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Incident Rules

Use the following rules when creating incidents. Incidents are reported in the CALPADS Student Discipline Records Report.

Incident Type

State reportable incidents must be associated with the incident type CA State Reporting. Additional incident types can be defined for local use, but are not reported.


At least one student must be assigned the role of offender for each incident. If there is more than one offender in the incident, then the incident is reported once for each offender.


At least one behavior must be defined for each incident. After you create a behavior, you must click and drag the behavior to the offender to associate the two elements. If there is more than one behavior in an incident, then you must select the Primary Behavior checkbox for one of the behaviors.

The primary behavior is reported for each student offender in the incident as the “Incident Most Severe Offense Code.” The primary behavior is also reported as the “Student Offense Code” for the student assigned the primary behavior.

For student offenders whose behavior is not marked as primary, their non-primary behavior is reported as the “Student Offense Code.”

Additional behavior types can be defined for local use, but are not reported.


In most cases, the final action must be defined for each incident. The final disciplinary action taken for the offender might not be the action that was originally recommended. After you create an action, you must click and drag the action to either the offender or the behavior. After the action is associated with the offender or behavior, it no longer appears under Incident Elements.

The following rules apply:

  • Incidents require an action code in order to be reported.

  • Incidents are reported for all students with reportable offenses.

  • When the assigned action code for an incident is a local code and not a valid CALPADS code, a value of 300 is reported for the action.

  • Incidents with student offenders involving a weapons offense (codes 100-105) are reported; regardless of the action taken.

Reporters, Victims, Witnesses

Reporters, victims and witnesses are not reported in CALPADS Discipline incidents, but can be defined for local use. Behaviors and actions can be assigned to reporters, victims, and offenders, but are only reported for offenders.


Objects must be defined for each weapon involved in the incident. After you create an object, you must click and drag the object to the appropriate offender.


Attributes can be defined for local use, but are not reported.

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