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List Sub-Districts

View Sub-Districts

This page lists the sub-districts configured.

Prior to viewing sub-districts, sub-district functionality must be enabled and sub-districts must be created.


Navigation: Start Page > District Setup > List Sub-District.

This link is only available if you have not enabled sub-district functionality. Once sub-districts are enabled, the Sub-District Configuration link will be available.

Navigation: Start Page > District Setup > List Sub-District >Edit Sub-District.

Data ElementDescription[Table]FieldName
EditClick Edit to change the configuration of an existing sub-district.NA
New Sub-DistrictClick New Sub-District to configure a new sub-district.NA

Sub-District Number

Enter the sub-district number.


Sub-District NameEnter the sub-district name.[CST_SubDistricts]SubDistrict_Name
SchoolsSelect the schools assigned to the sub-district.[CST_SchoolSubDistricts]SchoolID
AbbreviationEnter an abbreviation to identify this sub-district.[CST_SubDistricts]SubDistrict_Abbr
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