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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - HTML Output Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-320593

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.7

The Attendance Profile report has been updated and will the result file will be in HTML (rather than PDF). This change allows for a dynamic presentation of the data which will make the report results more user-friendly.


All States/Provinces: Immunization Rules Engine Update for Student Date fields

The Immunization Rules Engine and rules can now be written that compare dose dates to a student’s entry date (into school).

Note: Immunization compliance rules must be updated to take advantage of this new functionality.


Assessment Import Tool Updates for Obsolete Scores and New RLA STAAR Scores

Assessment Import Tools for Texas State Assessments: Version 23.6.1

The headers in the Quick Import file output for STAAR EOC are modified to conform to standard test score naming conventions, which do not contain a prefix of “EOC_.” This modification supports the automatic mapping of the test score results to the corresponding PowerSchool test score names in the Quick Import tool.

  • EOC_Algebra 1_1: now output as Algebra 1_1

  • EOC_Biology 1_2: now output as to Biology 1_2

  • The “EOC_” prefix is removed from all other EOC assessments

The following obsolete test scores are now removed from the report logic and from the Quick Import report output when the Manual option is selected for the 2022-23 school year and beyond.

  • STAAR 3-8 Writing and Spanish Writing scores for grades 4 and 7.

  • STAAR EOC English III

The Assessment Import Tool now supports additional new test score names for STAAR 3-8 to reflect the removal of the separate writing assessment and the inclusion of writing within the Reading and Language Arts (RLA) assessments.

  • Customers can now optionally define new test scores in District Setup > Grading > Tests for the new RLA model.

  • The existing models for English Reading and Spanish Reading are also retained and districts are not required to modify the setup.

  • The assessment import tool can now process records for both the existing and new test score name models:

    • Current convention: English_Reading

    • New supported conventions: English_RLA or English_Reading_Language_Arts

    • Current convention: Spanish_Reading

    • New conventions: Spanish_RLA or Spanish_Reading Language Arts


Child Find Special Program Verification Report Update

PEIMS Special Programs Verification Report: Version 23.6.2

When running the Child Find verification report, records are now returned as expected when run using the date range option with an Override Start Date precedes the first day of school. The report can now be run for the full Child Find year cycle with a Start Date of 07/01/YYYY and End Date of 06/30/YYYY.


Duplicate Class ID Report Update

Duplicate Class ID Report: Version 23.6.2

The Snaphot Date parameter has been removed from the report, When the report is generated, all scheduled classes for the entire year are now examined for potential duplicate Class ID’s.


Incident Management Validation Update

The Incident Management validation related to Action Codes 27 and 28 is updated to include all of the allowed Behavior Codes per TEA Business Rule 44425-0018 for Mandatory Action Not Taken records.

  • TEA Edit: If DISCIPLINARY-ACTION-CODE is 27 or 28, then DISCIPLINARY-ACTION-REASON-CODE must be 02, 04-09, 11, 12, 14, 16-19, 26-32, 35-37, 46-48, 55, 57, or 60.

  • Previously, the Incident Management validation included Behavior Code 26, but omitted Behavior Codes codes 27-32, which prevented users from adding a second action to a student for Mandatory Action Not Taken if the student’s Behavior Code was 27-32.


Incident Management Verification Update

Incident Management Verification Report Version: 23.6.2

The Incident Management Verification Report is updated to perform additional truncation on the Incident Description field to prevent an Oracle error when the CLOB field contains over 4000 bytes. The field is now truncated to 2000 characters. Incidents with long descriptions and special characters will no longer cause the report to fail.


New Data Collection in Courses for Speech, CPR and Peace Officer Instruction

New fields are now available in District > Courses to identify courses which meet the TEA graduation requirements for Speech, CPR Instruction and Peace Officer Instruction.


  • These new fields will be used in a new, optional auto-code process to automatically set the “Met Dates” on the Graduation Information page for each of the three graduation requirements when students complete the corresponding courses.

  • The new auto-code feature is planned for a subsequent state reporting release, and will be provided as a report that can be run on demand by districts at the end of each semester as students complete courses.

  • Setting the Speech, CPT and Peace Officer Instruction flags on the Courses page is a prerequisite for this new auto-code. Follow the guidelines below to identify the courses that allow students to fulfill these graduation requirements.

New Data Collection

In District > Courses, search for courses that include the required curriculum for the Speech, CPR and Peace Officer Instruction graduation requirements and set the appropriate field value to (1) Yes. These fields are located on the TX State Information panel just above the Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS flag.

