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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Import ID Look-Up Functionality

The Import ID Look-Up functionality will no longer fail if the file contains an ID number that is not in PowerSchool. In this scenario, the result file (with the selected ID’s appended) will return the following verbiage:

  • Not Found


All States/Provinces: Attendance Change History Report Updates

Attendance Change History Report: Version 1.2

Additional Reference: PSSR-309600

The following updates have been made to the Attendance Change history report:

  • The “Changed by” column is now updated to show the correct information when changes are made via the plugin.

  • The Change Date/Time column and the current timestamp at the bottom of the report output will now display the time the attendance was modified, based on the time zone of the app server.


All States/Provinces: Compliance Package Encryption Key Security Updates

Additional References: PSSR-309549, PSSR-309548, PSSR-309547

Common (Compliance) packages have been updated and hard-coded encryption keys have been removed from the database for security reasons.


Assessment Portal Access: Updated to Remove Encryption

Assessment Portal Access Code Extract and Import: Version 23.4.3

The report and import process are updated to remove the encryption process for the student portal access codes.

  • Districts can continue to use this state report to import the student PAC’s from the .txt version of the student state assessment data reporting files.

  • Districts now also have the option of doing a direct import into PowerSchool using the Quick Import tool and a district-defined import file. This file must contain the local student number and the student PAC code; no other fields are required.

  • When using the Assessment Portal Access Code Extract and Import:

    • When the Manual Import option is selected, the CSV Quick Import output file now contains non-encrypted PAC’s as they appear in the state assessment files.

    • When the Auto Import option is selected, the PAC’s are imported into the target field without encryption.

    • Both options also include an Excluded Students file.

  • The Texas Family Portal single sign-on feature in the PowerSchool Parent Portal is also updated remove the de-encryption routine when the log on credentials are passed to the state assessment website.s


Assessment Pre-Code: Student Test Attributes Updates

Student Test Attributes Upload File: Version 23.4.3

The data collection and file out for the student Test Attributes are updated to conform to the latest Cambium requirements.

  • The Speech-to-Text attribute is not supported for STAAR 3-8 Math and EOC Algebra I. The attributes have been removed from the data collection and suppressed in the upload file output.

  • The calculator attribute is not supported for STAAR EOC Algebra I and Biology. The attributes have been removed from the data collection and suppressed in the upload file output.

  • For STAAR 3-8 Math and Science, the calculator label is modified from from “Basic TI Calculator” to “TI Calculator” on both the data collection page and in the upload file output.


EdOrg Interchange Update for Summer PEIMS

TX Interchange Education Organization: Version 24.3.3

The Additional Days School Year Program (ADSY) Indicator has been added to the school extension for Summer PEIMS.

  • In District > Schools/School Info, the ADSY Program Indicator (E1671) must be set to (1) Yes for any school offering the ADSY program this year. The daily default ADSY minutes should also be populated.

  • While ADSY records will continue to be reported in PEIMS Extended Year Submission 4, TEA will use the ADSY indicator and EdOrg Calendar data collected in Summer PEIMS to verify that the schools have the minimum calendar days and minutes required to offer the ADSY program.

  • If the ADSY Program Indicator (E1671) is set to yes, a value of 1 is reported in the school extension; otherwise, a default of 0 is reported.


Graduation Information Data Collection Updates

Texas First Early HS Completion Program (E1736): This new data element is now available in State/Province - TX > Graduation Information > Additional Indicators

  • This element will be reported in the Graduation Program Extension in next year’s Fall PEIMS Submission for students graduating in the current 2022-23 school year.

  • The element indicates if the student graduated early under the Texas First Early High School Completion Program with the following options. All early graduates must be coded.

    • Select Code

    • (01) Student Graduated Two Or More Semesters Early

    • (02) Student Graduated Less Than Two Semesters Early

Financial Aid Application Code (E1724): The field label is updated to include the PEIMS data element number instead of the TREx element number.


