run the report for students in the current selection.

  • All students – Run the report for all students in the current school or district that meet the selection criteria.

School Year

Select the school year for which you want to run the report.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report is described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Data Element



School ID

The last three digits of the school number, including leading zeros.

Note: If the student has been moved to the Graduates School, the report extracts the school where the student graduated.


School Name

The name of the school.


Student Name

The student's last, first, and middle names.



Student #

The student’s local identification number.


Unique ID

The student's Texas Unique Student ID Number.


Grade Level

The student's grade level.



Course Number

The course number.


Course Name

The course name.



Term ID


FHSP Speech Requirement Met Date

Student’s FHSP Speech Requirement Met Date.


CPR Instruction Met Date

Student’s CPR Instruction Met Date


Peace Officer Interaction Instruction Met Date

Peace Officer Interaction Instruction Met Date


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