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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-288188Campus Summary Updates

Campus Summary: Version 22.5.1
Updates are now available for CTE Attendance along with a new calculations legend page.

  • Table I - Attendance Totals
    • The obsolete calculations for the CTE FTE based on the prior V1-V6 Contact Hours model are removed from column 13 and the FTE is now displayed as N/A.
    • A footnote now displays at the bottom of the page: TEA will calculate CTE funding for V1-V3 Service ID records submitted in the PEIMS Student Attendance Interchange based on the CTE Weighted Funding Tier for each course.
    • The calculation for the Prog Ref. ADA in column 14 is updated to remove CTE and SPED. The calculated ADA now includes Eligible Days for the following types of attendance: 7 SPED Mainstream, 10 PRS, 17 Bil/ESL, 27 K-3 Eco, and 33 Res Facility (RFT).
  • Table II - Career and Technology Code Summary
    • The obsolete rows for V4-V6 Contact Hours, Contact Hour Multiplier, Eligible Contact Hours and FTE are removed.
    • The Eligible Days Present V1-V3 now display based on student CTE class enrollments with similar logic as reported in the CTE Multiplier complex = in the PEIMS Summer Attendance Interchange.
  • Table III - Instructional Setting Code Summary
    • The calculation of Excess Hours in Instructional Setting for students who are both SPED and CTE is essentially unchanged and continues to be based on combined CTE contact hours and SPED contact hours, which remain capped at six contact hours in any one day.
    • Each V1 course = 1 contact hour; each V2 = 2 contact hours; each V3 = 3 contact hours.
    • For the calculation of Excess Contact Hours, the contact hours are summed as in the current implementation.
  • FSP Six-Week Report Detail Page:
    • The verbiage related to the obsolete V1-V6 calculations for the CTE FTE is updated to display “HB 1525 State Aid worksheet cell E41 or District Calculation.”
    • 13 CTE FTE now displays as N/A in the Attendance Totals table as the prior CTE funding model is no longer valid. CTE FTE will be calculated by TEA at the conclusion of the PEIMS Summer Submission based on the new CTE course weighted funding tier model.
  • New - Calculations Legend Page: A new page is output as the final page in the report listing each of the FTE calculations and formulae used in the report.
PSSR-288824Child Find and PPCD Validation Updates

TX Interchange Student Program: Version 22.5.1

  • Student Program Interchange - Child Find
    • The logic for the E1714 PARENTAL-CONSENT-DATE element (TX-ParentalConsentDate) in the StudentChildFindAssociationExtension is updated to report the date as the first instructional day following the date on which the Local Education Agency (LEA) received written consent for the evaluation, instead of the date as entered in the special program record.
    • If Parent Consent Date in the Child Find record is Friday, 03/04/2022 the Parent Consent Date reported in the interchange is the next in-session date of Monday, 03/07/2022 (assuming Monday is not a holiday).
    • If Parent Consent Date is the last day of the school year, or a date in the summer that falls between two school years, the Parent Consent Date is reported as the next in-session date, which would be the first day of school for the Campus ID of Evaluation in the record.
  • Updates to PPCD Validation in the SPED Special Program Record
    • Existing validation for Pre-School Prog Children w Disabilities (E0899): Student age on snapshot date must be 3, 4 or 5 years when PPCD is 1.
    • The TEA edit applies only to the Fall PEIMS Submission. Currently, depending on the student’s age, users are sometimes prevented from saving the page if a student is enrolled in PPCD after the Fall Snapshot.
      • The PPCD validation is revised from a hard-stop to a warning only.
      • If the SPED special program entry date falls on or after August 1 of the current school year through the Fall Snapshot date, the current validation based on the student's age as of the Fall Snapshot Date is retained.
      • If the SPED special program entry date falls between the Fall Snapshot Date and July 31 of the current year, the validation checks only that the student’s current age is 3, 4 or 5.
      • If the SPED special program entry date does not fall within the current school year, no warning is generated.
PSSR-288670New PEIMS Transcript Records Verification Report and Updates to Transcript Interchange

PEIMS Transcript Records Verification Report Version: 22.5.1
TX Interchange Student Transcript Version: 22.5.1
A new Transcript Records Verification Report in CSV format for the PEIMS Summer and Extended Year submissions is now available under the Data Verification and Supporting Reports section of the state reports page. The Transcript Interchange is updated with additional runtime parameters.

