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Import Process for TEA Calculated Career Tech Indicators

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The import process automatically updates and/or creates Career and Tech special program records using the TEA-calculated CTE Indicator Codes contained in your district’s PDM3-404-002_CareerandTechnicalEducation CSV file. Updates to the daily CTE Auto-Code Process are also available to keep the Career and Tech special program records in synch with student CTE course attempts and completions.

Import Process for TEA Calculated Career Tech Indicators: Version 23.8.1

Updates are now available for the CTE Indicator Code import, which has been significantly revised from the prior version.  The import process automatically creates and/or updates PowerSchool Career and Tech Special Program records with the TEA calculated CTE Indicator Codes contained in your district’s PDM3-404-002_CareerandTechnicalEducation.csv file. TEA makes this file available for download from TSDS after the PEIMS Summer Submission. The file is updated after the Extended Year Submission. Before proceeding, you must first download the TEA report in CSV format.

Supported Import File

  • The import now runs only for the most recent, completed school year (prior school year) and only after the PowerSchool Year End Process is complete.

  • The only supported file is for the prior school year based on the Academic Year element in column A of the TEA file. Academic Year in the most current TEA file is 2023, which includes records for the 2022-23 school year.

  • The PowerSchool database must be in the 2023-24 school year in order for the 2023 import file to be processed. If the Academic Year in the file is not the prior school year, an “Invalid File” error message is displayed.

  • If the file is valid, click Import File to initiate the import. The user is directed to the State Reports Queue.

Import Process

  • Click the Browse button to select the PDM3-404-002_CareerandTechnicalEducation file for the 2023 academic year to launch the import process.

  • Students are matched using the Student Number from the Local ID column in the file. If no matching student number is found, the import matches based on Unique ID.

  • Records for students with no matching PowerSchool Student Number or Unique ID are not imported.  These records appear in the companion Excluded Students file.

  • For students with multiple CTE Indicators in the file, the highest CTE Indicator achieved by the student is extracted based on this hierarchy:

    • 7 CTE Completer

    • 6 CTE Concentrator

    • 5 CTE Participant

    • E CTE Explorer

    • 4 Not CTE

  • Prior Year CTE Records

    • Active students, inactive students and graduates are included in the prior year update.

    • Any open Career and Tech special program records from prior years are closed.

    • The CTE Indicator Code in the student’s final prior year record is updated with the TEA calculated value.

  • Current Year CTE Records

    • The import then identifies students in the file with at least one day of enrollment in the current year

    • The CTE Auto-Code process is invoked to create or update current year Career and Tech program records as needed for students scheduled into at least one CTE class.

    • The CTE Indicator in the current year record is updated with the calculated value from the TEA file.

    • If the student is not scheduled for any CTE classes in the current year, a Career and Tech record is not created and the CTE Indicator is not imported.

Report Output: A zip file is produced containing two csv files. Download and unzip the file, then open the files in Excel or other similar application.

  • CTE Import Confirmation File:  Includes all students for whom a prior year and/or current year CTE Indicator was imported.

    • Year

    • Campus ID

    • Student Name

    • UID

    • Local ID

    • Grade

    • CTE Indicator:  7, 6, 5, E or 4 (highest code achieved by the student)

    • Prior Year CTE Updated:  Y or N  (Y if a prior year record was updated; else N)

    • Current Year CTE Updated:  Y or N (Y if a current year record was updated, else N)

  • Excluded Students File: Includes students that were not processed.

    • Similar identifying information as above

    • Reason for Exclusion

      • No Matching Local ID or UID

      • No CTE program records (student does not have a current year or prior year Career and Tech record)

Import File

Data ElementDescription[Table]Field Name
Student NumberThe student number.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]Student_Number
School YearThe school year.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]SchoolYear
Campus IDThe campus ID of the student.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]CampusID
Grade LevelThe grade level of the student.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]GradeLevel
CTE CodeThe CTE code of the student.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]CTECode
CTE Code DescriptionThe CTE code description.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]CTECodeDescription
Import File Row NumberThe Import file row number.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]ImportFileRowNumber
Import File Name The import file name.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]ImportFileName 
Student NameThe name of the student.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]StudentName
Import StatusThe status of the import.[S_TX_CTE_IMPORT_S]ImportStatus
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