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State Reporting Release Notes

release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-301065Updates for Fall Reporting Dates and As-of-Status Code Calculations

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 22.9.3
TX Interchange Student: Version 22.9.3
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 22.9.3
TX Interchange Student Program: Version 22.9.3
TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 22.9.3
TX Interchange Student-Parent: Version 22.9.3
Updates are now available to support Fall PEIMS and SPPI-14 reporting.

  • Fall Submission Dates
    • The Fall School Start Window End Date and Fall PEIMS Snapshot Date are now sourced from the Fall PEIMS Submission Dates displayed in District > Years and Terms > Year Term.
    • The runtime parameters for these dates have been removed in the interchanges.
  • Student As-of-Status Code Calculations
    • The AOS calculations are now updated in the database to correct an issue with the erroneous inclusion of students who are not reportable for the 2022 Fall PEIMS submission.
    • As-of-Status Codes now report as expected in the Fall Interchanges and are correctly displayed on the As-of-Status Calculations page in State/Province - TX.
    • In addition, if a current or prior year student does not meet the criteria for a current year Fall or EOY As-of-Status code, the status now displays as "N - Not Reportable" on the student page.
PSSR-300366Updates for Staff Excluded from PEIMS/TSDS

Staff Responsibility Report and Record Creation: Version 22.9.3
Staff Unique ID Request: Version 22.9.3
Staff PEIMS Error Check Report: Version 22.9.3
The report selection criteria and the Staff PEIMS Error Checks are now updated to consider the "Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS" field on the Staff Information page.

  • Staff flagged with this exclusion are not considered for the error checks related to missing required fields.
  • A new error check for the Staff "Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS" field is now available. A simple warning is provided: "Verify if Staff member is correctly excluded."
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