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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-266190All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile (System Report) Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.1
The Attendance Profile report PDF library is updated and the pagination from ‘Page X of Y’ to ‘Page X’.

Additionally, due to the large PDF size that can result if the report is run for a large selection of students, a validation is added to the report page to restrict the number of students to 200.

PSSR-265130All States/Provinces: DBMS_UTILITY.compile_schema Update

The RecompilePSSchema.sql files for all states are updated with the compile_all => FALSE constraint, in the DBMS_UTILITY function.

PSSR-265823All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Preferences Page Keeps Loading

Digital Equity and Learning Preferences page is updated to show the data while editing, even if there are special characters inside the data.

PSSR-259236All States/Provinces: Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in Public Portal Pref Does Not Save

The Miscellaneous page in District is updated to save the Pref to Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in the Public Portal correctly.

PSSR-25013120-21 Updates to LEP/EL Special Programs Data Collection for PEIMS Extended Year Submission

PEIMS Special Programs Verification Report Report: Version 1.0.15

The LEP/EL Special Program Record is updated with a new element for the Extended Year Submission: Prior Year Bilingual/ESL Summer School (E1708).

  • Code students as 1/Yes only if a 2019-20 Bil/ESL Summer School student did not complete the program before the start of the 2020 school year and program requirements were completed after the start of school.
  • Note that the existing Bil/ESL Summer School Indicator applies to students who completed the 2020-21 Bil/ESL Summer School program prior to the start of the 2021 school year.
  • In some cases, students may be reported with a value of 1 for both elements in the 2020-21 Extended Year Submission.
    The PEIMS Special Programs Verification Report for the LEP/EL option is also updated to add the new Prior Year Bil/ESL Summer School indicator.
PSSR-266681Course Completion Logic Updates

TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 1.0.63
TX Interchange Student Transcript: Version 1.0.31

The Interchanges are updated to support the extension of the year term for ADSY schools.

  • The reports now reference the last In-Session calendar day instead of the last day of the term when determining class end dates and course completion.
  • A course is considered completed if the student is enrolled on the final instructional day for the course, or if the student has a final grade for the course.
PSSR-259334EdOrg and Staff Interchange Updates for PEIMS Extended Year and ADSY

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 1.0.45
TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 1.0.46

Data collection and report updates are now available to support the PEIMS Extended Year Submission changes and additional elements for the ADSY Program, including updates for ADSY Staff Responsibility records.

  • EdOrg Interchange:
    • School Extension
      • A new ADSY element is now included in the interchange for each school when the EXYR Collection Code is selected: E1671 ADDITIONAL-DAYS-PROGRAM-INDICATOR-CODE (TX-AdditionalDaysProgramIndicator).
      • The extract reports 1 for the TX-AdditionalDaysProgramIndicator if the E1671 ADSY Program Indicator field is set to Yes on the Schools/School Info page.
      • Otherwise, a value of 0 is reported by default.
    • Course Extension
      • Each unique Service ID entered in the ADSY Staff Responsibility Records is reported.
      • Service ID’s for any Dual Credit or College Prep courses in manual entry stored grades records for the Extended Year Submission are also included.
        • These are the same Service ID’s as reported in the MasterSchedule, StudentEnrollment and Student Transcript interchanges.
        • In order to be included, the Explanation Code must contain a value of "R" and must be attached to the 20-21 school year.
  • Staff Responsibilities Page
    • Staff Responsibility Records must be imported or manually entered on the Staff Responsibility page for each teacher (Role ID 087) or substitute (Role ID 047) assigned to an ADSY classroom for at least one day of ADSY instruction.
    • A new ADSY indicator is added to the main Staff Responsibilities grid to allow users to readily identify the records related to ADSY. This appears as the last column with an indicator of 1 or 0.
    • In the detail record, the Section ID dropdown list now displays the default selection of “0 None” as the first item in the list instead of the last. All Section ID’s for ADSY must be set to “0 None.”
    • Additional data entry validations for ADSY records are implemented. When the ADSY Program Teacher Indicator (E1673) = 1/Yes, valid values in the following fields are now required before the page can be submitted.
      • Service ID: Must be 8 characters in length and must not begin with "SA", "SE", "SR", "SS", or "8".
      • Number of Students in Class: Must be a whole number > 0.
      • Class ID: Must not be blank and must be 14 characters in length.
      • An additional validation was previously added to require a Role ID value of 087 or 047 if the ADSY Indicator is set to yes.
  • Staff Interchange
    • Parameters
      • A new EXYR option is added to the Collection Code parameter on the report page.
      • When the EXYR Collection is selected, any district offering the ADSY program should select the StaffResponsibilitiesExtension complex.
    • Staff Responsibility Record Output
      • E0212 DISRICT-ID (StateOrganizationId)
      • E1524 TX-UNIQUE-STAFF-ID (StaffUniqueStateId)
      • E0266 CAMPUS-ID (StateOrganizationId)
      • E0721 ROLE-ID (TX-StaffRole)
      • E0724 SERVICE-ID (TX-ServiceId)
      • E1056 CLASS-ID-NUMBER (TX-UniqueSectionCode)
      • E0747 POPULATION-SERVED-CODE (TX-PopulationServed): Defaults to 01 Regular if not specified
      • E0170 NUMBER-STUDENTS-IN-CLASS (TX-NumberOfStudentsInClass)
      • E1055 CLASS-TYPE-CODE (TX-ClassTypeCode): Defaults to 01 Regular if not specified
      • E1673 ADDITIONAL-DAYS-PROGRAM-TEACHER-INDICATOR-CODE (TX-AdditionalDaysProgramTeacherIndicator): Output as 1 in all records.
PSSR-265630EdOrgCalendar Interchange and Verification Report updates for ADSY

TX Interchange Education Organization Calendar: Version 1.0.11
Education Organization Calendar Verification Report: Version 1.0.6

Updates to support calendar reporting for the ADSY Program in the PEIMS Extended Year Submission are now available.

