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Residential Facility

Defining RFT Program

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Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

CommentEnter additional comments about the student's RFT program.[SpEnrollments]Custom
Entry Date

Enter the date the student entered the program.


Exit Date

Enter the date the student exited the program.

Residential Facility ID (E1627)

Choose the residential facility in which the student resides.


Special Education Indicator

An indicator of whether the student is participating in a Special Education program on the RFT entry date.

This field is read-only.

Derived from:



Attendance Zone Campus (E1633)

Choose the campus that the student is expected to attend based on the geographic location of the residential facility.

Educated at Residential Facility (E1634)Choose Yes or No to indicate if the student is educated at or near the residential facility.[S_TX_SEN_RFT_X]E1634_Educated_At_RF
Surrogate Parent Assigned (E1635)Choose Yes or No to indicate if the student is assigned a surrogate parent.[S_TX_SEN_RFT_X]E1635_Surrogate_Assigned
Number of Other Students Assigned the Same Surrogate Parent (E1636)Enter the number of students that are also assigned to the surrogate parent.[S_TX_SEN_RFT_X]E1636_Stds_Assigned_Same_Surrogate
Residential Facility Student School Day Length (E1637)Enter the number of minutes that the student receives instruction based on the IEP.[S_TX_SEN_RFT_X]E1637_RF_School_Day_Length
System Comment

Comments about this special program. This field is read-only and reserved for SRC TX Special Programs automation features.


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