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Parent Request Retention Indicator

Add/Edit Parent Request Retention Indicator

The Parent Request Retention Indicator is a data element for the Fall PEIMS Submission that is reported when an enrolled student was retained at the request of the parent or guardian. For the 2021-2022 school year, this applies to students in grades PK-12; for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond, this applies to students in grades PK-3 only.

  • A new child table of students holds the Parent Request Retention records: review the S_TX_STU_PAR_REQ_RET_C Data Dictionary for details on each field.
  • Parent Request Retention Elements
    • School Year: required
    • Request Date: optional, but recommended
    • Grade Retained: optional, but recommended
    • Comments: optional

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Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name

School YearEnter the School Year[S_TX_STU_PAR_REQ_RET_C]YEARID
Request DateEnter the Request Date[S_TX_STU_PAR_REQ_RET_C]REQUEST_DATE
Grade RetainedEnter the Grade Retained[S_TX_STU_PAR_REQ_RET_C]RETAINED_GRADE
CommentsEnter comments if any[S_TX_STU_PAR_REQ_RET_C]COMMENTS    
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