Graduation Profile Reports

Texas Graduation Profile Report: Version 23.4.3

Texas Individual Graduation Profile Report: Version 23.4.3

The calculation of total State and Local credits is updated to match the logic used in the AAR. Stored Grades records with credits for courses that are not eligible for high school credit per the TEA C022 Service ID table are now excluded. In addition, if the course or stored grade record is flagged as “Exclude from AAR”, the credits are also excluded.


Historical Grades Data Collection Enhancements

Additional Reference: PSSR-315260

New features are now available on the Historical Grades pages including Single New Entry, Edit, and Multiple New Entries.

  • Smart Search for Alternate CDC Number and School Name

    • The TEA AskTED School Directories for 2018 through Spring 2023 have been added to the PowerSchool database to serve as as lookup table for Texas CDC Numbers and School Names when users enter transcript records for courses taken in a prior Texas district or charter.

    • Smart Search is now available in the Alternate CDC Number and School Name fields on the single entry/edit page and on the Multiple New Entries page.

      • Begin typing a CDC Number and a dropdown list displays the AskTED entries with matching numbers. Type additional characters to narrow the list, then select the desired item in the list. The Alternate CDC School Name is automatically populated.

      • Alternately, users can begin typing a school name in the Alternate CDC School Name field and a dropdown list displays the AskTED matching schools. Select the desired school and the Alternate CDC number is automatically poplated.

      • In an exceptional case where no match for either the CDC number or school name can be found, the user can click away and manually enter override values in the fields.

      • In the Multiple New Entries page, these fields are attached to the main Year/School record at the top of the page so that courses from the same school and year require just one entry. The Alternate CDC and School Name will be saved to all records once the page is submitted.

  • Explanation Codes

    • Special Explanation Codes are also now available on the Multiple New Entries page.

    • These codes apper within each individual course record and may vary across courses. The course-specific values are saved to each record for the course once the page is submitted.


SELA: Updates for Deaf And Hard Of Heariing Disability

TX Interchange Student Parent: Version 23.4.3

The output of Disability Code 03 is updated to output the code description with all words capitalized per TEA Code table DC142. The output and display on the SELA page is now “Deaf And Hard Of Hearing.”


State Assessments: Substitution and Exempt Logic Updates

Subsitution Assessments

  • The logic for substitution assessments taken prior to 09/01/2019 is updated to no longer require that the student attempt the EOC assessment for the subject.

  • If the student meets the minimum qualifying score for the substitution assessment, the status displays as “Pass Sub” on the EOC status page and on the AAR.

  • Per TEA requirements, substitution assessments taken after 09/01/2019 continue to require at least one attempt at the corresponding EOC assessment in order to be considered.

  • The validation logic for manually entered Substitutions on the EOC Status page is also updated to enforce this requirement.

Exempt Logic

  • To resolve competing logic for the special Exempt scenario and AP Subsitution Assessments where the Alpha score contains the AP test version code, the existing logic for Exempt is updated to filter out AP tests when considering exemptions for STAAR/EOC.

    • [StudentTestScore]NumScore = 1

    • [StudentTestScore]Alpha Score contains “E”, but not “ver”

  • In this scenario, “Waived” prints on the AAR, and “Assessment/ARD” displays on the EOC status page.


Student Enrollment Interchange Update for ECDS Collection

TX Interchange Student Enrollment: Version 23.4.3

The interchange is updated for the ECDS collection to handle additional data situations. Previously, an issue was identified related to students who changed from PK3 (grade level -2) to PK4 (grade level -1) during the ECDS Assessment Date range, which caused the interchange to hang.


Texas Oracle Temp Table Update

The handling of the Texas enrollment temp table in Orace is updated to ensure that the fields are ordered as expected to prevent Oracle errors when generating the interchanges.


Update Reportable Actions for Safe Team Review: Discipline Interchange

TX Interchange Student Discipline: Version 23.4.3

The Action Codes that determine the output of the Safe Supportive School Program Team Review element in the Discipline Interchange are updated.

  • This element is reported when the Action results in a suspension, explusion, placement, or mandatory action not taken: Action Codes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 13, 14, 25, 26, 27, 28, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, or 60.

  • If the Action Attribute is coded as (1) Yes, 1 is reported; otherwise 0.

  • This element is suppressed for all other Action Codes

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