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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-273161All States/Provinces: PowerTeacher Seating Chart Update

The PowerTeacher Portal's Seating Chart page is updated and now honors the "Prevent Attendance page submit if blank attendance is used (PowerTeacher)" setting on the Attendance Preferences page.

PSSR-273226ECDS Data Collection and Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 21.11.1
TX Interchange Master Schedule: Version 21.11.1
TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 21.11.1
TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 21.11
Updates to support the ECDS KG and PK Collections are now available.

  • New Child Care Operation Data Collection
    • A new table (S_TX_ChildCareOps_S) is now available to capture district-level information on Child Care Operations for each School Year. Districts that partner with Child Care operators for the PK program are required to submit the operation number of the childcare facility which participates in a formal partnership with a LEA, wherein students are dually enrolled in the childcare facility and the LEA.
      • Child Care Operator Name: ChildCareOpName; 35 character string
      • Child Care Operation Number: ChildCareOpNum; 8 character string
      • Active Date: ActiveDate
      • Inactive Date: InactiveDate
    • A new “Child Care Operators” link is now available in District Info > PEIMS and TSDS Data Collection.
      • Click the New button to add a Child Care Operation record with the Name and 8 character identification code of the partner organization.
      • Active Date is also required; Inactive Date would be filled in only when the partnership is discontinued in a future year.
      • Districts must create a separate record for each childcare partner organization.
  • PK Curricula Code Table Updates
    • The dropdown list values for PK Curricula Code (E1579) are updated with an Effective Date of 08/01/2021 on the following pages. The first non-blank value identified in the following hierarchy of sources is extracted:
      • Sections
      • Courses
      • Schools/School Info
      • District Info
    • Obsolete codes 01-06 are hidden when the selected term is not in the 21-22 school year.
    • New codes 07-35 are now available in the dropdown list for the 21-22 school year and beyond. Refer to TEA Code Table C206 for a list of the new codes.
    • Code 99 Other is retained as a valid value.
    • All districts should update their PK Curricula Code entries ahead of the ECDS PK Collection.
  • EdOrg Interchange
    • A new sub-complex type, TX-ChildCarePartnership, is now reported in the Local Education Agency Extension when the PK Collection is selected at runtime.
    • E1726 Child Care Operation Number (TX_ChildCareOperationNumber) is reported for each separate childcare facility partner organization.
  • Updates to KG Service ID Selection Criteria
    • The KG Service ID selection criteria is updated in all the ECDS Interchanges for the KG collection to remove obsolete Service ID’s and add new Service ID’s per the TEA changes to the C022 table. All districts should verify that these updates have been made to the PowerSchool course catalog.
    • Obsolete KG Service ID's:
      • 02561005 Spanish Language Arts, Kindergarten
      • 02620001 Reading, Kindergarten
      • 02630001 English Language Arts, Kindergarten
    • New KG Service ID's:
      • 02562005 Spanish Language Arts and Reading, Kindergarten
      • 02625001 English Language Arts and Reading, Kindergarten
    • Note that there is no change to the single, valid PK Service ID: 01010000.
  • Update to the Staff Interchange for Fall PEIMS
    • Employment Records are now extracted as expected if the staff member has an 050 record populated in the S_TX_USR_FIN_C table for the current year.
    • Ensure that the parameter for "Include the Staff EdOrg Employment Association Extension Complex Type" is set to Yes.
    • For district-level staff without a school assignment, also ensure that "Include District Staff" is set to Yes.
PSSR-278092New P-EBT Field and P-EBT File Upload Extract