  • PEIMS Transcript Records Verification Report
    • Parameters
      • Standard selection of schools and students
      • Collection Code with options for SUMR and EXYR
      • School Year
      • Records to Include
        • All (default)
        • Scheduled Classes
        • Remote Classes
        • Manual Entry Stored Grades
      • Exclude Students with Missing Unique ID
      • Exclude Student with Missing SSN
      • Parameter for Incomplete Grades as in Transcript Interchange
    • Record Selection Criteria: a separate record is output for each PEIMS Course Transcript record as reported in the Transcript Interchange.
      • If the SUMR collection is selected, these records are included:
        • Completed high school credit classes based on the TEA C022 Service ID table in PowerSchool
        • Completed TX VSN courses with Non-Campus Based Instruction Code of 04 or 05
      • If the EXYR collection is selected, manual entry stored grades records for Dual Credit or College Prep courses taken over the summer are included when the following conditions are met:
        • The Associated Section must be “None”
        • The Special Explanation Code must be “R” (summer or night school)
        • The school year in the record is the prior school year
        • For College Prep Courses, the Service ID must be CP110100 (College Prep English Language Arts) or CR111200 (College Prep Mathematics)
    • Report Data Elements
      • Last Name
      • First Name
      • Student Number
      • UID
      • Grade
      • Current School
      • Record Type (Section, Remote Section, Manual Entry)
      • Campus ID
      • Remote School (blank if scheduled or manual entry)
      • Course Name
      • Course #
      • Section (blank for manual entry)
      • Section ID (0 for manual entry)
      • Service ID
      • Class ID
      • Store Code (may be blank if course is in progress and final grade not yet stored)
      • Course Seq
      • Grade
      • Percent
      • Credit
      • Pass/Fail Credit (defaults to 09 if final grade not yet stored)
      • Dual Credit
      • College Credit
      • ATC
  • Transcript Interchange Updates
    • Internal clean-up scripts for PEIMS Oracle packages are implemented.
    • Runtime parameters for the exclusion of students with missing UID or SSN are added.
PSSR-289136PEIMS General Error Check Updates for Orphaned Enrollment Days

Student PEIMS Error Checks: Version 22.5.1
The date logic for the student PEIMS Error Check for Enrollment Days with no PEIMS General Record is modified so that Exit Dates are handled as expected, and false positive errors are not generated. The Exit Date in the PEIMS General record is the first day of non-participation/non-enrollment. When closing an existing record and creating a new record during a student's enrollment, the Entry Date in the new record should be the same as the Exit Date in the prior record.

PSSR-290516Staff Interchange Updates

TX Interchange Staff Association: Version 22.5.1
The Staff Interchange is updated so that all complex types selected by the user are reported, even if the Basic Staff Extension is not selected.

PSSR-288215Student Detail Updates for CTE Attendance

Student Detail: Version 22.5.1
Updates are now available to support the display of attendance per the new TEA model based on CTE Service ID’s and to update the logic related to CTE classes scheduled remotely at non-reportable campuses.