  • Parameters: A new EXYR option is added to the Collection Code parameter on the report page.
  • Record Selection Logic
    • If the collection code on the report page is set to EXYR, the report extracts the dates flagged as ADSY Days on the School Calendar page.
    • ADSY days may fall within the regular school year on Saturdays or other non-In Session days and may also occur on non In-Session days during the summer after the conclusion of the regular school year.
    • Each ADSY school must extend the year term in Years to Terms to encompass the final ADSY day.
  • CalendarDateExtension
    • E1168 CALENDAR-DATE (Date): Any days that fall before 09/01/2020 and are flagged as ADSY are ignored as funding was not available prior to this dae.
    • E1582 SCHOOL-DAY-EVENT-CODE (TX-SchoolDayCode): Always output as 01 (Student Instructional Day).
    • E1599 SCHOOL-DAY-INSTRUCTIONAL-MINUTES (TX-SchooLDayInstructionalMinutes): The value in the Operational Minutes override field on the School Calendar page is reported if populated. Otherwise, the Default ADAY Minutes value defined on the Schools /School Info page is extracted.
  • ReportingPeriodExtension
    • E0934 REPORTING-PERIOD-INDICATOR-CODE (TX-ReportingPeriod): Always output as 9.
    • E1568 REPORTING-PERIOD-BEGIN-DATE (BeginDate): Output as the first day in the School Calendar where the ADSY Day checkbox is selected.
    • E1569 REPORTING-PERIOD-END-DATE (EndDate): Output as the last day in the School Calendar where the ADSY Day checkbox is selected.
    • E0975 INSTRUCTIONAL-TRACK-INDICATOR-CODE (TX-InstructionalTrack): Always output as 99.
    • E1600 INSTRUCTIONAL-PROGRAM-TYPE (TX-InstructionalProgramType): Always output as 16.
    • E0935 NUMBER-DAYS-TAUGHT (TX-NumberDaysTaught): Output as the total number of days where the ADSY Day checkbox is selected in the School Calendar.
  • Education Organization Calendar Verification Report: The same logic and output as in the EdOrg Calendar Interchange are implemented. An ADSY Day flag is also added to the report.
  • Important: The Extended Year Interchange and Verification Report can only be generated after the core PowerSchool Year End Process has been run. When running the reports, select the 2020-21 school year.
PSSR-262360Report and EOC Status Page Updates for TSIA EOC Substitution Assessments

AAR: Version 1.0.27
AAR by Number, Grade, Last Initials, or Student Selection: Version 1.0.23
TREx Extract: Version 1.0.28
TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 1.0.22
Texas Graduation Profile Report: Version 1.0.8
Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: Version 1.0.7

Updates are now available for TSIA and TSIA2 Substitution Assessments for the Algebra I, English I, and English II EOC’s in the reports listed above as well as on the EOC Status tab of the Graduation Information page.

  • Summary
    • The eligibility criteria is adjusted to consider new minimum qualifying scores on the TSIA2 version of the assessments administered on 01/11/2021 or later.
    • For Algebra I substitutions, the TSIA or TSIA2 PowerSchool test score name must be defined as either “Mathematics” or “Math” in the PowerSchool Test Setup; upper and lower case characters do not matter.
    • For TSIA2 English I and English II substitutions, only two subtest scores now apply instead of the previous three. The test score names must be defined as “ELA” and “WritingEssay” or “Essay”; upper and lower case characters do not matter.
    • As in the current implementation, in order to qualify for any substitution, the student must have attempted the EOC assessment at least once if the student did not previously qualify for a waiver.
    • Additional eligibility criteria as outlined in TAC 101.4002 are also now considered in the TSIA/TSIA2 substitution assessment logic as outlined below.
  • TSIA/TSIA2 Substitute for EOC Algebra I
    • TSIA taken prior to 01/11/2021: Minimum qualifying score remains 350 in TSIA Mathematics.
    • TSIA2 taken on or after 01/11/2021: New minimum qualifying score of 950 in Mathematics.
    • Students must also meet at least one of these additional requirements:
      • The student must have completed the College Prep Math Course with Service ID CP111200 (CPMAT).
      • The student needs to have taken and failed the Algebra I assessment at least twice with an unsatisfactory performance level of 7.
  • TSIA Substitutions for English I and English II
    • TSIA Test taken prior to 01/11/2021: Minimum qualifying scores for all three subtest scores remain the same.
      • Reading; 350
      • Writing: 340
      • WritingEssay: 4
    • TSIA/TSIA2 Test taken on or after 01/11/202: new minimum qualifying scores for two TSIA2 subtests.
      • Score of 945 in new TSIA test score type of ELA
      • Score of 5 in TSIA test score type of WritingEssay or Essay
    • Students must also meet at least one of these additional requirements:
      • The student must have completed the College Prep ELA Course with Service ID CP110100 (CPELA).
      • The student must have attempted and failed the English II EOC at least twice with an unsatisfactory performance level of 7.
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