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Registration File Elements

  • New to Texas: Select if appropriate.

  • December, Spring and June Eligibility

    • All students scheduled for an EOC course on the current date or a future date will be flagged automatically for the Spring test administration for the corresponding EOC assessment.

    • The Course Abbreviations in the TEA C022 Service ID table along with the corresponding Service ID's assigned to courses in PowerSchool are used to identify enrollments in EOC courses: ALG I, BIO, ENG I, ENG II, and US HIST.

    • Otherwise, the December, Spring and June flags should be set as applicable for re-testers and students new to Texas, and for any students who are not scheduled for the EOC course, or who are no longer scheduled for the EOC course when the Registration File extract is generated.

  • Interim: Select this option for students who will take an interim EOC test.

  • STAAR EOC Alternate 2: Select if for each applicable EOC subject.

Additional Student Fields Elements

  • December, Spring and June Retester flags: These are normally set by TEA but are available for the district to upload if needed to flag additional students.

  • Test Mode, Paper Test Format, STAAR Non-Embedded Supports , and Extra Day: These elements work in the same manner as described above for STAAR 3-8.

Data Entry Validations

    • Test Mode (P) Paper - 504 or SPED: If the student is not a current 504 or SPED participant based on special program records, validation prevents the selection of Paper Test Mode.

    • Test Mode and Paper Test Format fields

      • If (P) Paper (STAAR and EOC) or (P) Paper and Holistic (TELPAS) is selected for Test Mode, Paper Test Format is automatically set to a default value of (RP) Regular Print. Select a different code if appropriate from the dropdown list.

      • If Test Mode is set to Select Code or (O) Online, Paper Test Format is automatically set to blank (Select Code).

Eligibility and Retester Fields: STAAR EOC/EOC Alt2 

    • If December Eligibility is selected for an EOC subject, but New to Texas or December Retester is not selected for the same subject, a soft warning displays: "For December Eligibility, either New to Texas or December Retester should be selected."

    • If December Retester is selected but December Eligibility is not, a hard-stop warning displays: "If December Retester is selected, December Eligibility must also be selected."

    • The same warnings are also implemented for the June Eligibility fields.

    • For Spring, If Spring Retester is selected but Spring Eligibility is not, a hard-stop warning displays: "If Spring Retester is selected, Spring Eligibility must also be selected."


FieldDescription[Table]Field NameData Type
New to Texas New to Texas 

Paper by Request

Paper by Request

If Paper by Request" is selected for the student, Test Mode must be set to (P) Paper for at least one subject.





[Table]Field Name

Data Type

Algebra I ASL VideosAlgebra I ASL Videos[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_ASLBoolean
Algebra I Auto Text-to-SpeechAlgebra I Auto Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_ATSBoolean
Algebra I Basic TI CalculatorAlgebra I Basic TI Calculator[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_CALBoolean
Algebra I Content and Language SupportsAlgebra I Content and Language Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_CLSBoolean
Algebra I December EligibilityAlgebra I December Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_DECBoolean
Algebra I December RetesterAlgebra I December Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_DEC_RTBoolean
Algebra I Extra DayAlgebra I Extra Day[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_EXTRABoolean
Algebra I InterimAlgebra I Interim[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_INTBoolean
Algebra I June EligibilityAlgebra I June Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_JUNBoolean
Algebra I June RetesterAlgebra I June Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_JUN_RTBoolean
Algebra I STAAR Non-Embedded SupportsAlgebra I STAAR Non-Embedded Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_OTHDESSUPBoolean
Algebra I Paper (Test Mode)Algebra I Paper (Test Mode)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_TESTMODEVarchar(2)2
Algebra I STAAR & TELPAS Paper Test FormatAlgebra I Paper Test Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
Algebra I STAAR Alternate 2 Paper FormatAlgebra I STAAR Alternate 2 Paper Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_ALT2_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
Algebra I Permissive ModeAlgebra I Permissive Mode[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_PERBoolean
Algebra I Speech-to-TextAlgebra I Speech-to-Text[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_STTBoolean
Algebra I Spring EligibilityAlgebra I Spring Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_SPRBoolean
Algebra I Spring RetesterAlgebra I Spring Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_SPR_RTBoolean
Algebra I STAAR Alt2Algebra I STAAR Alt2ALG1_ALT2Boolean
Proctored AdministrationProctored Administration[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_PROCBoolean
Algebra I Text-to-SpeechAlgebra I Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ALG1_TTSBoolean


