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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-314595AAR: Suppress Industry Certifications Not Earned

AAR: Version 23.3.1
AAR by Number, Grade, Last Initials, or Student Selection: Version 23.3.1
The AAR reports are updated to suppress the inclusion of Industry Certifications with results of (02 IBC Exam Passed (IBC Not Earned) and (03) IBC Exam Failed.

PSSR-313435CTE Auto-Code and Special Program Updates

The CTE Auto-Code process is updated to ensure valid records with dates in the current school year are created for each student scheduled for at least one day in a CTE class in the current year. In addition, a script runs automatically in the state reporting installer to update existing records and remove invalid records as described below.

  • Invalid records dated the day after the last day of school for students with no scheduled CTE classes in the current year are removed. Any prior year records are left intact.
  • Records for students scheduled for at least one day in a CTE class in the current year are updated if needed:
    • Entry Date is set to match the earliest CTE class entry date.
    • If the CTE Indicator Code in the prior record had a value other than 4 (5, 6, 7 or E), the prior value is copied forward into the current year record.
    • Prior year values for CTE Support Service (E0917), Out of Workforce Individual (E1039), and Single Parent Pregnant Teen (E0829) are also carried forward.
    • Exclude Vocational Contact Hours is left as “No” in the current record; any values of “Yes” already entered in the current year record are retained.
  • The CTE Auto-Code process is automatically invoked by the state reporting installer to ensure that all CTE students are updated if needed.
  • The CTE Auto-Code process is modified to handle the special scenario of a student who is scheduled for CTE classes in a future term, but who withdraws from school or drops all CTE classes before the start date of the scheduling term. In this case, the current year CTE record is removed.
PSSR-314584ECDS Student Enrollment Updates

TX Interchange Student-Enrollment: Version 23.3.1
The ECDS Student Enrollment Interchange is updated to ensure a Student School Association record is included when students enroll, withdraw, and then return to school during the ECDS Assessment Date Range specified in the runtime parameter. 

PSSR-315437Graduation Profile Report Updates

Texas Graduation Profile Report: Version 23.3.1
Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: Version 23.3.1
The reports are updated to prevent an Oracle error when IBC and IBC Vendor Code descriptions contain apostrophes or other special characters.

PSSR-314476IBC and IBC Vendor Code Updates for Industry Certifications

The IBC Code and IBC Vendor Code dropdown lists are updated to reflect the additional January TEA post-addendum changes to the code tables. New and updated codes are available for selection when the date in the record is 09/01/2022 or later.

PSSR-314729SELA: Student Parent Interchange Disability Output

TX Interchange Student-Parent: Version 23.3.1
The Student Parent Interchange for the SELA collection is updated to report the TSDS translation for Special Education Disability Code 03 as "Deaf and Hard of Hearing" instead of "Hearing/Auditory Impairment (Auditory Impairment)."

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