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Student Early Reading

Student Early Reading

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Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

Data type
Effective DateEffective date for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EFFECTIVE_DATEDATE
FALL AssessmentFall Assessment for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]FALL_ASSMTVARCHAR2(50)
Early Reading Indicator (FALL)Early Reading Indicator (FALL)[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]FALL_EARLY_READING
FALL LanguageFall Language for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]FALL_LANGVARCHAR2(2)
FALL CommentFall Comment for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]FALL_COMMENTVARCHAR2(100)
Early Reading Indicator (EOY)Early Reading Indicator (EOY)[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_EARLY_READING
EOY AssessmentEnd of Year Assessment for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_ASSMTVARCHAR2(50)
EOY LanguageEnd of Year Language for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_LANGVARCHAR2(2)
EOY ScoreEnd of Year Score for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_SCOREVARCHAR2(20)
EOY CommentEnd of Year Comment for the record[S_TX_STU_EARLY_READING_C]EOY_COMMENTVARCHAR2(100)
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