Biology ASL VideosBiology ASL Videos[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_ASLBoolean
Biology Auto Text-to-SpeechBiology Auto Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_ATSBoolean
Biology Basic TI CalculatorBiology Basic TI Calculator[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_CALBoolean
Biology Content and Language SupportsBiology Content and Language Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_CLSBoolean
Biology December EligibilityBiology December Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_DECBoolean
Biology December RetesterBiology December Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_DEC_RTBoolean
Biology Extra DayBiology Extra Day[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_EXTRABoolean
Biology InterimBiology Interim[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_INTBoolean
Biology June EligibilityBiology June Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_JUNBoolean
Biology June RetesterBiology June Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_JUN_RTBoolean
Biology STAAR Non-Embedded SupportsBiology STAAR Non-Embedded Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_OTHDESSUPBoolean
Biology Paper (Test Mode)Biology Paper (Test Mode)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_TESTMODEVarchar(2)2
Biology STAAR & TELPAS Paper Test FormatBiology Paper Test Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
Biology STAAR Alternate 2 Paper FormatBiology STAAR Alternate 2 Paper Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_ALT2_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
Biology Permissive ModeBiology Permissive Mode[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_PERBoolean
Biology Speech-to-TextBiology Speech-to-Text[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_STTBoolean
Biology Spell CheckBiology Spell Check[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_SPLBoolean
Biology Spring EligibilityBiology Spring Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_SPRBoolean
Biology Spring RetesterBiology Spring Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_SPR_RTBoolean
Biology STAAR Alt2Biology STAAR Alt2[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_ALT2Boolean
Word Prediction (Co:Writer)Word Prediction (Co:Writer)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_WORDBoolean
Proctored AdministrationProctored Administration[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_PROCBoolean
Biology Text-to-SpeechBiology Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]BIO_TTSBoolean


English I ASL VideosEnglish I ASL Videos[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_ASLBoolean
English I Auto Text-to-SpeechEnglish I Auto Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_ATSBoolean
English I Content and Language SupportsEnglish I Content and Language Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_CLSBoolean
English I December EligibilityEnglish I December Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_DECBoolean
English I December RetesterEnglish I December Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_DEC_RTBoolean
English I Extra DayEnglish I Extra Day[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_EXTRABoolean
English I InterimEnglish I Interim[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_INTBoolean
English I June EligibilityEnglish I June Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_JUNBoolean
English I June RetesterEnglish I June Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_JUN_RTBoolean
English I STAAR Non-Embedded SupportsEnglish I STAAR Non-Embedded Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_OTHDESSUPBoolean
English I Paper (Test Mode)English I Paper (Test Mode)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]Varchar(2)2
English I STAAR & TELPAS Paper Test FormatEnglish I Paper Test Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
English I STAAR Alternate 2 Paper FormatEnglish I STAAR Alternate 2 Paper Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_ALT2_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
English I Permissive ModeEnglish I Permissive Mode[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_PERBoolean
English I PresentationEnglish I Presentation[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_PRSVarchar(2)2
English I Speech-to-TextEnglish I Speech-to-Text[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_STTBoolean
English I Spell CheckEnglish I Spell Check[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_SPLBoolean
English I Spring EligibilityEnglish I Spring Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_SPRBoolean
English I Spring RetesterEnglish I Spring Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_SPR_RTBoolean
English I STAAR Alt2English I STAAR Alt2[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_ALT2Boolean
Word Prediction (Co:Writer)Word Prediction (Co:Writer)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_WORDBoolean
Proctored AdministrationProctored Administration[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_PROCBoolean
English I Text-to-SpeechEnglish I Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG1_TTSBoolean


