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Courses and Sections Verification Report

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 This report serves as a verification of all courses and sections where at least one student is scheduled in the selected year. The output includes all Texas-specific data elements and overrides at both the course and section levels. To verify all course and section values regardless of the collection, select the "ALL" option, which also includes courses and sections flagged as "Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS". To verify the course and section values for a specific PEIMS or TSDS Collection, select the corresponding Collection Code. The output includes only those courses and sections that meet the record selection criteria for the collection.

Report Input

For help with report navigation and generation, see Generate Reports.

Each of the available run options and data fields for the report are described below. 



Select Schools

At the District Level:

  • Select All Schools to run the extract for all schools that are not excluded from state reporting.
  • Selecting Multiple Schools allows you to use the Ctrl or SHIFT key on your keyboard to click each school you want to run the extract.

At the School Level:

  • Select All Schools to run the extract for all schools not excluded from state reporting.
  • Select Current School Only to run the extract just for the current school.
Collection Code





TSDS - Class Roster Fall

TSDS - Class Roster Winter

School Year

Select the school year for which you want to filter Courses and Sections.

Enter the Class Roster Fall Snapshot Date
Enter the Class Roster Winter Snapshot Date
Enter the BOY ECDS Assessment Start Date
Enter theBOY ECDS Assessment End Date
Enter the ECDS Assessment Start Date
Enter the ECDS Assessment End Date

Report Output

Data Element


Course #The course number[Courses]Course_Number
Course NameThe course name[Courses]Course_Name
School #The name of the school[Schools]School_Number
CDC #Alternate school number[Schools]Alternate_School_Number
Section #Section number[Sections]Section_Number
Section DCIDSection ID[Sections]DCID
ExprSection expression[Sections]Expression
TermThe term ID[Sections]TermID
Teacher #Teacher Number[Users]TeacherNumber
Teacher UIDThe teacher's unique identification number[Users]SIF_StatePrid
Teacher NameTeacher's name[Users]LastFirst
# StudentsThe total number of students[Sections]no_of_students
Class ID - CalcThe class IDcalculated
Class ID - OvrClass ID override[S_TX_SEC_X]E1056_ClassID_Override
Alt Course # - CrsAlternate course number[CoursesCoreFields]Alt_Course_Number
Alt Course # - SecAlternate course number[S_TX_SEC_X]Alt_Course_Number
Crs Seq - CrsCourse sequence[S_TX_CRS_X]Course_Sequence
Crs Seq - Crs Output ValuesCourse sequence[S_TX_CRS_X]Course_Sequence
Crs Seq - SecCourse sequence override[S_TX_SEC_X]E0948_Course_Seq_Override
Vocational CourseVocational course[Courses]Vocational
Voc Cont Hrs - CrsVocational contact hours[S_TX_CRS_X]Vocational_Contact_Hours
Voc Cont Hrs - SecVocational contact hours[S_TX_SEC_X]Vocational_Contact_Hours
Expl Code - CrsExplanation code combined[S_TX_CRS_X]Explanation_Code_Combined
Expl Code - SecExplanation code combined[S_TX_SEC_X]Explanation_Code_Combined
Pop Served - CrsPopulation served[S_TX_CRS_X]E0747_Population_Served
PopServed - SecPopulation served[S_TX_SEC_X]E0747_Population_Served
Class Type - CrsThe class type[S_TX_CRS_X]E1055_Class_Type
Class Type - SecThe class type[S_TX_SEC_X]E1055_Class_Type
Non-Campus Based Inst - CrsNon-Campus Based Instruction[S_TX_CRS_X]E1072_Non_Campus_Based_Instr
Non-Campus Based Inst - SecNon-Campus Based Instruction[S_TX_SEC_X]E1072_Non_Campus_Based_Instr
Dual Credit - CrsDual credit[S_TX_CRS_X]E1011_Dual_Credit
Dual Credit - SecDual credit[S_TX_SEC_X]E1011_Dual_Credit
College Credit - CrsCollege credit[S_TX_CRS_X]E1081
College Credit - SecCollege credit[S_TX_SEC_X]E1081_College_Credit
ATC - CrsATC Indicator[S_TX_CRS_X]E1058_ATC_Indicator
ATC - SecATC Indicator[S_TX_SEC_X]E1058_ATC_Indicator
HR Section - CrsHomeroom Section[S_TX_CRS_X]E1440_Homeroom_Section
HR Section - SecHomeroom Section[S_TX_SEC_X]E1440_Homeroom_Section
Student Instruction - SecStudent Instruction[S_TX_SEC_X]E1558_Student_Instruction
PK Curricula - DistPK Curricula - District[Prefs]E1579_PK_Curricula
PK Curricula - SchlPK Curricula - School[S_TX_SCH_SCHOOLS_X]E1579_PK_Curricula
PK Curricula - CrsPK Curricula[S_TX_CRS_X]E1579_PK_Curricula
PK Curricula - SecPK Curricula[S_TX_SEC_X]E1579_PK_Curricula
HQ PK Prog - DistHQ PK program[Prefs]E1580_High_Qual_PK_Prog
HQ PK Prog - SchlHQ PK program[S_TX_SCH_SCHOOLS_X]E1580_High_Qual_PK_Prog
HQ PK Prog - SecHQ PK program[S_TX_SEC_X]E1580_High_Qual_PK_Prog
Program Eval Type - DistProgram Evaluation Type - District[Prefs]E1626_Program_Eval_Type
Program Eval Type - SchlProgram Evaluation Type - School[S_TX_SCH_SCHOOLS_X]E1626_Program_Eval_Type
Program Eval Type - SecProgram Evaluation Type [S_TX_SEC_X]E1626_Program_Eval_Type
Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS - CrsExclude from PEIMS/TSDS[S_TX_CRS_X]Exclude_From_090
Exclude from PEIMS/TSDS - SecExclude from PEIMS/TSDS[S_TX_SEC_X]Exclude_From_090
Exclude from AAR - CrsExclude from AAR[S_TX_CRS_X]Exclude_From_AAR
Exclude from AAR - SecExclude from AAR[S_TX_SEC_X]Exclude_From_AAR
Exclude from TREx - CrsExclude from TREx[S_TX_CRS_X]ExcludeFromTREx
Exclude from TREx - SecExclude from TREx[S_TX_SEC_X]ExcludeFromTREx

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