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AAR - Unofficial Transcript


The AAR Unofficial report produces a transcript with the exact same output as that of the standard AAR. This is implemented so that various staff has access to the AAR information without the ability to print an official AAR. Refer to the main AAR Report Documentation page for all other details.

Student Selection Options

  • Student Number: enter up to 10 student numbers

  • School and Grade Level: select a single school and grade level

  • First Letters of Last Name: enter up to 2 starting letters and 2 ending letters to filter students by last name. The maximum range supported is 9 characters of the alphabet such as A - I, or Hi - Pe.

  • The Selected X Students: create a selection of up to 600 students on the Start page. If the selection exceeds 600, the report Submit button is disabled. Return to the Start page to first refine the selection before running the report.

Report Input

Before running a report, verify that all required setup items are entered for students, schools, district, and staff.

For help with report navigation and generation, see Generate Reports.

Each of the available run options and data fields for the report is described below.



Select Schools

Choose which school(s) to include in the report by selecting one of the following options:

At the school level:

  • The currently selected school is the default.

At the district level:

  • Select Multiple Schools – Use the Ctrl or SHIFT key on your keyboard to click each school for which you want to run the extract.

  • All Schools (default) – The report includes all student records on the PowerSchool server that meet the selection criteria.

Current Selection Students

Choose which students to include in the report by selecting one of the following options:

  • The Selected [number] Students Only – Run the report for students in the current selection.

  • All students – Run the report for all students in the current school or district that meet the selection criteria.

Note: If you are running the AAR by Student Number, Grade, Last Initials or Student Selection,

  • enter up to ten student numbers for which to run the report.

  • this option is not available when running by grade level.

Exclude Inactive Students

Select Yes or No to indicate if inactive students should be included.

Note: To print for graduates who have been transferred out, this option must be set to Yes.

School Year

Select the School Year.

During the summer when one school year has ended and the next has not yet started, enter the new school year to print transcripts for students in the upcoming year, or enter the prior school year to print for students in the prior year (such as graduated seniors). This option defaults to the current school year after the new school year starts.

Student Sort

Choose a student sort option.

  • Name, Grade (default)

  • Grade, Name.

Note: If the report is run from the district level, the report sorts first by the school and then by the selected student sort option.

Source for Contacts

Choose an option for parent/guardian information.

  • Legacy Contacts

  • Student Contacts

Course Sort

Choose a course sort option.

  • Subject Area (default)

  • School Year

Course Name Format

Choose a format for how the course name is displayed.

  • Abbreviated Course Name (default)

  • Abbreviated Course Name - Service ID

  • Local Course Name

Grade Display

Choose how to display the grade.

  • Percent (default)

  • Letter

If Percent is selected, but not populated in the stored grades record, the report examines and outputs the Letter grade if populated.

Include Average

Select Yes (default) or No to indicate whether to include averages.

If yes, averages will be included if the final average store code is mapped in TX Store Code Mappings to Final Grade and to type of Average. Additionally, if the AAR Average Override field in the stored grades record is populated, this value will print in the AV column. If the Override is populated within a normal final grade store code record such as S1, or S2, the average will always display in the AV column regardless of mapping.

Include ACT/SAT scores

Select Yes (default) or No to indicate whether to include the student's SAT/ACT scores.

Score Reporting for Students with Multiple Test Results

If ACT/SAT scores are set to be included, select an option.

  • Report 1 record with highest combined scores

  • Report 2 records with highest overall scores

Include EOC Assessment Waivers/Substitutions

Select an option for inclusion of EOC assessment waivers and/or substitution assessments.

  • Include Both Waivers and Substitutions

  • Include Waivers Only

  • Include Substitutions Only

  • Do Not Include Waivers or Substitutions

Specify Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades other than "I" must be specified.

  • Leave blank to use default of "I".

  • Enter any other Incomplete grade code(s) used by the district; separate with commas (no spaces) if entering multiple grades.

Class Rank and GPA Options

Exclude Class Rank

Select Yes or No (default) to indicate whether to exclude the Class Rank.

Note: If Yes, the Class Rank displays as DNR (Does Not Rank), and the Class Size, Quartile, and Class Rank Date display as blank.

Display Class Rank For

Choose display class rank for:

  • All Students

  • Top X % of Class Only

If Top X % is selected, specify the percentile to include: 0 for 10%, 15 for 15%, etc.

This options uses a similar percentile calculation as in the core Class Ranking Report

If 10% is specified: students with a Percentile = or < 10.00 are included.

If 15 % is specified: students with a Percentile = of < 15.00 are included.

For students whose ranks fall below the specified percentage:

Class Rank Date, Quartile and Class Size display as blank.

Class Rank displays as “DNR.”

High School Official GPA displays with the calculated GPA.

Source for Class Rank/Rank GPA*

  • Class Rank Table

    • If selected, the Select Class Rank/GPA Method parameter is displayed.

  • Texas Stored Class Rank with these additional options

    • Graduates Only

    • All Students

    • Do Not Use

Class Rank/GPA Method

Choose the Class Rank/GPA Method. This list is populated from School > Class Rank > Class Rank Methods.

Note: This field is required if Exclude Class Rank is No.

Use Texas Class Rank Overrides*

Select Yes or No (default) to indicate whether to use class rank overrides.  

Use Texas Class Rank GPA Override*

Select Yes or No (default) to indicate whether to use class rank GPA overrides.  


Choose the GPA 2 method. This list is populated from District > GPA Calculations > GPA Calculation Methods. Optional.

If a GPA is selected but is not populated in PowerSchool, the report calculates the GPA as the report is run.


Choose the GPA 3 method. This list is populated from District > GPA Calculations > GPA Calculation Methods. Optional.

If a GPA is selected but is not populated in PowerSchool, the report calculates the GPA as the report is run.

Class Rank Date Override

Leave blank to use Date from Class Rank Table or Texas Stored Rank.

Additional Options

Report Date

Enter the report date.

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