English II ASL VideosEnglish II ASL Videos[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_ASLBoolean
English II Auto Text-to-SpeechEnglish II Auto Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_ATSBoolean
English II Content and Language SupportsEnglish II Content and Language Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_CLSBoolean
English II December EligibilityEnglish II December Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_DECBoolean
English II December RetesterEnglish II December Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_DEC_RTBoolean
English II Extra DayEnglish II Extra Day[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_EXTRABoolean
English II InterimEnglish II Interim[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_INTBoolean
English II June EligibilityEnglish II June Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_JUNBoolean
English II June RetesterEnglish II June Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_JUN_RTBoolean
English II STAAR Non-Embedded SupportsEnglish II STAAR Non-Embedded Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_OTHDESSUPBoolean
English II Paper (Test Mode)English II Paper (Test Mode)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_TESTMODEVarchar(2)2
English II STAAR & TELPAS Paper Test FormatEnglish II Paper Test Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
English II STAAR Alternate 2 Paper FormatEnglish II STAAR Alternate 2 Paper FormatENG2_ALT2_PAPERFORMAT]ENG2_ALT2_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
English II Permissive ModeEnglish II Permissive Mode[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_PERBoolean
English II PresentationEnglish II Presentation[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_PRSVarchar(2)2
English II Speech-to-TextEnglish II Speech-to-Text[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_STTBoolean
English II Spell CheckEnglish II Spell Check[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_SPLBoolean
English II Spring EligibilityEnglish II Spring Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_SPRBoolean
English II Spring RetesterEnglish II Spring Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_SPR_RTBoolean
English II STAAR Alt2English II STAAR Alt2[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_ALT2Boolean
Word Prediction (Co:Writer)Word Prediction (Co:Writer)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_WORDBoolean
Proctored AdministrationProctored Administration[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_PROCBoolean
English II Text-to-SpeechEnglish II Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]ENG2_TTSBoolean


US History ASL VideosUS History ASL Videos[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_ASLBoolean
US History Auto Text-to-SpeechUS History Auto Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_ATSBoolean
US History Content and Language SupportsUS History Content and Language Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_CLSBoolean
US History December EligibilityUS History December Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_DECBoolean
US History December RetesterUS History December Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_DEC_RTBoolean
US History Extra DayUS History Extra Day[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_EXTRABoolean
US History InterimUS History Interim[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_INTBoolean
US History June EligibilityUS History June Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_JUNBoolean
US History June RetesterUS History June Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_JUN_RTBoolean
US History STAAR Non-Embedded SupportsUS History STAAR Non-Embedded Supports[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_OTHDESSUPBoolean
US History Paper (Test Mode)US History Paper (Test Mode)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_TESTMODEVarchar(2)2
US History  STAAR & TELPAS Paper Test FormatUS History Paper Test Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
US History  STAAR Alternate 2 Paper FormatUS History  STAAR Alternate 2 Paper Format[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_ALT2_PAPERFORMATVarchar(2)3
US History Permissive ModeUS History Permissive Mode[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_PERBoolean
US History PresentationUS History Presentation[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_PRSVarchar(2)2
US History Speech-to-TextUS History Speech-to-Text[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_STTBoolean
US History Spell CheckUS History Spell Check[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_SPLBoolean
US History Spring EligibilityUS History Spring Eligibility[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_SPRBoolean
US History Spring RetesterUS History Spring Retester[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_SPR_RTBoolean
US History STAAR Alt2US History STAAR Alt2[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_ALT2Boolean
Word Prediction (Co:Writer)Word Prediction (Co:Writer)[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_WORDBoolean
Proctored AdministrationProctored Administration[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_PROCBoolean
US History Text-to-SpeechUS History Text-to-Speech[S_TX_STU_ASSMT_X]USH_TTSBoolean
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