P-EBT Upload File: Version 21.11.1

  • P-EBT Data Collection
    • A new boolean field is now available in the S_TX_STU_X table: PEBT_Summer2021.
    • The P-EBT Summer 2021 field is located on a new page link in State/Province - TX entitled "P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer)", which appears at the bottom of the page just above the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) link.
    • Select the checkbox to indicate that the student newly qualified for NSLP benefits between 7/1/21 and 8/28/21, including the following categories of students:
      • Students who completed the NSLP application and qualified for free or reduced lunch between the above dates.
      • Students newly enrolled in a Community Provision (CEP) or Provision 2 (P2) campus between the above dates.
      • Eligible students who completed and returned a socioeconomic form between the above dates at new campuses participating as CEP for the first time for SY 21-22.
    • Do not include students who qualified for benefits during the 2020-21 school year or students enrolled at a CEP or P2 campus during the final month of the prior school year. These students have already been loaded by TEA based on the prior year PEIMS Summer Submission data.
    • The P-EBT Summer indicator can also be mass-assigned using the Student Field Value function.
      • From the Start Page, create a selection of the students that require P-EBT coding.
      • Select the Student Field Value Function.
      • Click the "Fields" hyperlink and enter "PEBT" in the Filter box. Select the PEBT_Summer2021 field.
      • In the "New Field Value" box, enter "1" and click Submit.
      • On the confirmation page, click Submit again.
      • Spot check students on the P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer page to verify that the checkbox is selected.
  • New P-EBT File Upload Report
    • This new extract is located under the State Reports category on the State Reports page and produces the file needed for submission to the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer on the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) portal. This is a district-level extract.
    • Parameters
      • Select All Schools and All Students
      • Verify the School Year parameter is set to 2021-22.
      • Reporting Period defaults to Summer 2021.
      • In the File Number parameter box, enter the number of your file (1 for the first upload; increment as needed for subsequent uploads).
    • The file output is a CSV file with the required naming convention of District Number_File# where # is the value from the "File Number" parameter entered at runtime.
    • Student selection criteria:
      • A single record is output for each student with a value of 1 for the new PEBT_Summer2021 field.
      • The student must have either an enrollment in the prior year with at least one day of active enrollment or an enrollment record in the current year; the current year record can be a No Show with no active days.
    • Refer to the "summer-2021-p-ebt-student-upload-information.pdf" document provided by the state for information on the file layout. Note that Student UID and DOB are mandatory fields.
PSSR-274790RFT and Summer PEIMS Interchange Updates

Additional Reference: PSSR-274058 
TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 21.11.1
TX Interchange Student: Version 21.11.1
TX Interchange Student Program: Version 21.11.1
To support the Residential Facility Tracker (RFT) Collection, updates to the required PEIMS Summer Interchanges are now available. The TSDS RFT Interchanges (EdOrg, StudentParent, StudentEnrollment) are unchanged from the prior year and do not require modification.

  • Ed Org Interchange
    • The Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) output is revised to support the revised xml for both the Summer and Extended Year PEIMS collections.
    • The TX-SchoolELOS xml output is modified to conform to the new data collection model in District > Schools/School Info > Additional Texas Data Collection > School Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO).
    • Records are reported for each ELO Activity Code entered for the 2021-22 school year.
      • E1719 ELO Activity Code (TX-ELOActivityCode)
      • E1720 ELO Days Scheduled Per Year (TX-ELODaysScheduledPerYear)
      • E1621 ELO Minutes Scheduled Per Day (TX-ELOMinutesScheduledPerDay)
  • Student Interchange
    • Student Selection Criteria: updated for both the RFT Collection and for Summer PEIMS.
      • When the SUMR collection is selected and the parameter for "Limit records to RFT Students only" is set to Yes:
        • The student must have an RFT special program record dated in the current year along with a SPED special program record.
        • The SPED special program record can start before the RFT record or after the RFT record, but the dates in the two records must overlap.
        • Students with an ADA Code of 0 who have an RFT record are now included.
      • When the SUMR collection is selected and the parameter for “Limit records to RFT Students only” is set to No: SPED students with ADA Code of 0 are included if the student has an RFT record or a Restraint Record or a reportable Discipline record dated in the current year.
    • Crisis Impacts complex and Crisis Codes: Crisis Codes are currently suppressed but will be reinstated in a subsequent release to support the new 10A and 10B crisis codes for Students with ADA Code 9 (Not in Membership due to Virtual Learning).
    • IBC Exam Fee Amount: data element length updated from 3 to 6 to include decimal values and an allowable range of 0.00-700.00.
    • New E1730 General Education Homebound Indicator: reported as 1 for any student with a GEH special program record in effect at any point during the current school year; default is 0 for all other students.
  • Student Program Interchange
    • Student Selection Criteria: updated to match that of the Student Interchange described above.
    • StudentCTEProgramAssociationExtension complex
      • E1039 Displaced Homemaker is now output as TX-OutOfWorkforceIndividual.
      • E0829 Single Parent Pregnant Teen is now output as TX-SingleParentSinglePregnantWomanCode.
PSSR-277891Student Assessment Pre-Code Updates

Student Assessment Registration File: Version 21.11.1
Student Test Attributes Upload File: Version 21.11.1
The two Student Assessment Pre-Code extracts are updated with a new runtime parameter that allows the user to select whether students with missing values for UID or DOB should be excluded from the file. Users no longer have to remove these students from the submission files. Instead, when the option to Exclude is set to Yes, any students with missing values for these two required fields now appear in a companion Excluded Students file with the reason for exclusion. The output for the PEIMS-ID element in column I is updated to report the student's SSN or S-Number and not the Local ID.

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