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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Calculation Process for Special Programs and Flex Reporting Period Attendance Tables

A new calculation and update process is implemented for the Ed-Fi Attendance tables, the Special Programs Reporting Period Attendance tables and Flex Reporting Period Attendance tables. This table will store summarized special programs attendance data, and flexible attendance data for six-week reporting periods.


Fitnessgram Extract Updates for Edge Case in Section Expression

Fitnessgram: Version 24.4.1

The Fitnessgram Extract is updated with logic to replace any commas that might exist in the Expression of a Section and replace them with a single space. This will prevent the report from separating the Class Name element into parts since the logic uses commas as element delimiters.

Additionally the logic and report process is updated for performance.


Records will not get closed when "Enable Daily Immigrant AutoCode" feature is Disabled.

The issue has been resolved now when the "Enable daily immigrant auto code" feature is turned off, immigrant records are no longer being closed automatically by the system. Records are closed through the automation process when the "Enable daily immigrant auto code" feature is enabled.


Student Assessment Record Updates

The Student Assessment records, STAAR 3-8 and STAAR EOC, are updated with logic that no longer requires the “Paper by Request” check box to be selected. Test Mode and STAAR & TELPAS Paper Test Format are no longer reset to blank for each subject on page load. Current logic that resets these elements to blank when the “Paper by Request” check box is deselected remains unchanged.


Updated Associate Degree for Summer PEIMS

TX Interchange Student: Version 24.4.1
The Student Interchange for the Summer PEIMS collection is updated to accurately report the type of Associate Degree earned by each student based on new data collection requirements.


  Updated Associate Degree for Summer PEIMS-AAR

  • AAR: Version 24.4.1

  • AAR by Number, Grade, Last Initials, or Student Selection: Version 24.4.1

  • AAR - Unofficial Transcript: Version 24.4.1
    AAR reports have been updated to include Associate Degree information for students. The report now differentiates between the boolean model and a new code table model for selecting Associate Degree information. These changes ensure the accurate representation of Associate Degree information in AAR reports.

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