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Exit Codes (CSIS)




Graduated, HS Diploma
104Left, failed CAHSEE - met all other graduation requirements
106Graduated, received waiver for CAHSEE take with modifications
108Graduated, CAHSEE exempt (invalid after 12/31/07)
120Exceptional needs w/certif
125Special Education, prior completer
140Left, no known enroll
160Non-disciplinary transfer to another public CA school
165Involuntary discipline transfer to another public CA school
180Enroll in private CA school
200Enrolled outside CA
240Moved to another country
260Enroll adult ed program
270Enroll adult ed then drop
280Entered college
300Involuntary discipline exit no known enroll
310Entered health care facility
320Completed GED
330Passed CHSPE
360Completed grade 12, not graduated
370Enter institution for HS diploma
380Enter institution not for HS diploma
400Other (count as dropout)
410Left, medical reasons
420No show, in same school, prior year
430No show, matriculating
440Student remains in same school - left program/grade
450Infant, PreK, K-6 exited school
460Home school
470Other no show (not 420 & 430)
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