  • Student Detail Section: V1-V6 Hours
    • While the prior model for V1-V6 hours no longer applies to the CTE FTE, the display of the V1-V6 calculations in the CTE V-Hrs/Days column is retained as this value remains relevant on an individual student basis for the calculation of Excess Hours in Instructional Setting for SPED students.
    • Each V1 course = 1 contact hour; each V2 = 2 contact hours; each V3 = 3 contact hours.
    • For the calculation of Excess Contact Hours, the contact hours are summed as in the current implementation.
  • New CTE Courses and V Hours Detail Section
    • Below the existing student detail output, a new section displays similar content as in the TX CTE Multiplier complex in the Attendance Interchange.
    • Regular, RS and RA Days Eligible are not differentiated as the funding is the same for all. Instead, the three different attendance types are collapsed to report total Days Eligible V1, V2, or V3 for each CTE course.
    • For each CTE course taken by a student, the Service ID displays along with the total Days Eligible V1, V2 or V3 for the Report Period(s) or Override Start/End Date range specified at runtime.
    • CTE courses scheduled remotely at non-reportable campuses are also included.
    • The calculations consider the CTE Hours Exclusion data sources:
      • Student-level exclusion: Exclude Vocational Contact Hours based on the Entry and Exit Date in the record.
      • Section-level exclusion(s): Exclude CTE Hours based on the Start and End Dates in the child table records.
  • CTE Flex Attendance
    • While a student is in a Flex Program and taking CTE courses, Service ID's and V1-V3 Days Eligible are not included in the Attendance Interchange. The student's total CTE Minutes (FLEX-ATTEND-TOTAL-CAREER-TECH-MINUTES-PRESENT) continue to report as before, and the funding model remains based on total CTE minutes.
    • However, for the purpose of verifying CTE Attendance minutes for Flex Students, the CTE Service ID's and total Flex minutes now display for each course.
    • If a student changes between a Flex Program and regular ADA code while taking CTE courses, the regular CTE Multiplier records display for the days where the student had an ADA Eligibility Code of 1, 2, 3, or 6; the Flex Service ID records with minutes display separately for days where the ADA Eligibility Code was 7.
  • Student Detail Summary Pages
    • Career and Tech Attendance and Career and Tech Flex Attendance Summaries
      • The obsolete columns for Contact Hours V4, V5 & V6 are removed.
      • The columns for V1, V2, and V3 now display the total contact hours based on the calculation of student Service ID's and V Hours from the Student Detail queries.
      • For Flex Attendance, only the total minutes display for each category.
    • Special Education Attendance Summary
      • The calculation of Excess Hours in Instructional Setting uses the total contact hours value.
      • Each V1 CTE course = 1 contact hour; V2 - 2 contact hours; V3 = 3 Contact Hours.
PSSR-290676Student Truancy and Attendance Interchange Updates

Texas Truancy Status Report: Version 22.5.1
TX Interchange Student Attendance: Version 22.5.1

  • Student Truancy Tracking Page
    • In State/Province – TX > Student Truancy Tracking, the absence totals and calculations now refresh as expected when the user opens the page.
    • When a student has a manually entered Truancy Prevention Measure but has not yet reached the ten unexcused absence threshold for truancy, the Truancy Campus and Grade Level elements are now automatically populated in the record based on the Truancy Prevention Campus.
    • Support for the display of prior year Truancy records will be addressed in a subsequent release.
  • Texas Truancy Status Report
    • The report now displays the Truancy Campus and Grade Level elements as described above.
    • When the report is run with the Refresh Records Based on Current Attendance option, the Truancy Campus and Grade Level are updated as needed if a student had prior values for a Truancy Prevention Measure, but may now have different values after reaching the ten unexcused absence threshold.
  • Attendance Interchange
    • Student Truancy Complex
      • When a student has not yet reached the state truancy threshold of 10 unexcused absences but has a manually entered Truancy Prevention Indicator and Truancy Prevention campus, the Campus ID of Enrollment and Grade Level for the student are output in the XML file as expected. Previously, these elements reported with blank values.
      • Campus ID of Enrollment is the campus number of the school entered as the Truancy Prevention Campus in the UI and Grade Level is the student's current grade level.
    • CTE Multiplier Complex: If a CTE student has a grade level or track change during an attendance reporting period, the V1, V2 or V3 Eligible Days Present for the CTE class(es) are now apportioned across multiple records as expected.
    • SPED Attendance Complex
      • This complex now includes only the applicable elements for the student’s specific type(s) of attendance days: Regular, RA, and/or RS when reporting Instructional Setting, Eligible Days in Instructional Setting, and Excess Hours in Instructional Setting.
      • If a student has only RS attendance during a reporting period, only the RS versions of the three required elements are reported,
      • If a student has only RA attendance during a reporting period, only the RA versions of the three required elements are reported,
      • If the student has a mix of regular, RS and/or RA days within a reporting period, the appropriate sets of elements for those types of attendance are reported.
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