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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-309568All States/Provinces: ReportWorks Startup Time Update

The ReportWorks/SRP config files have now been modified to be called only through the re-initialization cycle. This improves the SRP startup times and avoids previously reported failures.

PSSR-311828All States/Provinces: State Validation Tab Visible for All States

The State Validation tab that was introduced in SR 22.12.2 in error is now removed from the System Reports area of PowerSchool.

PSSR-308481All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report Update

Incident Profile Report: Version 1.3

The Incident Profile report has been updated and no longer duplicates incident data.

PSSR-308091Assessment Import Tool for Texas State Assessments

Assessment Import Tool for Texas State Assessments: Version 23.1.2
The prior Assessment Quick Import Extract is now renamed and new features are added. Enhancements to the processing of student state assessment scores are now available including new student record matching logic based on Unique ID and a new option for the automatic import of student test results.

  • Test Administration Date: The test date logic for assessments taken in the 2021-22 school year and beyond is modified to conform to the updated Cambium format. The Test Administration Date in positions 1-4 in the .txt file is now reported in the file using the actual month and year such as 0522 for May 2022 instead of 1522.
  • New Record Matching Option for Student Unique ID
    • This new option allows districts to import student test results from files where the local student number differs from the current PowerSchool student number.
    • Local student number remains the primary element used to match student test score records with students in PowerSchool. If no match is found, the extract now attempts to match on student Unique ID.
    • The Unique ID matching option is available only for the .txt version of the student reporting files.
      • STAAR 3-8, STAAR EOC, STAAR Alternate 2
        • Local Student Number: Positions 123-131
        • TX Unique Student-ID: Positions 191-200
      • TELPAS & TELPAS Alternate
        • Local Student Number: Positions 145-153
        • TX Unique Student-ID: Positions 191-200
  • Excluded Records File
    • The Excluded Records logic and file output is also updated to consider the Student Unique ID. Records with no match to either local Student Number or Unique ID are flagged with this error: Row #: Student Number NNNNN (positions 123-131) and Student Unique ID NNNNNNNNNN (positions 191-200) not found in PowerSchool.
    • The wording for the other error messages is also simplified.
  • Direct Import of Student Test Results Now Supported
    • Currently, the Assessment Quick Import Extract produces a zip file containing a CSV file ready for the district to import into PowerSchool using the Quick Import function, along with a companion Excluded Records file.
    • A new ‚ÄúStudent Test Results Import Option" runtime parameter now allows the district to choose to have the test scores imported directly without the additional Quick Import step.
      • Manual Import: Output file for Quick Import by District
      • Auto Import: Automatically import student test results
    • When the Manual Import option is selected, the zip file contains the pre-formatted Quick Import file as it does now along with the Excluded Records file. The district manually imports the records.
    • When the Auto-Import option is selected, the zip file contains a new "Imported Records" file and the Excluded Records file. The import into PowerSchool is automatically performed. The Imported Records file provides the total count of records and a list of the students including Student_Number, Last_Name, First_Name, Test_Date, and Grade_Level.

      Districts may want to select the manual import option first in order to review the Excluded Records file before deciding to proceed. If satisfactory, run the extract a second time with the Auto Import option selected.

PSSR-311088Incident Management TEA Discipline Edits Validation Report Updates

Incident Management TEA Discipline Edits Validation Report: Version 23.1.2
The report is updated to prevent false positives for TEA Business Rule 44425-0016. If Action Code is 01, 05, 25, 27, 28, 29, or 50, Campus of Assignment must be blank. When an incident contains multiple actions, either for the same student or different students, errors are no longer flagged for action codes other than those listed in the TEA edit.

PSSR-309917New Exclude from Ed-Fi Fields for Students and Staff

To support the planned Texas Ed-Fi implementation, new "Exclude from Ed-Fi" fields are now available on the Student Demographics and Staff Information pages. If set to Yes, these flags will serve to suppress the publishing of all Ed-Fi records from PowerSchool. At this time, there is no action required by the districts.

  • Student: Exclude from Ed-Fi is sourced from S_STU_EDFI_X.ExcludeFromEdFi. In addition, the existing field for "Exclude from PEIMS" is re-labeled to "Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS" to match the field label on the Staff page.
  • Staff: Exclude from Ed-Fi is sourced from S_USR_EDFI_X.ExcludeFromEdFi.
PSSR-299011New Nightly Process for Student Truancy Calculations

A new nightly process to update Student Truancy Tracking records is now available to support future Ed-Fi reporting. The truancy calculations will be generated every year beginning on September 1 and ending on July 31.

PSSR-311885Student Assessment Pre-Code Updates

The following two updates are now available for the Student Assessment Pre-Code feature:

  • The Student Data Request (SDR) Extract now outputs the student names columns in the correct order of First Name, and Last Name.
  • On the STAAR/STAAR Alt2, the duplicated checkbox for the Text-to-Speech attribute for Social Studies is removed. The extra Text-to-Speech checkbox has been removed from Social Studies Category.
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