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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Update School-Level Report Filters Page Update

The Update School-Level Report Filters page has been updated and will now have a “Run Filters” button. Once the Run Filters button is selected, the filters will be refreshed and the end user will receive a notification stating that the “Changes have been recorded.”


All States/Provinces: Enhanced UI - Ed-Fi/SIF Dashboard Link Update

The Enhanced UI is now updated and the Ed-Fi/SIF Dashboard links are now available at the path below:

  • Go to Data & Reporting, Data Management, and then select Data Exchange [Select Profile]

Note: This Ed-Fi/SIF Dashboard is only accessible when the Data Exchange (DEX) Plugin is enabled.


All States/Provinces: Enhanced UI - CRDC Data Entry Link Updates

The Enhanced UI is now updated and the CRDC data entry links are now available at the paths below:

  • District-Level: Go to District Management, Compliance, CRDC.

  • School-Level: Go to District Management, District Setup, School Info, [Select School].

  • Course-Level: Go to District Management, Courses & Programs, Course, [Select Course].

  • Course-Level: Go to School Management, Courses & Programs, Courses, [Select Course].

  • Section-Level: Go to School Management, Courses & Programs, Course Sections, [Select Section].

  • Student-Level: Select Student, Compliance.

  • Staff-Level: Select Staff, Compliance.


Industry Certifications: IBC Code 410 and IBC Vendor Code 510 Re-instated

The Performance Acknowledgments data collection for Industry Certifications is updated to re-instate these codes, which were previously retired by TEA and then re-activated as valid codes for 2022-23. Users can now enter IBC records for these codes.

  • IBC Code: (410) Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate

  • IBC Vendor Code: (510) SOLIDWORKS


Performance Updates: PEIMS Error Check for Missing ADA Period Class

The PEIMS Error Check query for Missing ADA Period Class is now updated for performance. The query now completes as expected when processing records for larger schools or districts.


Reorganization of State Reports Page

The State Reports page is re-organized for better categorization of reports and increased usability. In addition, the report descriptions have been updated to provide a summary of each report’s function. The report categories now appear in this order:

  • Assessment

  • Attendance

  • Courses and Sections

  • Incident Management

  • PEIMS/TSDS Interchanges

  • PEIMS/TSDS Supporting Reports

  • Student Programs

  • Student Records and Transcripts

  • Unique ID Extracts

  • External Systems

  • Electronic Attendance Auditing

  • CRDC


Report Updates for ADA Period Remote Class Attendance

Campus Summary: Version 23.5.1

Student Detail: Version 23.5.1

TREx Extract: Version 23.5.1

TREx Extract by Student Number: Version 23.5.1

TX Interchange Student Attendance: Version 23.5.1

The attendance reports are updated with logic to include attendance from classes flagged as “Remote ADA Period Class” in the edit detail page for student class enrollments (All Enrollments).

  • The prior need to create placeholder classes to record attendance for remote classes taken during the home school ADA period is eliminated as long as the remote class is identified with the “Remote ADA Period Class” checkbox.

  • If a student is enrolled in a remote class at another building during the ADA period at the student’s home school, TEA-reportable attendance is now sourced directly from the remote class.

  • If the student has a class scheduled during the home school ADA period, there is no change and the attendance recorded for that class is used.

  • On any instructional day where the student lacks an ADA period class or a Remote ADA period class, the day is counted as a Day Taught, but the student receives neither present nor absent attendance for that day.

  • On any day that is not an In-Session day (instructional day) at the student’s home school, the attendance is not considered as a Day Taught, Present, or Absent in order to prevent TEA fatal errors.

  • Schools are advised to use the PEIMS Error Check > Student ADA > Missing ADA Period Class to identify any gaps in the student’s schedule where the student has no ADA period class at the home school or at a remote school.

  • Note: The Texas Attendance Verification Report will be updated with the same change in the subequent state reporting release.


TX - Update Reportable Actions for Safe Team Review: Incident Management Reports

Incident Management TEA Discipline Records Verification Report : Version 23.5.1

Incident Management Verification Report : Version Version 23.5.1

The verification reports are updated to conform to the logic already implemented for the Safe Supportive School Program Team Review element in the Student Discipline Interchange.

  • Teh Safe Supportive School Program Team Review element is reported when the Action results in a suspension, explusion, placement, or mandatory action not taken: Action Codes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 13, 14, 25, 26, 27, 28, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, or 60.

  • If the Action Attribute is coded as (1) Yes, 1 is reported; otherwise 0.

  • This element is suppressed for all other Action Codes


Validation Update for SELA Special Program Record

The validation message for Disability Code 03 is updated on the SELA special Program record so that the validation matches the updated verbiage in the TEA code description.

  • Prior validation: “SELA record Entry Date must overlap the Entry Date in a Special Education record where at least one Disability = 03 Auditory Impairment or 05 Deaf-Blind”

  • Updated validation: “SELA record Entry Date must overlap the Entry Date in a Special Education record where at least one Disability = 03 Deaf And Hard Of Hearing or 05 Deaf-Blind”

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