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District Setup

To complete the tasks required for District Setup, you must have the required permissions to work with district-level data. For further information, see Help > System Help > Sign In to PowerSchool.

To perform district setup tasks:

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link. The school list appears.
  2. Choose District Office from the pop-up menu. The district start page appears.
  3. Under Setup, click District. The District Setup page appears.

District Setup Tasks

Setting up a district in PowerSchool for California involves the following tasks:



Page Name > Section Heading Name: Link Name

Set up Truancy ReportingDistrict Setup > Attendance: Attendance Tracking and Notification
Enter the Emergency Closure School Day TypeDistrict Setup > Calendar: Calendar Membership Types
Define School Years & TermsDistrict Setup > Calendar: Years & Terms
Set up District CoursesDistrict Setup > Courses: Courses
Verify Incident Management SetupDistrict Setup > Discipline and Log Entries: Incident Management
Enter District InfoDistrict Setup > District Information: District Info
Define Districts of Residence District Setup > District Information: Districts of Residence
Set up Sub-DistrictsDistrict Setup > California Sub-District Information: Sub-District Configuration
Add Enrollment Entry CodesDistrict Setup > Enrollment: Entry Codes
Add Enrollment Exit CodesDistrict Setup > Enrollment: Exit Codes
Define Federal Ethnicity and Race Codes

District Setup > Enrollment: Federal Ethnicity and Race Settings

District Setup > Enrollment: Scheduling/Reporting Ethnicity Codes

Add Special ProgramsDistrict Setup > Enrollment: Special Program
Create Citizenship Codes for GradingDistrict Setup > Grading: Citizenship Codes
Health: Set up Immunizations, Screenings, and CertificationsDistrict Setup > Health: Health Setup
Create GPA Calculation MethodsDistrict Setup >Grading: GPA Calculations > Calculation Methods
Define Tests and Test Scores

District Setup > Grading: Tests

District Setup > Grading: Add SBAC

How to Add a California SchoolDistrict Setup > District Information: Schools/School Info > New
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