  • Counts for Speech Requirement: S_TX_CRS_X.Speech_Req

  • Counts for CPR Requirement: S_TX_CRS_X.CPR_Req

  • Counts for Peace Officer Instruction Requirement: S_TX_CRS_X.PeaceOff_Req

Depending on the specific course and scheduling model, the graduation requirement flags can be set on the following types of courses based on Course Sequence Code. The auto-code will automatically determine course completion.

Single Term Courses: requirement is fulfilled based on completion of the class

  • A - Non-HS Credit Course

  • 1 Single Term Course

  • S - Second Half of a Two Semester Course

  • 9 - Last Fourth of a Four Semester Course

  • X - Accelerated HS Credit

Multi Term Courses: requirement is fulfilled based on completion of the final term of the class

  • Use Default Course Setup: Course is a year-long course with “split sections” (S1 course + S2 course for same course number)

  • 2 - Semesters - HS Credit - Year Long

  • 3 - Trimesters - HS Credit - Year Long

  • 4 - Quarters - HS Credit - Year Long


New Report to Reset Student Assessment Pre-Code Values to Blank

Reset Student Assessment Pre-Code Fields: Version 23.6.2

This report provides users with options to clear existing values in the Student Assessment Pre-Code fields in order to prepare for assessment registration in the new school year. Report parameters support the selection of recommended and optional fields to reset to blank. A CSV report provides confirmation of the fields cleared/and or retained for each student.


  • Standard selection of schools and students

  • Recommended Fields to Reset to Blank (selected by default)

    • New to Texas

    • STAAR 3-8 Above Grade and Interim Grade

    • STAAR EOC December, Spring and June Eligibility

    • STAAR EOC December, Spring and June Retester

  • Optional Fields to Reset to Blank (deselected by default)

    • STAAR 3-8 Alternate 2

    • STAAR 3-8 Attributes

    • STAAR 3-8 Additional Student Fields

    • STAAR EOC Alternate 2

    • STAAR EOC Attributes

    • STAAR EOC Additional Student Fields

    • TELPAS Alternate

    • TELPAS Attributes

    • TELPAS Additional Student Fields

CSV Confirmation Report Output

  • Student Information

    • School ID

    • Last Name

    • First Name

    • Middle Name

    • Student Number

    • UID

    • Grade Level

  • Assessment Pre-code Fields: Y if reset to blank; N if left intact

    • New to Texas

    • 3-8 Above/Interim Gr

    • EOC Eligibility Fields

    • EOC Retester Fields

    • 3-8 Alt2

    • 3-8 Attributes

    • 3-8 Addl Stu Fields

    • EOC Alt2

    • EOC Attributes

    • EOC Addl Stu Fields

    • TELPAS Alt

    • TELPAS Attributes

    • TELPAS Addl Stu Fields


Obsolete Texas Fields Removed from Student Test Results Page

The following obsolete Texas-specific fields are now removed from the Student Test Results page. These elements pre-date the current reporting model where the calculated student Performance Level score is held in the % Score field.

  • Texas Score

  • Met Level 1

  • Met Level 1 Description

  • Met Level 2

  • Met Level 2 Description

  • Met Level 3

  • Met Level 3 Description


School Year Parameter Added to Staff Responsibility Report and Record Creation

Staff Responsibility Report and Record Creation: Version 23.6.2

The Staff Responsibility Report and Record Creation report is updated with a new School Year parameter in order to prevent an Oracle failure when the current system dates fall outside of the school year.


SPED Indicator Added to Graduation Profile Reports

Texas Graduation Profile Report: Version 23.6.2

Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: Version 23.6.2

The Special Education Indicator has been added to the Graduation Profile Reports for students who are/were active SPED students during their current or final enrollment in school in order to better support local monitoring of CCMR status and points.

  • CSV: SPED indicator appears directly after the Grad Plan column

  • PDF: SPED indicator appears to the right of Unique ID


Student and Student Program Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Student: Version 23.6.2

TX Interchange Student Program: Version 23.6.2

The Student Interchange is updated with logic to correctly report the Virtual Student Not in Membership element when a student is ADA code 9 for the entire enrollment at a campus or when the student is enrolled as ADA code 9 for more than 50% of their total days of district enrollment.

The Student Program Interchange is updated to suppress Title I records when a student with ADA code 9 does not meet the critiera to be reported with a Virtual Student Not in Membership Indicator of 1, or when a student with ADA Code 0 does not meet the criteria to be reported with the Non-Membership Discipline Restraint Indicator. This update resolves issues with TEA business rule 41461-0002, which prohibits Title I records unless a student has attendance at the same campus, or has a Virtual Student Not In Membership Indicator of 1, or has a Non-Membership Discipline Restraint Indicator of 1.

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